ArtWallet, the Smart & Secure NFT App for Artists, has partnered with NFTb, the Complete DeFi platform for Creators, to enable users get more value out of their NFTs.


Joel Dietz, a founder member of Ethereum as well as a founding contributor to the popular MetaMask Wallet, launched ArtWallet. Joel is a cyber futurist author and entrepreneur who has pioneered various future technology developments such as blockchain, tokenization, AR/VR, and AI art. 

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NFTb is a Binance-backed platform that allows producers to gain access to DeFi opportunities while providing the greatest user experience possible. Our goal is to assist creators in becoming familiar with and enjoying DeFi dApps.

NFTb provides a premium NFT marketplace where creators can connect with buyers from all over the world and across several chains, as well as a DeFi platform that allows users to engage in yield farming, and a launchpad to enable creators and projects to engage with and fund their works.

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NFTb will incorporate ArtWallet into its platform, explore collaborative marketing opportunities, and enable its users to easily purchase and sell NFTs on ArtWallet as well as use NFT-asset lending options as part of this cooperation. Users will be able to manage their NFTs purchased from NFTb’s Premium marketplace in a secure and simple manner.

ArtWallet to launch IDO on NFTb

The forthcoming IDO will have a total supply of 100,000,000 $1ART. The corporation has set aside $1ART in the amount of 21,000,000. TGE’s market cap has risen, and it has been compensated by a large new community of NFT followers.

Round D has been lowered to 5,000,000 $1ART, and the ArtWallet IDO will now be held by individual investors and IDO platforms. Round C’s vesting plan is followed: 6 months lock-up and 18 months linear vesting. The IDO platform and private investors can now participate in this round.

As previously stated, the ArtWallet IDO will be hosted on at least three IDO platforms. For the Public round, each platform will receive 75–100k at 0.1$ per 1ART and a three-month vesting timeline.

ArtWallet Features

One-stop solution for NFT Market and Metaverse

With a simple gateway to the most recognized NFT marketplaces, ArtWallet gives the perfect solution for storing and holding NFTs. In just a few clicks, users may buy, store, and possess exclusive NFT products. 

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Audio/ Visual Content Streaming

ArtWallet is a media distribution device that allows you to stream unique audio and video assets. Imagine Spotify or iTunes as NFTs, and you’ve got ArtWallet! Dropping exclusive material while being fairly compensated! Both Creators and Artists are treated equally!

Multichain Wallet

ArtWallet is a multichain wallet that also supports native cross-chain transactions. Any NFT item can be bridged directly in ArtWallet. The native bridge will be available in the App for all supported blockchains.

ArtWallet Tokenomics

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1ART Utility Token

1ART is the ArtWallet ecosystem’s cross-chain ERC-20/BEP-20/TRC-20 token. Within the ArtWallet ecosystem, 1ART will be used as the native token, supporting activities such as NFTs trading, NFTs cross-chain bridging, exclusive content access, audio/visual content streaming, creator rewards, and more. 

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ArtWallet Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • iOS & Android apps
  • NFT Smart Wallet
  • Smart NFT Storage
  • Audio/ Visual Streaming

Q1 2022

  • Native Cross-chain Support
  • Audio/ Visual Streaming
  • NFT Minting
  • NFT Marketplaces Integrations

Q2 2022

  • AR/ VR Integration
  • NFT Streaming via AR/ VR Technologies
  • Persistent Data Storage

Q4 2022

  • Hardware Integration 
  • Private Auctions
  • Additional Features

NFTb’s DeFi as a Service

NFTb was the first premium NFT marketplace on BSC when it first started. The team realized that solving the issues of transacting with NFTs isn’t just about creating an easy-to-use NFT platform, but also about creating a platform that allows creators and users to access DeFi opportunities and engage their audience. 

After building its own platform complete with a  suite of DeFi services, NFTb has decided to offer them to other projects. In order to access these services projects will need to stake NFTB tokens. ArtWallet is NFTb’s partner to take advantage of NFTb’s Launchpad and DeFi instruments.

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