Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the modern trends that confidently holds its own among the rest. And this is not surprising, since for this there are all the necessary tools and features that speed up and facilitate interactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

But there are a few things that many people forget or simply don’t know when they first start investing in crypto. To avoid getting into trouble and make money, experts advise remembering and knowing about 5 main things.

Crypto Can Be Very Volatile

Despite some risks, investors view cryptocurrency as an attractive asset class. The explanation for this is quite simple – cryptocurrencies can diversify an investment portfolio, and price volatility can bring significant profits. But volatility is one of the main aspects that you need to pay attention to before investing, just like in Bitcoin slots. The constant influx of money has expanded the cryptocurrency market and, at the same time, made it more complex. 

Each coin has its technical characteristics and features, and due to this, its stability can change both up and down sharply. Based on this, before investing even 1 dollar, it is important to monitor the dynamics and performance of crypto on the market.

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Crypto Coin Analysis

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Let’s not go far from this aspect since it is just as essential and affects volatility and the general prospects of cryptocurrencies. Coin analysis should begin based on three characteristics:

  1. Technical side.
  2. Market indicators.
  3. Prospects for the coin.

Technical specifications can be checked in the White Paper on the main website. This is a kind of guide and description of the coin: how the currency will be used and why it was created.

Market indicators are market cap, trading volume, and circulating supply. You can find them on various exchanges or the developers’ official website. Based on this analysis, you can understand how profitable investments (both single and regular) will be.

The final step of analysis is to determine whether the cryptocurrency has utility. Not all cryptocurrencies serve practical purposes. Look for coins that offer utility in the blockchain ecosystem and ones that can be useful to you personally.


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After you decide on the exchange and platform on which you will invest. You can even buy bitcoins under 18, but this further fills the ecosystem with various platforms, applications, and other tools. It is quite challenging to get lost in them; it is even more difficult to choose one or several most profitable and convenient exchanges to invest in. It is best to prefer popular platforms since they already have a certain reputation and level of security. It’s better to lose a few cents than a full crypto bank.

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High Level of Responsibility

Cryptocurrencies are an asset, the full responsibility for the security of which falls on its owner’s shoulders. The fact of sole ownership of a cryptocurrency is determined by whether only one user has private keys and other secret combinations in his wallet. If cryptocurrency is placed on third-party platforms – exchanges, exchangers, and other services – there is always the possibility of its irretrievable loss. It is possible to lose an investment without losing data since some crypto coins can quickly fade into the ecosystem.

But still, set the level of security and data protection of your keys, crypto wallets, and accounts to the maximum. This way, you will protect yourself from possible scams and data leaks. Crypto attracts many people, and they don’t always play by the rules.

As an example, there are a large number of different fake celebrity accounts that scam crypto on various social networks. The most famous is the case with Elon Musk, in which he allegedly promises to increase the amount of cryptocurrency that people will send him. Needless to say, this was not the best decision among those who sent their Bitcoins to Elon Musk.

Investment Plan

Taking into account the previous things, to start investing effectively in crypto, you need to create your own plan. You can follow the example of some famous investors, but it is better to adjust everything based on your goals, budget, and capabilities.

Following an investment plan, crypto investors do not pay attention to factors not spelled out in it, which allows them to more effectively conduct transactions and analyze the market calmly and without emotions. An important point in such a plan should be a section with possible losses and risks. In addition to this, you need to add various solutions in case of force majeure or, on the contrary, successful investments.

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