HolySharks NFT — Metaverse is an underwater art collection platform and ocean super economy.



HolySharks is an art collection platform and ocean economic metaverse in the underwater environment of Holyworld, built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users will acquire and care for sea animals in Holyworld (especially sharks).

People may go on adventures to acquire Sharks, fight world monsters, form teams to compete in tournaments, exchange Sharks with others, and, most importantly, engage in the ocean economy, which will include a marketplace, auction, and manufacturing.

Sharks may make money, grow to become more powerful, and upgrade their domain by participating in these activities, resulting in a wealthy and flourishing kingdom. In addition, sharks are encrypted into NFT and minted on BSC during the sale, ensuring that the Sharks are owned.

HolySharks was created to usher in a totally new economic system in the ocean, one in which people may own “everything” they need to form a stable economy that benefits them and others. Users will contribute to the growth of the Ocean economy, then benefit in HolyWorld in a consistent and long-term manner.


HolySharks’s true values in Metaverse of HolyWorld

  • By producing beautiful and one-of-a-kind shark NFTs, you may add collectible value to your collection.
  • Create a variety of ways to enhance the features available to users that want to profit from the ocean economy.
  • NFTs products are being tokenized and digitalized in order to be traded in the marketplace.
  • Revenue-earning model for NFTs and HLS holders with a stable passive income.
  • HLS is a currency that is used on the market. If you pay with HLS, your marketplace fees will be lowered.

HolySharks Metaverse

NFTs such as sharks, land, and furniture in the HolySharks metaverse allow users to freely upgrade, swap, and rent them as they would in real life. As a result, depending on how you utilize and operate in the Ocean economy, there are numerous feasible and inventive methods to create additional income.

In the Ocean economy, users have varied and inventive techniques to use their NFTs and assets in the most efficient way to gain more money. This is how the Metaverse works: it’s an universe you can control and manage whatever you like. As a result, your talents decide the worth of HolySharks Metaverse.

Play with your own Sharks from the NFT project to make this insanely addictive and strategic turn-based tactics game even better. 


Project Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • Launch series 1 – Sharks: Introducing the first series in the ocean world: The collectible, adorable, friendly, and limited Shark Crew. 
  • Opening marketplace & Voting for series 2.

Q1 2022

  • Reward for holders: NFT holders will receive the revenue of NFT sales in series one as a reward for supporters in the early stages of the project.
  • Auction: Open the Auction function on the marketplace that allows all users to liquidate rare items at the most suitable price in the fixed time – best liquidation.
  • Launch series 2: Open for sale of characters in series two based on the previous voting.
  • Release gamefi and metaverse: Governance and Play-to-Earn.
  • Release HolySharks main version on iOs, Android, and Windows. 

Q2 2022

  • Ocean economy: Announce more game mechanisms to diversify the ecosystem, helping tokens flow evenly in the system. 

Q3 2022

  •  DeFi lending DEX: Develop and integrate DeFi Lending DEX to Holysharks to build a closed economy. Everyone can work, earn and live in HolySharks forever. 

Q1 – Q3 2023

  • All-in-one: Integrate all of HolySharks ecosystem into one game that everyone can participate in Ocean economy easier by using VR technology.
    • Social network
    • Marketplace
    • New auction model
    • Sharks programming: Level and evolution
    • PvP tournaments and world ranking
    • Crop, mining, breeding on Holylands
    • PvE/ working mode
    • World Boss

Q4 2023

  • Launch series 3: Open for sale of characters in Series 3 based on the previous voting.
  • Build the missing parts to increase the efficiency of the ocean economy.
  • Developers and producers can create games & business models using existing HolySharks assets and integrate them into the ocean economy.  

Project Tokenomics

Token Details

A sustainable 2-tokens economic system powers the undersea economy:

  • HLS: The Governance Tokens, or HLS, are utilized in all Metaverse activities, letting users to purchase products and create their own Metaverse worlds.
  • GDC: Reward tokens are used as evolution fees for NFTs and to provide awards in gaming activities.

Token Allocation


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Website: https://holysharks.io

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/HolySharksNFT

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holysharks.io

Substack: https://holysharks.substack.com/

Medium:  https://medium.com/@holysharks.io

Telegram Group: https://t.me/holysharks