Acara’s Asian tour has included a series of roadshows in South Korea and Japan. Currently, they are conducting multiple roadshow events in China, where Acara has revealed exciting plans. It is reported that the project intends to launch its own liquidity mining product after the Initial DEX Offering (IDO), aiming to further promote the development of the Acara community.

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The liquidity mining product will provide users with a fresh way to participate and significantly enhance community rewards, driving the growth of the Acara community. Liquidity mining has become a popular trend in the cryptocurrency industry, attracting an increasing number of participants. Acara’s initiative aims to incentivize and reward actively engaged community members, injecting momentum into the community’s growth.

During the “Crypto Connection Night” event, the Acara team expressed their commitment to continue providing more opportunities for community members to participate in the project’s development and encouraging active contributions by increasing community rewards.

Specific details and the launch date of the plan have not been disclosed yet, but this news has generated widespread attention and excitement during the event. Acara’s liquidity mining product is expected to serve as a significant driving force for project development, offering community members more opportunities to engage and receive substantial rewards.

Acara’s CEO stated their belief that this liquidity mining product will bring more opportunities and incentives to the community while strengthening Acara’s overall ecosystem. They look forward to jointly propelling the project’s development with community members and providing them with greater rewards.

The implementation of this plan will further strengthen Acara’s position and influence in the cryptocurrency industry, paving the way for its future growth. Undoubtedly, this plan represents an important milestone for the Acara project, fostering community development and increasing project sustainability.


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