The official Twitter account of the Aptos Foundation, a well-known organization in the blockchain industry, was recently hacked. The hackers used the compromised account to promote a fraudulent airdrop and directed users to a fake website.

Quick take: Aptos Foundation Twitter Hacked, Fake Airdrop Promoted

The hackers targeted both the Aptos Foundation’s Twitter account and the Twitter account of their CEO, Mo Shaikh, in an attempt to deceive followers. Aptos Labs, the research and development arm of the foundation, quickly responded by issuing a warning on Twitter, advising users not to engage with the provided link.

Aptos Hacked Tweet
The hacked’s tweet

The fraudulent website presented a convincing interface and encouraged visitors to click a “claim” button, which generated a QR code. Unsuspecting users who scanned the code could unwittingly grant access to their wallets, allowing the scammers to steal their funds.

Aptos Labs emphasized the fraudulent nature of the tweet and urged users not to interact with it or follow the link. This incident highlights the growing risks associated with the cryptocurrency industry, particularly on social media platforms, where scammers frequently target unsuspecting individuals.

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Cryptocurrency users must exercise caution, verify sources, and be wary of sharing personal information or granting access to wallets. Aptos Foundation and their labs are actively investigating the breach and taking steps to regain control of their compromised accounts. They are also working to educate their community about the incident and promote security best practices.


As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise, individuals should stay informed and remain vigilant to protect themselves from falling victim to similar scams. By maintaining a skeptical approach and adopting proper security measures, users can safeguard their digital assets.

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