Profitable trading is the goal of everyone. However, we cannot arbitrarily trade and expect to profit from it.

Here are 3 narratives that I believe will be able to generate more profits in the near future.


1. China Coin Group

It is quite understandable that we should focus on this group of coins to make our trading easier.

3Xgxyic1Ien4Nvsrb3 Onreo3 M6Weoljgsrkgcvgzjesjpgw9A3Ywdb5Elrswz8Cd Vgbujx6W0Mntohmkxetbussa5D2Ermghryw Nqm3Aekvuinig5Scjswfv2Xfpjiljwlkukrxr5Cg48Qn3CfwThe fact that Hong Kong officially opens to investors to participate in the Crypto market on June 1 will bring a significant source of capital to this market.

Currently, we can see some coins that are performing very well compared to the general market such as: $KEY, $ACH, $LINA, …

2. AI Coin Group

The group of coins is a bit special, because the factors that affect them mostly come from the US stock market.

After Nvidia’s last BCKD (NVDA), its GPUs are now dominating, even the leader in the AI industry. This invisibly pushed the capitalization of $NVDA to new highs, reaching $1T (one trillion dollars) in capitalization.

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This excitement has spread to the Crypto market, causing some AI coins to grow again. The typical coins of the group are: $OCEAN, $FET, $GRT, $AGIX, …

3. LTC Halving

As in the recent article, the LTC Halving event is also an event worth paying attention to.

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Historically, $LTC tends to peak about a month and a half before the halving. If history repeats itself, then we are in a $LTC rally.

In terms of price, $LTC is actually doing much better than the overall market.

In your opinion, which perspective will generate the greatest profit?