Arcade Launches IDO and Opens Whitelist Opportunities to Everyone

In preparation for the next thrilling IDO, Arcade Launchpad, which is built on HarmonyOne, is launching its Whitelisting event.

Upcoming IDO

An Initial DEX Offering, also known as an IDO, is a relatively new and appealing sort of decentralized and permissionless crowdsourcing platform that allows for a fair distribution of tokens to the community. For early supporters of the protocol, ARCADE is creating an IDO. On the IDO page at, the LOOP IDO sale will be accessible.

The IDO is separated into two phases: phase one, which has a restricted number of customers, and phase two, which has a larger number of purchasers. Phase 2 was offered to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

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They also introduced the Whitelisting event in anticipation for their next IDO, which allows you to acquire one of the limited number of capped Whitelisting Spots.

To participate in the Whitelisting:

  • Follow their official Twitter page
  • Join their Discord for whitelist details
  • Retweet the announcement post on Twitter
  • Provide your Harmony Mainnet Wallet Address

About Arcade 

Arcade is a cross-chain launchpad and platform for amazing Gamefi projects. Prepare to take part in the finest future Web3 games’ Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) with real interoperability.

For today’s participants, investing in GameFI projects is more about luck than expertise. To level the playing field, the Arcade platform ( was created today. Arcade is destined to become the top platform for investors to find new GameFi ideas, invest with confidence, and have fun, thanks to an experienced team of six entrepreneurs who have all had senior leadership roles in their respective areas.

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The project has already received AU$200k in private contributions since its introduction. In the last year, interest in GameFi projects and play-to-earn producers has risen, with over US$4 billion claimed to have been spent in GameFi games in 2021, and US$1 billion in January 2022 alone. It is one of the few rising industries available for investors in 2022, thanks to its exponential expansion.

Unlike many other GameFi launchpads, Arcade is based on the ideas of excellent traditional investment funds, investing in GameFi projects rated Series A and higher. The Investment Vault pillar symbolizes Arcade’s analysts and the community’s participation. Arcade will offer expert technical analysis, risk hedging, and vault profit reporting to the GameFi market for the first time. These techniques of funding are common in traditional finance, and they will enable Arcade’s investors and creators to have a positive experience.

Further information on the project and its founders can be found in its whitepaper here:

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