Alchemy Toys is multiplayer, similar to the classic alchemy game where users can collect NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) backed by real value. The game is launched on BCS (Binance Smart Chain) that allows the platform to offer large capacity and low latency. The unique TOY NFTs that users collect can then be melted into newer and more valuable ones. Each step that you take in the game takes you closer to the treasury. 

As mentioned, the most important factor about Alchemy TOY tokens is that they are backed by real value. You’ll be able to use your TOY tokens in the future to collect more rewards that will be paid in BNB. Moreover, the TOY token will also grow in their value with time. Alchemy Toys is combined with staking possibilities, NFT marketplace, highly engaging game dynamics, and self-adjusting economies. Not only do these features provide you with a range of different ways to play and earn profit but they also keep you engaged for long periods of time. You can craft your own strategies to approach the game and you can mint, collect, melt, trade, sacrifice, stack or create different combinations to progress in the game. 

Game Strategy


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Alchemy Toys is a turn-based game, where just like any other turn-based game a player can make a limited number of moves a cycle. Additionally, each cycle is 8 hours long and when a player attains enlightenment, a new epoch with new opportunities will start. 

Every new epoch comes with new possibilities where the player will need to devise new strategies to win TOY tokens. Not only does it make every new epoch unpredictable but it also keeps the player from going through the same grinding turns. There’s no time limit for every new epoch as it will last as long as it takes for a player to win it. 

Per cycle, a player can make five turns and at the game’s temple, a player can choose from four different actions while not taking any action can also be wise.

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It’s important to bear in mind that each action charges the player a temple fee that is added up into the temple treasury which is paid to the entitled parties which will be.

  • 64 percent of the treasury will be paid out to entitled winners
  • 20 percent of the treasury will be paid to shamans (a title for mystic GAT token stackers) 
  • 1 percent of the treasury will be paid out to the prophets for proclamation ritual
  • 15 percent of the remaining treasury will be used for the next epoch
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TOY Token Types

The platform offers a staggering 127 different types of non-fungible TOY tokens which are divided into seven different categories or levels. Each token type comes with an incremental and unique serial number which is known as ID. The Alchemy Toys players need to keep in mind that the lower the serial number of a token the higher the value. 

The main aim of the player is to collect as many unique token cards as possible. The level or category of the token types shows their respective difficulty level that a player would want to deal with to obtain. It provides the Alchemy Toys players with a more competitive environment that keeps them fully engaged. Here is the information regarding each of the seven token types that you need to know.

  • Level 7: 1 single toy type
  • Level 6: 2 single toy type
  • Level 5: 4 single toy type
  • Level 4: 8 single toy type
  • Level 3: 16 single toy type
  • Level 2: 32 single toy type
  • Level 1: 64 single toy type

Once the player has successfully collected one TOY token card of every type, s/he will be able to sacrifice them to attain an enlightenment token. It’s a specialized type of token that a player can exchange to get a Godhood token. Currently, the team behind Alchemy Toys has not defined any specific function against the Godhood token. But as the name suggests it will be something very special that will provide the user with an exceptional privilege in the follow-up games.

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The underlying concept and primary aim of the game are to provide players with perpetual growth and financial stability in a fun and engaging way. The platform comes with automatic adjustments and incentives and 100 percent fees will flow into the game treasury. As mentioned, Alchemy Toys is based on the BSC network and all the payouts and fees will be settled in the base currency (BNB). The two basic tokens that the game has are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and GATs (Game Ace Tokens).


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NFTs will become more valuable over time and they will be upheld by the game treasury in BNB and each token will symbolize the treasury reward. A user will earn a huge reward in BNB once all 127 tokens are sacrificed. NFT TOY tokens are valuable to collect and they can be used to play and trade. Each token comes with an intrinsic value for future payout.

  • The team behind Alchemy Toys has planned multiple games for the future that will use NFTs.
  • Special tokens such as the Godhood token will provide the players with exceptional privileges in the follow-up games.


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GATs are limited and pre-mined tokens with a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens. Investors will be able to use them for Alchemy Toys yield farming and other related DApps. 

This type of token will provide the users with the ability to participate in “Alchemy Toys” financial dynamics. The users who are not interested in playing the game will be able to use GATs to earn rewards directly.

Alchemy Toys Roadmap

As mentioned, Alchemy Toys is launched in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet and it has already been tested by tens of hundreds of games. You can also test it on the Testnet before you actually start your Alchemy Toys journey. The following is the roadmap of the platform which shows the true potential of Alchemy Toys.

Already Achieved

  • Development of the first version of the game including UI and Smart Contracts (March 2021)
  • Launching the game for public alpha-testing (April 2021)
  • Relaunching the website (April 2021)
  • Developing the marketplace including UI and Smart Contracts (April 2021)
  • Launching the marketplace for public alpha-testing (April 2021)
  • Publishing legal opinion and whitepaper (April 2021)
  • Soft-launching a part of GATs (April 2021)
  • Audit for the game Smart Contracts (April 2021)
  • Evaluation of a possible IEO/IDO (May 2021)
  • Polishing the details for the main launch (May 2021)
  • Launching line game (12th May 2021)

On the Way

  • Main Sale GATs (12th May 2021)
  • Polishing NFT marketplace (May 2021)


  • NFT Marketplace Audit (June 2021)
  • Live launch of the Marketplace (June 2021)
  • Continues Development + Further Games (June 2021)
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