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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello and welcome back everyone for another AMA with BSCDaily!! I have here with me today Mr. Tony Dinh – COO of the Amakuni project!

Good day Mr.Tony, how are you doing?

Tony Dinh: Thank you for having me on today. I’m doing great

Cryptodaily Admin: Great to hear! I’m excited for today’s AMA with Amakuni and I think the community is also! Let’s not make them wait any longer, shall we? 🤩

Tony Dinh: Me too. It’s gonna be fun. Lets go

Cryptodaily Admin: oohhh it is alright 😘

Q1: To kickstart the AMA, why don’t you go ahead and introduce us to the Amakuni NFT Game. What are your missions?

Tony Dinh: Thank you


AMAKUNI is a multi-platform NFT Action RPG that combines proven design concepts of traditional mobile Action RPG with blockchain technology to bring an entire nwe Metaverse experience to our players. The players will be transported to the fantasy World of Aepiran, 10 thousand years after the Great Gods War. A once devastated world has now been re-born and it is filled with exciting adventures and life-changing treasures for all players. The players will be able to craft items, manage roster of heroes to clear dungeons and find treasures then trade with other players

AMAKUNI is the very first step in our long-term mission to create fun and engaging blockchain-based games where players can spend time in virtual worlds, do what they love, while producing real-world values for themselves. AMAKUNI is not just a P2E game, we want it to also be a Fun To Play game. So you can say it is a Fun To Earn game

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow great introduction! I love the concept of the game also. I did some research and the way you guys are building the “city” of Amakuni is awesome. It reminds of the old Starcraft game in the early 2000s

Tony Dinh: Yup there are base buildings and time management elements in our game play. So if you are old like me, you will notice  some of the game play to be very familiar

Cryptodaily Admin: I wanna play the game already!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences in Blockchain Tech and GameFi? Are you a fully doxed team?

Tony Dinh: Yes we are a fully doxed team. Everyone please check out our profiles on our white paper

During our careers, we all have either built a successful business or released successful products in both the video games market and blockchain space.

Our Co-Founder / CPO Pavlo’s company Ejaw has worked with many big brands in the game industry, such as Namco Bandai US, CD Project Red, AMANOTES, etc.

Our Co-Founder / Advisor Son is the CTO of TOMOCHAIN (current market cap 160M).

Our Co-Founder / Art Director Nhat, his Behance was the best in the Behance Portfolio Reviews HANOI 2015. He was also responsible for many successful titles such as Summoners Era, CyperFighters and Shadow Knight.

I, myself have been in the game industry for almost 14 years. My works range from MMORPGs on PC to RPGs , Social Casino, and Hypercasual on mobile

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m sweating already

Q3:  Why did you and your team decide to build Amakuni? What kind of impact did you want Amakuni to have on the GameFi market?

Tony Dinh: We are crypto believers, just like everyone here

We believe that crypto is the future of finance. Regarding the video games industry, Play To Earn is the next step in the video games evolution. Although it is still very early and the road ahead is going to be a long and bumpy one. To us, it is clear where the game industry is heading

So with AMAKUNI, we want to help change the negative views that traditional gamers have toward P2E games. Concerns such as the potential for scams, overall monetization concerns and the environmental impact. We want to show them how we address these problems. How we make the best of efforts to be as transparent, fair, and open as possible, starting with our GENESIS NFT Sale Process. How we design our in-game economy to be sustainable and beneficial for all participating actors, and how our proprietary technology, the AMATSU Blockchain will help alleviate a lot of UX friction and technology barriers that exist today.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well said, prejudice for the GameFi industry has existed ever since, and Amakuni, with their own AMATSU Blockchain, is going to help eliminate those. We’re going to dive deeper into this subject later

Q4: Let’s talk a bit about Amakuni’s economy. So there are 3 roles in the game: Farmers, Gamers and Investors as well as 2 tokens $AMA and $KUNI. How do these factors decide the in-game economy?

Tony Dinh I can talk about in-game economy all day but let me give you a short answer

First, let me elaborate on the 3 roles you mention. These are not fixed classes or jobs that you can select in AMAKUNI. Rather, these are the play-styles or choices on how players want to participate in the economy of AMAKUNI. For any economy to be healthy and sustainable, there are 4 required functions:

  1. The production of goods & services
  1. The consumption of goods and services
  1. The trading of goods and services
  1. The scarcity of goods and services

AMAKUNI has features designed to enable players to perform all these functions. The crafting of items: all of our in-game items are craftable. Players build different production buildings that generate materials at different rates. Then collect these materials and use them to craft items & equipment. So players can play the games without a significant investment. They can grind, level up their crafting skills, and unlock higher-tier items & equipment. There are 153 natural & synthetic materials that result in 3+ million different combinations. So there is a lot to explore here. They can also provide crafting services for those who don’t have the time to grind. These types of players are Farmers. They provide the Production function of the economy.

Then, the items or equipment can be used to equip, customize or upgrade Heroes aka KUNIs. There are 270 different heroes for players to collect, customize and level up. Serious players will want to collect and max out everything. These are the Gamers. They perform the Consumption function. But the Gamers can still earn from AMAKUNI, by participating in Special Events, Tournament, providing Lending services, or Selling the Heroes that they no longer want.

For the Trade Function, we have an in-game marketplace with features such as: Limit orders, search & filtering of items. Our marketplace has a fee of 2.5%. And any $AMA Staker; aka the Investors; will be able to earn a portion of this fee.

The role of investors is very important. They don’t have time to play the game, and their goal is to get a good return from their investment. So by staking our governance token the $AMA they help to keep our token circulation stable. So in another word, The Investors provide the Scarcity function to our economy. And the fact that our $AMA is a hard-cap token also reinforces the stability of our economy. Besides staking, players also need $AMA for making progression and breeding. Regarding our utility token, the $KUNI, is an inflationary, fair launch token. Players will need it to perform different actions in-game and to pay for up-keeping.

Cryptodaily Admin: That is a lot of information to digest, but as far as I understand, there is a correlation among the 4 roles, especially for Farmers and Gamers. Farmers produce and gamers use. and players can freely choose which roles they want, but what if there are too many farmers compared to gamers?

Tony Dinh: That is why even though AMAKUNI is a P2E game, we’re doing our best to make it a fun game. The fun part is important to attract and keep the gamers playing, without it, it’s very hard for the economy to sustain and this is true for all games.

Q5: Amakuni will be launched on AMATSU, a BSC-linked sidechain. Could you elaborate on the relationship between Amakuni and AMATSU? How can AMATSU be the solution for the next generation of gaming on blockchain?

Tony Dinh: AMAKUNI is designed so players can enjoy the game regardless of their initial commitment and level of exp in the crypto market. We can do that because we’re building the game on top of AMATSU, our own proprietary blockchain tech. It enables us to build  reliable, fast products while maintaining the security and cheap fee for our users. It also lets us smooth out the friction in user experience and reduce the learning curve to the minimum

Building our own chain is also a way for us to alleviate risks that are out of our control. Take Axies Infinity for example.

They were on Loom, an alternative Layer-2 scaling solution, but after Loom decided to optimize their network for enterprise solutions instead of user application, Axies Infinity had to find a new solution. It caused a lot of headache for the team and raised a lot of questions from the community. Most existing Layer-2 solutions today are built for DeFi and payments, not gaming. By creating AMATSU, we will have a chain that is fully optimized for the needs of AMAKUNI,  and prevent potential scaling issues that existing chains might cause.

Q6: What game genre is Amakuni? And what can we as investors and players do in this game? there are 4 roles and it’s an RPG game, is there anything else to it?

Tony Dinh: Like I have mentioned before, AMAKUNI is an NFT Action RPG , and we will have the game on multiple platforms. The core gameplay of AMAKUNI consists of 3 main parts

  1. Harvesting & Crafting: All in-game items in AMAKUNI can be crafted by users. There are 153. materials in total which results in 3+ million different combinations.
  1. Explore Dungeons, Fight Monsters & Gain Loots: After creating all the gears and weapons, you can customize your roosters of Heroes aka KUNIs then send them out to battle monsters to gain valuable loot. There are 270 different types of KUNI to collect and customize.
  2. Upgrade & Trade: After each battle, you can either spend what you have earned to upgrade your KUNIs, your production structures or sell them on the in-game marketplace.

Q7: The Play to Earn version of Amakuni is planned to launch on Q3 2023 right? Why did the Team decide to launch the Game almost 2 years later?

Tony Dinh: Here is our roadmap

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Our plan is to release our first alpha playable in Q2/2022 and launch the PC & Web version on Q3/2023. We build everything from scratch hence there is a bit of time from now until the release of our game. Simple games are either re-used from its mobile version from the AppStore or have very simple gameplay hence they are unable to provide a sustainable and long-lasting in-game economy. Only by building a game from scratch, then we can be sure that we will have an economy that actually works and can thrive under any condition.

Beside the game we plan to launch our AMATSU Blockchain along with the PC version of the game as well. So we want to take as much time as possible to make sure everything works from day 1

Cryptodaily Admin: Great! I can’t wait to play the alpha test! Are there any requirements to play the alpha?

Tony Dinh: You need to have our genesis NFT in order to have early access and entry to other private/special events we will have in the future.

Q8: I did some research and Amakuni is having a Genesis NFT sale coming up. So what can we benefit from these NFTs?

Tony Dinh: So For our genesis NFT Sale, we will be selling our first 10,000 KUNI Saru (Ape in Japanese). Once they are sold out, we will not be selling any more Saru in the future. So they are very limited, not to mention, there is a special outfit that comes with all Genesis NFTs. These Items are not craftable and are not purchasable in-game. To play the game You will need at least 1 Saru. Genesis Owners will have the GENESIS Title which can be displayed in game like a badge of honor

There will be breeding system so GENESIS owners  can create new KUNI in the future

Q9: About the Genesis NFT sale process, how do you ensure the transparency of the sale? What will the initial price for each NFT be?

Tony Dinh: Very good question. With our first GENESIS NFT Sale. We want to demonstrate our commitment to transparency, fairness and openness

For the long answer, we have written an article, explaining our entire process. Click on this link to learn more:

A quick overview of our process:

  • We’re selling 10,000 GENESIS NFTs. These are the KUNI SARU, in-game Heroes
  • Price is 0.4 BNB for private sale & 0.5BNB for Public Sale
  • To prevent gas war, we use whitelisting. we use whitelisting for both of our public and private sales
  • Apart from our partners and investors, anyone can join our whitelists just by participating in all of our giveaway events. Like this one

And many more that we will be organizing across different communities so join us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord so you don’t miss it.

To ensure that everyone participating in both our private and public sale have the same chance of getting the rarest Heroes, we have designed our process to be entirely transparent and verifiable. We will release our github along with our open source tool that can help you to verify the content of your NFTs.

So visit our website to learn more:

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Amakuni🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Tony Dinh: I just want to say thank you to everyone here today. You have taken the time to join our AMA. I hope we can do it again in the near future 🙂

Cryptodaily Admin: We sure can! Thank you Mr. Tony Dinh for being with the BSCDaily community and talking about the Amakuni project! It has been a pleasure, I hope you and Amakuni the best!

Tony Dinh: Thank you very much