AutoShark Finance is the world’s first Cross-Chain Hybrid AMM and Yield Optimizer, providing unrivaled access to agricultural possibilities through improved yield methods and auto-compounding vaults. AutoShark’s objective is to generate interest through the aggregation of decentralized exchanges, swap systems, and yield optimization. On top of that, AutoShark has 0 fees for some trading pairs!


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AutoShark Finance is the first Cross-Chain Hybrid AMM and Yield Optimizer, providing unrivaled access to farming possibilities via better yield methods, auto-compounding vaults, and inexpensive swap costs via its DEX aggregate trading system 1Swap.

Recognizing a gap in the yield optimization environment in which investors may fall victim to many rug pulls, AutoShark was founded to provide a one-stop solution for investors to have peace of mind when joining the DeFi market. The team makes a promise to only deal with the most established projects. 

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Anti-Flash Loan Vaults

They updated their vaulting, minting, and rewards system for the new hybrid AMM and yield optimizer to assure optimal yield for customers while also assuring that they are entirely flash-loan exploit-free.

When you harvest your JAWS profits in the Ocean, Vault, and Trade features, in a regular claim/withdrawal of assets, both “Principal” and “Profits” are promptly delivered to your wallet. In this case, however, your “Principal” and “Farmed Principal” go straight to the dividend pool to begin earning WBNB yields, whereas “Farmed JAWS” goes directly to the dividend pool to begin generating WBNB yields.

Furthermore, by transferring JAWS incentives to the “Dividend Pool,” exploiters are prevented from performing flash loans in a single transaction.

First AMM with WBNB Dividends Distribution

The AutoShark team will introduce the creation of an AMM + DEX, with a strong emphasis on improving the overall ecosystem. With the following main characteristics, this new solution focuses on providing improved value to investors.

BNB rewards are held as FINS-WBNB LP to accomplish not only a continually increasing price floor and the acceptance of temporary loss, but also to aid in the growth of liquidity.

This ensures that the value of $FINS tokens will only attempt to initiate a virtuous cycle in which the value of $FINS tokens rises in the medium to long run.

Gamified NFT Ecosystem to Boost Farming

A new deflationary NFT mechanism is being developed to allow AutoShark to lower the amount of $JAWS that enters circulation while also increasing the usefulness of the current $JAWS token. Simultaneously, the NFT ecosystem is embracing a deflationary paradigm.

Users will be able to equip NFTs on farms to increase farming rewards. These NFTs will be in short supply. The proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be used to fund JAWS and FINS buybacks and burns.

Trade Mining to Promote Trades

They effectively assure that trades are performed at no cost by offering charge refunds of up to 100%. Increased trading volume will come from zero-cost trading. Enhanced trading volume will result in increased dividend payment to all FINS holders. The entire ecology reaps the advantages.


The $JAWS Token

The JAWS token has no maximum supply. A specific amount of JAWS are minted and refunded for every 1 BNB received in performance fees, therefore supply is not yet capped. Ocean is also used to emit JAWS.

You may earn JAWS by utilizing Vault or Ocean, or you can purchase JAWS on the decentralized exchanges where they have liquidity (currently PancakeSwap, WaultSwap and PantherSwap).

To be more specific, a 30% performance fee is collected and distributed to JAWS stakeholders. A specific amount of JAWS are coined and distributed to users for every 1 BNB generated through performance fees. Users receive money through this performance fee scheme as long as the price worth of total JAWS produced for every BNB remains above 1 BNB. All of these payments will eventually go into staking JAWS, assuring the project’s viability and durability, and benefiting JAWS supporters/holders.

JAWS owners have complete control of the ecosystem and earn the vast majority of farm performance fee income. To obtain these gains, JAWS token holders must invest their tokens in the JAWS Pool. WBNB incentives are used to send profits to this pool. The amount of profit you get is dependent on the number of JAWS tokens you hold (percentage of the pool).



AutoShark is launching their first launchpad project in less than 1 week’s time. Follow them for more updates on AutoShark.Finance. Chances are, it will be oversubscribed.

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