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Cryptodaily Admin: Helly everyone and welcome back to another AMA with PlayToEarnDaily 👏 I’m your host Daley and today, I’m joined by Player One and Player Six from the Arcade Exchange project!!! Good day to you two! How’s everything?

Player Six: Amazing, how’s everyone

Cryptodaily Admin: And you Player One?

Player One: Hi there, I’m good. Hope everyone’s feeling amazing today!

Cryptodaily Admin: I can’t speak for everyone but I’m a little bumped down when btc hit 44k haha, but then remember we’re having an AMA with Arcade Exchange! So everything’s perfect now 😆 Are you guys ready to start the AMA?

Player One: Yeah we good

Player Six: We’re definitely ready

Q1: Please introduce us to the team! Who are you guys? Are you doxed?

Player Six: Player One is the founder and I’m head of marketing. Core team includes an experienced COO and CTO from financial services backgrounds

Player One: Only Player Six is doxxed at the moment but we do have plans to doxx ourselves over time as the project grows

Player Six: So I just want to remind everyone that Arcade is a project that came out of my experience with GameFi. I’m sure a lot of you understand that we were almost in a bear market and crypto isn’t doing too well right now. You can see a lot of games really suffering, even new games like Pegaxy. We see a hype cycle, lasting about three weeks or four weeks, and then you know, it’s down and down from there. So ARCADE was really created to solve this problem, bringing the best of traditional finance into GameFi. Utilizing the best strategies for finance, and making sure we insulate from the pump and dumps, especially for people who are in the DAO. We have many exciting developments for you guys.

Player Four is COO. He applieds some of the techniques from regular finance to the gaming sector. His background is essentially around investing. He has been doing that for 10 years for venture capital, private equity and other type of companies. Also an adjunct professor in entrepreneurship. Launching businesses and understanding all the challenges around building a product, acquiring customers, facing competition, building effective teams are some of the things that he teaches and he tries to bring this expertise to the team.

Arcade is essentially a dedicated cross-chain launchpad and infrastructure for incredible P2E projects (like Axie for example). Getting ready for the best Web3 games with true interoperability.

Arcade is created to make investing fun again, by making the whole process much more about skill than luck for developers and investors. We’ve built our launchpad for people who want to be early into a P2E project and are seriously interested in the future of the games they invest in. Not just because they anticipate a return from inactive HODL’ing of tokens and game assets. Arcade’s qualification mechanisms for Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) will take into consideration what sort of investors the project wants. With Arcade’s team vetting each project, developers can spend less time marketing to investors and more time building great games.

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow wow wow. I’m looking forward to knowing more about Arcade as well

Q2: How is Arcade as a project going forward to reach out to a wider community and audience? How are you looking for crypto and NFT projects to build on the strong community you have today?

Player One: Sure. Let me take this one: We have developed community outreach programmes especially with Harmony communities and engaging them in meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

There are many good technical reasons to do it on Harmony as people are building on a very active and large scale.

We’re also looking at partnering great play-and-earn projects early, and dropping some of their nfts to our community early so that would be something exciting for people joining ARCADE

Q3: How does Harmony work with its cross-chain technology so that it works across multiple block chains. Can we have a simple explanation about how the cross-chain technology works, especially for Arcade?

Player Six: If you guys have been keeping up with Harmony One news, you understand that they had the Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTS use a passport in Harmony to prove ownership of assets across multiple chains. Interoperability is also supported between Ethereum, Harmony, BNB Chain, and a few other blockchains.

So the technology is there in Harmony and they’re already bridging NFTs.

This is the perfect place for Arcade to start. On our launchpad, when we are launching a GameFi project, we are no longer launching on just Polygon or Solana, we can actually launch simultaneously across all blockchains. All you need is the token as a passport in Arcade!

Q4: What are the advantages for investing in NFTs through Arcade?

Player One: The Launchpad!

I feel that there is no dedicated GameFi focused launchpad that delivers all throughout the lifecycle of a play-and-earn project

Arcade’s team of experts each have decades of experience from both the gaming and traditional finance sectors vetting applications, and Arcade will only allow projects that meet its launch criteria onto the launchpad

We have very stringent criteria for projects that we let onto the launchpad to be invested by our community

Q5: How else can people boost their returns with GameFi investments in Arcade?

Player Six: I’m happy to respond to this one

On Arcade, risk is analyzed and mitigated. Investments are excited at the right time. Buys are also done at the correct time. A good balance of liquid (game tokens) and illiquid (game NFTs) assets are kept. Distribution of profit is done on a regular basis. The vaults buy into multiple games for stability! The developers benefit from access to the most dedicated GameFi DAO available, and will be able to grow with us. The user benefits by simply putting his LOOP token into the vault asset class he is interested in based on analytics and past performance. So the key takeaway is Stable gains are possible, better games are possible, the GameFi community just needs the right environment to make it happen!

Cryptodaily Admin: In theory it does sound like it’s possible too, but everything has to be done at the “right” time

Q6: Multiple GameFi platforms come up. But due to reputation, strength and backing of wrong game projects, there are problems of sustainability, how does Arcade plan to tackle this?

Player One: Let me take this. Unlike many other GameFi launchpads, Arcade is built on the principles of good traditional investment funds, investing in what it deems Series A and above GameFi projects. For the first time, Arcade will bring the rigor of professional technical analysis, risk hedging and vault profit reporting to the GameFi space. These methods of investing are a mainstay of traditional finance and will help ensure a great experience for Arcade’s investors and developers

Cryptodaily Admin: I see, that’s why you said to bring the best of traditional finance to the GameFi industry

Player Six: Definitely

Q7: Can you elaborate on ALITA and how the layers are tiered?

Player Six: Let’s have a look at a few scenarios to better respond to this question:

Scenario 1, Investors are mostly coming from investing in pfp NFTs such as BAYC. They would like to find projects where NFTs have more utility and that’s where GameFi fits in. So the solution for it is: We bring onto our Launchpad (L) developers that build for both tokenomics and game experience. We only allow projects that meet certain criteria onto the launchpad e.g. initial token/NFT smart contracts audited, good community development

Scenario 2, A user stumbles onto a GameFi project that he/she really likes. Unfortunately they’re too late to the game and did not get into the pre-sale. They struggle in the Discord to figure out the current alpha.

Our ‘I’ solution for that is: Our Investment Vaults (I) represent a collaboration between Arcade’s analysts and the DAO. For the first time we bring in traditional finance investors and they are all using the instruments they are familiar with to deal with high volatility markets. Proper technical analysis/hedging/vault profit reporting is done. The community participates in key vault decisions via the DAO mechanism

Our level Trade “T” market for NFTs will be a cross-chain marketplace where the users have a single interface to trade all their game assets in their wallets.

And finally for ‘A’, Our Automation (A) tools allow automation in a safe manner for all users who would like to automate their game experience. These automation tools consist of a series of proxy audited smart contracts that call other GameFi smart contracts. They are patched regularly and maintained

Before I forget, as you move from L->I->T->A, you are basically engaging in more and more technical play in the game. Some people love deep technical engagement. Others just want to buy into their favorite project early and HODL.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Arcade Exchange🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Player Six: Thank you everyone! Hope to see you on our Discord soon, WL spots still available.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you guys for being here! Happy to see Arcade Exchange becoming more mainstream in the future 🙌

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