MaticPunks are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon blockchain. Each of these 10,000 MaticPunks has unique attributes based on a predefined rarity scheme. 

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MaticPunks are Polygon blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each of these 10,000 MaticPunks has distinct characteristics based on a predefined rarity scheme. It is the blockchain’s quickest punk. You become the proud owner of the very first punk NFT on the Polygon Network by minting a MaticPunks. When you mint one, you will obtain a one-of-a-kind MaticPunks with evidence of ownership saved on the polygon network.

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What makes MaticPunks special?

In the spirit of fairness and providing everyone with the opportunity to acquire one (or more) MaticPunks, the purchase is done at random.

The identity of the MaticPunks will be kept hidden until your transaction is finalized. There will be no first come, first served, and everyone will get an opportunity to obtain a MaticPunks Zombie or MaticPunks Ape.

The MaticPunks earned are accessible on their interface and may be exchanged on their social networks or marketplace. You may buy as many MaticPunks as you like, but after 10,000 are gone, it will be too late to obtain one at a bargain price.

How to mint MaticPunks?

Total supply: 10,000 Punks

Minted MaticPunks: 9,671/10,000 

Price: 100 MATIC each

In order to mint your very own Punk, you will engage with the PunksMatic contract, which is the Punk factory, and he will randomly select which Punk you will receive.

Metamask is required to interact with the PunksMatic contract. If you don’t already have Matic token, you can get some by utilizing the Polygon Bridge or by trading it on Ascendex, MEXC, or any other exchange that accepts Matic token.

You may also use WETH to mint your Punk; WETH can be obtained at Matic Bridge. You’re ready now that you’ve installed Metamask, added the Polygon network, and deposited some funds to your account.

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Special Collection xMaticPunks

All of these unique MaticPunks designed by their designer and distributed free for holders. You will get xMaticPunks for free according to how many MaticPunks you own. 

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  • 5+ holders – Cyrborg xMaticPunk
  • 10+ holders – Droid xMaticPunk
  • 20+ holders – Zombie xMaticPunk
  • 30+ holders – Ape xMaticPunk
  • 40+ holders – Alien xMaticPunk


25% Sold

  • Use the funds to build the MaticPunks community. 
  • Hire community managers and moderators for the Telegram and Discord. 

50% Sold

  • xMaticPunks design & deployment.
  • Influencers campaigns to bring more awareness to the mass market.

75% Sold

  • Marketplaces listings. 
  • NFT Airdrops for the active owners.

100% Sold

  • Merch store announcement.
  • xMaticPunks distribution.
  • Establish partnerships in the NFT space and continue to grow the community.

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