hosts Alchemy Toys: A very similar game to the classic alchemy game – you collect token “cards” and “melt” them into new ones. A collection of all token types gives you a key to the treasury. When a single game (=epoch) is won by a player, the next one starts. For the new epoch you keep the cards that you have not used in the last one.

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @witwit7!

wit: Hello everyone!

BSCdaily – Admin: Good to have you here, how is your day?

wit: We are busy as hell, developing and marketing. Organizing stuff

wit: Looking forward to your questions!

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear Alchemy Toys is working around the clock to bring us the greatest NFTs! Ready to start our AMA? @witwit7

wit: I am ready! Let’s go!

Q1: What is Alchemy Toys all about? Give us a little summary

wit: Alchemy Toys is our first step in a whole series of planned “collect & play” games. In this one, you mint and collect unique NFTs (that you can freely trade as well).

Alchemy Toys game allows you to play the classic alchemy game with them: you can melt two TOY NFTs to get a new one of a higher value. You can stop there, or go a step further: if you manage to sacrifice (burn) all the different TOY types (127) – you get a big chunk of the game treasury paid out in BNB! (More details on alchemy toys website!)

If you fail to “win the pot” in one game epoch, you still keep all your TOYs and sacrifices for the next, and have a head start.

We plan connected games to appear in our ecosystem, where some of the TOYs from AT will have a function, too 😉

so this is a quick summary

BSCdaily – Admin: The TOYS will also has a function, intriguing!


Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

wit: Well, we are a software development company from Germany. As a team we have worked together for more than a decade.

We cannot name most of our clients due to NDAs, but they include biggest European B2B and B2C online ecommerce platforms, world’s biggest food chains and largest chemical & telecommunication companies; also public sector – governmental agencies…

We have also developed peering node software for IOTA a few years ago.

In our free time we are wizards – and we play a gazillion of different board- and card-games for many years now. Every single week there is a private event. So we know our way around those

That is the background of Alchemy Toys

Q3: You’ve tried out a gazillion different games. Is that why you and your team decided to create Alchemy Toys? Are there any other stories?

wit: Yes, there are

The idea for Alchemy Toys was born in 2020 as the hype for NFT Art started to accelerate. We are also avid collectors of NFTs and see it as the future of digital art and collecting.

As weeks passed a myriad of new (mostly low-effort) “art” NFTs started to appear diluting the offer and raising questions about the underlying value of the pieces collected, apart from their intrinsic blockchain-induced scarcity.

At that time we started thinking how wonderful it would be to have collectible NFT items that are backed by some real value (in best case network’s base currency). To make the collection more fun we started thinking about using these collectible NFTs in a multi-player card game that collects all minting and trading fees in a game treasury (as network’s currency) and pays rewards in this currency as well (BNB in our current case).

Weeks and months of planning and prototyping followed. What comes out is something we started to call a “fair collect & play game” with two types of tokens TOY NFTs and GAT.

it all started as a mind-game really, but things escalated quickly 😉


Q4: Oh, so have 2 types of tokens. What are the differences between these two?

wit: The first one are the unique TOY NFTs (ERC721), this is what you mint in AT. The second, GAT, is a limited supply of 1 million ERC20-copliant tokens. Meant for stacking in AT, in first step

GAT stands for “Game Ace Tokens” – they will serve as keys to “unlock” stuff in our games, or secure special rights

Q5: Love the name “Game Ace Tokens”. Let’s dive into it, can you share with us $GAT tokenomics?

wit: It is quite simple, yes. There is a maximal total supply of one million GATs. They are all minted already.

10Yfhhjnvfhkjzseoy5C K7Ouoairje2Kdk1Vcq1Dv3Qn4Kqa0Lljgrgniehfitoyquv8Rk54Qlgxpidm9S4Mof 2Saxst2Gnfr4Wfqobaffk9 Dv4 Hqhs7Sqmh1Nkhr2Ll5Fvy

15% have been bought by the founders (⅔ of those are legally locked for 6 months)

5% are reserved for Marketing/Airdrops

10% have been sold in a pre-sale

50% are being sold right now at our small exchange

20% are reserved for the near future (OTC, Liquidity Pool, public exchange, or similar …)

Q6: Great tokenomics, what are some of $GAT use cases?

wit: Right now GATs are only used to stack them at the Alchemy Toys game. You can lock/unlock them freely any time. By locking them into the game you are eligible to receive 20% of all game treasury at the end of a game epoch, paid out in BNB.

Also, keep in mind that Alchemy Toys is planned as a first step in a series of connected “collect & play” games. GATs and TOYs shall appear in one way or another in all of them. We already work on two concepts.

Same goes for TOYs! Even in AT alone, there are still a few upcoming surprises 😉 Also, you may have a closer look at the TOY cards, all the details, you may uncover differences, patterns, all that shall play a role in the  future

So the answer is: you use GATs for stacking, but they are planned to be more !


Q7: How can we buy or obtain GATs and TOYs?

wit: The best way to buy right now is at our own exchange:   

It has a linear progressive price model, meaning that GATs become slightly more expensive with each sale.

wit: There is also a tiny PancakeSwap Pool filled by some of the community members (you can find a link at the bottom of ), that you can use for small amounts and that probably has a cheaper price (as of now).

BSCdaily – Admin: We can only buy $GAT with BNB right?

wit: Yes, that is correct

BSCdaily – Admin: There’s a countdown clock on the exchange, may I ask what is it for?

Do5Fkq 4Hjmirgmv4Snxpsa24Mzbopcq8R3Bc

wit: You may. That UI also belongs to the game (see the sidebar), so the clock has nothing to do with the exchange at all. It is the counter of the current game cycle (we are a turn-based game, every player has 5 turns within 8 hours)

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you, that explains the clock 😀

Q8: So what can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole from Alchemy Toys?

wit: First of all we will launch our own NFT Marketplace called “Minted Vodka” in June, where you can trade TOYs (and other NFTs) effectively…

Meanwhile the game-play will be boosted with special NTF Toys, Challenges, etc. (more on it in the recent blog post: )

We also continue to polish the game and focusing on promotion. We want to get noticed and listed, if possible.

Today or latest tomorrow an article at CoinTelegraph should appear, for example

Most of all, other games should follow and join Alchemy Toys in an ecosystem of exciting fully on-chain collect&play-experience! You might want to keep some of those GATs and TOYs, just in case 😉 (no financial advice)

Q9: Where can we find out more about Alchemy Toys?

wit: let me copy-paste that one 😛




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BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @witwit7

wit: Great questions! Hope to see you all playing the game! Join us on discord

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @witwit7. Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Alchemy Toys

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