As the BRICS Summit approaches, conversations around expansion are gaining momentum. The BRICS alliance, which has been increasingly visible in recent months, is now at an all-time high in terms of global interest. The upcoming summit scheduled for August is expected to tackle discussions regarding the admission process for multiple nations eager to join the alliance.

A Blooming Interest in BRICS Alliance

20 Nations Eager To Join Brics Alliance

Over the course of 2023, the BRICS economic coalition has consistently made news. By challenging the existing single-polar order in global politics, the alliance has shown a competitive spirit. Furthermore, the bloc’s efforts to move away from the dollar have been embraced by several nations, all with a shared goal of reducing global dependence on the US currency.

Currently, 20 new countries have reportedly expressed interest in joining the BRICS alliance. This number is expected to rise, according to statements made by Russian official Sergey Ryabkov. The perception of these aspiring members by the alliance will play a significant role in determining their inclusion in the summer expansion plans of the bloc.

Sergey Ryabkov’s Comments

20 Nations Eager To Join Brics Alliance

Ryabkov has noted a steady increase in the number of countries vying to join the association. This trend reflects the growing influence and significance of BRICS in the international arena, particularly among nations with similar political and economic agendas.

Ryabkov also touched on the unique leadership structure within the bloc. He emphasized that the alliance does not operate on a leader-follower principle. Instead, the member states collectively establish a constructive agenda based on consensus.

“Debates are ongoing regarding the criteria for BRICS membership, which South Africa has taken the lead in intensifying,” Ryabkov added. He also hinted at potential additions to the bloc. While he did not name specific countries, Ryabkov indicated that the Arab world and the Asia-Pacific region have shown a keen interest in joining BRICS, given their current lack of representation.

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