Ariva Wonderland is expected to be a game-changer in the travel sector, powered by Ariva Digital, a new generation Cryptocurrency built for travel and tourist payment and incentive systems.


About Ariva Wonderland

Ariva Wonderland is a blockchain-based next-generation tourist world in which users may travel freely, participate in social events individually or collectively, own property, construct their own tourism centers, and, most importantly, profit from their actions.

Users earn numerous rewards and tokens as they spend time in Ariva Wonderland and travel with the Travel-to-Earn idea established by the team. At the same time, Ariva Creator allows you to create non-fungible tokens (NFT), utilize them in the game, and, most importantly, sell them by uploading them to the shop. They may also develop their own tourist economy and revenue model by allowing other users to utilize the cities they have constructed. It is hoped that by doing so, Ariva Wonderland would become more appealing to everyone by establishing a proper income cycle between users who simply want to travel and those who only want to generate.

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Structure of the Universe of Ariva Wonderland

In Ariva Wonderland’s world, there is just one major crater with seven distinct galaxies linked to it. Although the main crater is open to all visitors, there are several social places to explore, including a cinema, theater, music venue, museum, night club, coffee, and restaurant.

Seven distinct craters occur in seven distinct galaxies. These craters are separated into 160,000 pieces, each with a distinct size. At the same time, each crater has an average of four tourist attractions throughout the world. However, none of them are specific to a single country. The Eiffel Tower in France and the pyramids in Egypt, for example, are both located in the same crater.

These tourism centers are all connected to the main crater, although none of them are owned by anyone.

  • Tourism Centers: Tourism centers are built to seem like landmarks in many nations throughout the world. As a result, users will be able to visit these tourism facilities in various craters and will be able to share their cultural experiences.
  • Dubai Only: Due to Dubai’s investments in the crypto currency industry and its constant increase in tourism, one crater has been set aside for Dubai Only.
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What Ariva Wonderland Metaverse offers? 

Users in Ariva Wonderland must acquire land in order to construct constructions and make money. Landowners can also make money by renting their property to persons who wish to build a building.

  • Avira Creator: Ariva Creator allows users to differentiate in a variety of areas. You may utilize their editor to create buildings, cars, and a variety of other items for your area, and then use these creations in Ariva Wonderland. At the same time, you may build your own character in Wonderland and have a distinctive appearance.
  • Shop: Users may submit the items and characters they’ve created using Ariva Creator to the shop and sell them to earn income.

How to earn income with Ariva Wonderland

  • Travel Frequent: Earn tokens and other rewards as you travel through Ariva Wonderland.
  • Buy Land: In Ariva Wonderland, you may purchase land and rent it to individuals who wish to build structures.
  • Beatify your Land: Thanks to the improvements you make to your land with Ariva Creator, you may make it more popular and win token rewards. 
  • Design with Ariva Creator: You may sell constructions you’ve created and built with Ariva Creator by uploading them to the shop.

About Ariva Coin

Ariva Coin is a cryptocurrency created by Ariva Digital and designed to be used in the near future in global and local tourist and travel networks. Project is a global B2C travel and tourism network where members may meet with global and local tourist service providers based on previous travelers’ experiences and opinions, make cryptocurrency bookings, and earn cryptocurrency from both their reservations and important content sharing.

With the introduction of ARIVA, the digital payment system is poised to undergo a huge technological transformation that has the potential to revolutionize the world and make trade easier and more efficient. ARV was created with the goal of making transactions in global and local tourist networks as simple as possible in the near future.

Despite the fact that none of the previously developed cryptocurrencies have been targeted, the project seeks to achieve active use in the tourist and travel business, which is one of the world’s largest and most significant industries. ARIVA’s goal is to not only establish a cryptocurrency trade on exchange but also to ensure that ARV is actively used in the tourist sector, making it a game-changer in the cryptocurrency world.

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Market Cap: $14,593,127

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $20,113,700

Transfer: 1,235,040

Ariva Finance

Blockchain-based payment gateways are the next generation of payment gateways. Using their API, you may utilize their payment method regardless of which well-known program you’re using. With strong e-commerce systems like Shopee, WooCommerce, and others, you may easily incorporate the payment tool into your website.

Ariva presently supports a limited number of coins. ARIVA, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB, BTC, and ETH are examples of financial terms. Make your consumers happy by providing them with the greatest payment alternatives. The transactions will be instantaneous and have a low service fee.


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