By adding DogeChain to your MetaMask wallet, DOGE holders can do more than just holding their coins on the DogeChain network, such as utilizing well-known Dapps such as Fruits of Ryoshi, Satsuma, and DogeShiba So let’s dive into the steps to add DogeChain to MetaMask.

Key Insights:

This article will provide details on adding DogeChain to MetaMask. Here’s a breakdown of the key insights you will find as you read. 

  1. Step by step to add DogeChain to MetaMask using the web extension and mobile app.
  2. An understanding of what DogeChain is.
  3. An overview of DogeChain RPC.
  4. Instructions on how to bridge to DogeChain.

How to Add DogeChain to Metamask

You can add DogeChain to MetaMask through the web extension or mobile app. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to pair up DogeChain with MetaMask. 

Add DogeChain to MetaMask Using MetaMask Web Extension

Adding DogeChain to MetaMask through the browser is a simple process. However, you will need to have an existing MetaMask account. Once you set up your wallet, follow the steps below to add DogeChain to MetaMask.

1. Visit the DogeChain bridge and click the Connect button at the top right side of our dashboard.

Connect Wallet To Dogechain

2. On the open tab, tap on MetaMask to select it as your preferred wallet.

Choose Metamask To Connect To Dogechain

3. This redirects you to MetaMask’s web extension interface. Fill in the checkbox next to the MetaMask account to which you want to add DogeChain and click Next.

Choose Metamask Account You Want To Add Dogechain

4. Click Connect on the next tab.

Confirm The Metamask Account

5. Click the Switch network button to allow MetaMask to switch to the DogeChain network.

Allow Metamask To Switch To Dogechain

6. On the next tab, click Sign to approve the signature request. This redirects you to DogeChain’s bridge dashboard.

Approve The Signature Request

7. Check the dashboard’s top right side to confirm that you successfully added Dogechain to your wallet. You should see the MetaMask wallet address for the account you just paired.

Confirm That You Successfully Added Dogechain To Your Wallet

Add DogeChain to MetaMask Using MetaMask Mobile App

1. Go to the Android or iOS app store and download the MetaMask mobile app.

Download The Metamask Mobile App

2. Click the Import a Wallet button to Import your existing MetaMask wallet.

Import Your Existing Metamask Wallet

3. Enter the secret recovery phrase to authenticate into the account.

Enter The Secret Recovery Phrase To Login

4. Once you can access your MetaMask account, click the Ethereum main network dropdown at the top center of your screen to reveal other networks.

Connect Other Networks On Metamask Mobile Version

5. Tap the Add a network button to add DogeChain.

Tap The Add A Network Button To Add Other Chains To Metamask

6. Scroll to the Custom Networks tab and enter DogeChains RPC details. Check the RPC section in this article to get the correct information.

7. Once you enter the details, click Add.

Enter The Dogechain Rpc Info

8. You will see a popup notifying you that you have switched to DogeChain. Click Got it to proceed. This will redirect you to your main MetaMask dashboard, where you will notice the Network dropdown now reads DogeChain.

Notification That You Successfully Switched To Dogechain
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What is DogeChain?

DogeChain is a layer2 blockchain network allowing users to bridge EVM-compatible assets to Dogecoin (DOGE). The protocol also helps DOGE community members access crypto assets like NFTsDeFi, and GameFI applications from other EVM protocols.

DogeChain RPC Details

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) details are a connection that enables blockchain users to read on-chain data. Here are the details you need to input if you pair up DogeChain to MetaMask using the mobile app.

Network Name: DogeChain

‍Network URL: 

‍Chain ID: 2000

‍Currency Symbol: wDOGE

‍Block Explorer URL: 

How to Bridge to DogeChain

Bridging to DogeChain requires users to buy DOGE tokens and send them to the account they want to bridge. The minimum deposit expected for successful bridging is 100 $DOGE

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to bridge to DogeChain.

1. Go to the DogeChain bridge after adding DogeChain to MetaMask or one of the other supported crypto wallets.

2. Click Confirm on the bridge dashboard to reveal the wallet address you want to bridge to.

3. Copy this address and deposit at least 100 DOGE to it.

Copy The Address You Want To Bridge And Deposit At Least 100 Doge To It

4. Once the deposit is successful, the smart contracts involved will mint the same amount of DOGE in the deposit account and bridge it to DogeChain.


DogeChain is a must-have blockchain for developers and traders who want to use DOGE with other protocols. This network simplifies cross-chain connections by offering a way to bridge between EVM-compatible chains and applications. Additionally, it’s easy to add DogeChain to crypto wallets like MetaMask, making the chain impressively convenient for most users.

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