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Coinwire Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another wonderful AMA with BSCDaily. I’m your host Daley and joined with me is Mr. Joe Stanley – Chief Executive Officer at Aretis Creces Protocol. Greetings Stanley! How’s everything?

Joe Stanley: Hello everyone. Thank you, everything is fine

Coinwire Admin: Lovely, thank you for being here with the BSCDaily family and introducing Aretis Creces Protocol to us!

Joe Stanley: I’m exciting to do it now

Coinwire Admin: We have 2 important segments, first one is Q&A with the host and the second one is Q&A with the community

Joe Stanley: It’s great to introduce our project

Coinwire Admin: Since you’re excited, let’s get started with the 1st segment 🙌

Joe Stanley: Okay i’m ready now

Coinwire Admin: We have prepared a few questions for Aretis Creces, and the first question is:

Q1. How many members in your team and can you introduce them to us?

Joe Stanley: Currently our team is divided into many departments to work with the management of the core developers. Information is available in our whitepaper.

Coinwire Admin: Strong team you have there 💪

Joe Stanley: Yep thank you

Coinwire Admin: Right now you’re listing 6 core members in the whitepaper, each has an extensive amount of exposure with software developing, graphic designs, HR,… So can you give us an overview of Aretis Creces? What do you bring to DeFi?

Joe Stanley: Aretis Creces Protocol (ACP) – DeFi 3.0 – a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and gives $ARIS token holders the highest fixed return in crypto with APY 266,968.29%. That’s detailed here:

Coinwire Admin: Right, so it’s a staking protocol mainly that offers an insane APY 🤑So I have to ask:

Q2. Your project currently has the highest APY in the market, can you explain how it works?

Joe Stanley: Aretis Creces set out to make staking as simple and easy as possible. When you purchase $ARIS, your tokens are immediately staked and begin earning rebase rewards which are sent directly to your wallet. These rewards are distributed every 10 minutes, 144 times per day. Unlike traditional staking, you don’t have to lock your token for a specific period of time, nor is there a penalty if you want to sell a day later. Using a Positive Rebase formula, Aretis Creces makes it possible for token distribution to be paid directly proportional to the epoch rebase rewards, worth 0.015012% every 10 minute epoch period of the total amount of $ARIS tokens held in your wallet. This means that without moving your tokens from your wallet, $ARIS holders will have a fixed interest rate of 2.18% daily or with compounding 266,968.29% annually.

Coinwire Admin: Such high APY will definitely cause inflation, do you have any mechanism to solve this inflation?

Joe Stanley: Aretis Creces will charge a direct fee in each buy/sell transaction: 12% buy fee and 16% selling fee.

All fees will be distributed in detail here:

The $ARIS buying and selling fee is an important component of Aretis. It gives Aretis Creces excellent deflation and provides $ARIS holders with a consistently high yield of 266,968.29% annually.

Coinwire Admin: I see. I mean, with an insanely high APY you offered, the high buy/sell transaction fee makes sense to sustain the protocol. Remember to do your own research fam!! 

So, in this market, I think most investors have lost faith in the market. We’re seeing prices dropped, projects failed. And without a healthy community, a project is nothing

Q3. Do you have any plans to develop the community in the near future?

Joe Stanley: In each 2% sale transaction go to the Fire Pit address. To reach the community easily and spread quickly, we have integrated in the DAO-Rewards mechanism protocol: When the friend you refer buys the $ARIS token, 10% of the trading volume is shared by the closest 10 referrals, which are 4%, 2%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%.

Coinwire Admin: The DAO-rewards system looks quite interesting

Joe Stanley: Besides, we run many airdrop campaigns and co-operate with many Kols

Q4: Can you explain the DAO system in detail?

Joe Stanley: 10% of every buy trade fee are allocated to the Referral Rewards fund, and Referral Rewards are used to reward users who contribute to Aretis Creces Protocol. The referrals are made connections by $ARIS01 token, this token is obtained through the Referral Rewards program.

1. You need to hold 1,000 $ARIS tokens to get the referral bonus.

2. Transfer at least 1 $ARIS01 token to a wallet address that does not have any $ARIS01 tokens to bind a Referral relationship.

When the friend you refer buys the $ARIS token, 10% of the trading volume is shared by the closest 10 referrals, which are 4%, 2%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5%.

The reward is paid directly to their wallets.

Coinwire Admin: Thank you for explaining 🤝So not anyone can be benefited from this, but only $ARIS holders (1000 tokens at least). So if anyone’s interested in this DAO-rewards mechanism, check them out!

Q5. What projects are Aretis Creces competing with? And what is the difference here?

Joe Stanley: We compared some features of several projects with the same protocol in this photo.

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Coinwire Admin: Ah you’re audited, may I ask by who?

Joe Stanley: Audited by Coinsult:

Auditing by RugFreeCoins

Coinwire Admin: Check it out peeps! Right, I noticed you haven’t listed your coins

Q6. Have you set the IDO round time yet? Is there any information to keep in mind?

Joe Stanley: We are finalizing the protocol’s functionality, after which IDO will be launched. IDO is scheduled to launch at 10:00 UTC tomorrow, June 28, 2022. Follow the official announcement here:

Coinwire Admin: Great news

Q7: How can users be assured that their assets are safe when participating in ACP?

Joe Stanley: To ensure the safety of our users, we have partnered with reputable auditing firms to check all the functionality and security of smart contracts. Audit report by Coinsult:

Audit Report by RugFreeCoins: Coming soon

Besides, the team also successfully implemented KYC for AMA with the 2 biggest communities on BSC, BSCDaily and BSCNews

Coinwire Admin: Hey I appreciate you putting our name first 😂

Joe Stanley: Cause your community is very amazing!

Coinwire Admin: And I also see that in your community as well, your telegram seems very lively! Again, join their telegram now: For my final question:

Q8: Can you tell us the roadmap of the project? What are the future plans of the project?

Joe Stanley: You can find out our detailed roadmap here: Besides, Marketing campaigns, partner programs, talk-shows around the world will be noticed on our official channel:

Coinwire Admin: Understood, for more information, you better read their docs and follow their socials

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Aretis Creces Protocol🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Joe Stanley: Thank you very much, your community is great!

Coinwire Admin: Thank you Joe once again for being here with the BSCDaily community and helping us understand more about Aretis Creces Protocol. Good luck with the IDO tomorrow at 10AM UTC Joe! Take care

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