According to a spine-chilling report by, the dark forces of dishonesty have infiltrated the hallowed grounds of the Arbitrum airdrop, casting a sinister shadow over the entire event. The investigators, like tireless bloodhounds, have successfully identified a staggering 279,328 same-person addresses and a further 148,595 Sybil addresses that have received the tainted ARB airdrop. This revelation of ARB airdrop cheating has sent shockwaves through the crypto-sphere, leaving investors quivering in fear and doubt.

More Than 279,328 Same-Person Addresses Found Cheating On Arb Airdrop

The Scandalous ARB Airdrop

These staggering numbers are a testament to the sheer scale and audacity of the perpetrators who dare to undermine the very foundations of the cryptocurrency community. The nefarious manipulators, like digital pickpockets, have exploited the unsuspecting, robbing them of their rightfully earned rewards. The Arbitrum airdrop cheating, a heinous act that threatens to erode the trust in this emerging market, has left the crypto community reeling, desperate for answers and solutions.

To Conclude

More Than 279,328 Same-Person Addresses Found Cheating On Arb Airdrop

But fear not, for the tireless warriors of truth and justice at has sounded the clarion call, shining a blinding light upon the murky depths of this deception. The Arbitrum airdrop cheating scandal, like a writhing serpent, has been dragged into the daylight, exposed for all to see. The community now stands united and vigilant, ready to hold these digital desperados accountable for their misdeeds.