This week, Avalanche received a lot of positive news from many projects, and the ecosystem is moving forward every day. Let’s take a look at the highlighted news as well as the important numbers of the week.


  • Avalanche C-Chain Monthly Gas Usage reaches new ATH
  • Bybit Integrates Step Mainnet Deposits and Withdrawals
  • supports Avalanche Network
  • Avalanche releases Apricot Phase 6
  • The Dexalot subnet beta is live
  • Chainbase announces their integration with Avalanche
  • Bubblemaps integrates Avalanche network
  • announces its $SHOP Launch Event: 20% SHOP back using AVAX 

Ecosystem Updates

Last week, Avalanche’s on-chain index showed positive signals as trading volume and gas used continuously made new highs. This week has been full of news regarding Avalanche’s collaborations with major partners. This greatly benefits the users of this ecosystem, do not miss this opportunity.

Avalanche Highlight On-chain Data

  • Weekly total transactions: 13,803,949
  • Weekly Max TPS Observed: 188
  • Weekly Gas Used: 3,102,327,857,313
  • Highest Daily Gas Usage: 461,891,112
  • Average Daily Transaction Count: 2,081,506

Avalanche C-Chain Gas Usage reaches new ATH

On September 6, 2022, C-Chain’s Daily Gas Usage reached an ATH at 461,891,881,112. In the days before that, Gas Usage and Transaction Count had continuously reached new highs. August’s monthly Transaction Count and Gas Used reach a new high. The amount of Gas Usage mainly comes from the Defi Kingdom (DFK Chain) subnet.

Bybit Integrates Step Mainnet Deposits and Withdrawals

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 1

Bybit is first platform to take mainnet $FITFI transactions live. 

As many people are unfamiliar with bridging, direct mainnet withdrawals from Bybit are powerful growth vertical. Mainnet adoption is now live with a direct CEX withdrawal. 

Step Network integrations with core platforms is part of their maturity.

Read more details here. supports Avalanche Network

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 2 is a bitcoin exchange and cryptocurrency wallet developer.’s flagship product is the Wallet, a platform for buying, selling, trading, holding, using, and managing cryptocurrencies. The Wallet was launched in June 2017 as a mobile app.

Their new app version 7.26.0 added support for Avalanche network: Buy, sell, send, receive, and manage $AVAX.

Read more details here.

Avalanche releases Apricot Phase 6

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 3

This is a mandatory security upgrade. Please upgrade your node as soon as possible.

The changes in the upgrade go into effect at 4 PM EDT on September 6th, 2022 on both Fuji and Mainnet. You should upgrade your node before the changes go into effect, otherwise they may experience loss of uptime.

You may see some extraneous ERROR logs (“BAD BLOCK”) on your node after upgrading. These may continue until the Apricot Phase 6 activation (at 4 PM EDT on September 6th).

Read more details here.

The Dexalot subnet beta is live

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 4

After months of building and testing everyone can join in and enjoy the beta version of the first DeFi CLOB (central limit order book) on Avalanche.

This Avalanche Subnet is a dual-chain application containing both a Mainnet and a Subnet. By executing trades with the Dexalot token ALOT on the Dexalot Subnet, transaction gas fees are kept amazingly low.
Feel free to try it out using this Introduction or read below to learn more to help and guide you in your testing.

Read more details here.

Chainbase announces their integration with Avalanche

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 5

Chainbase will officially support #Avalanche’s Chain RPC API, Web3 API, and Data Cloud Studio.


  • Mainnet C/P/X-Chain
  • Testnet C/P/X-Chain

Head over to choose the relevant Network and select the RPC API, connect to Avax here!. Chainbase also parsed, extracted, and cleaned all the historical data from Avalanche. For real-time data and custom functionality, check out the open online DataCloud Studio, which enables API generation via SQL. Freely query data according to your own needs.

Read more details here.

Bubblemaps integrates Avalanche network

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 6

Bubblemaps makes blockchain data transparent, accessible, and playful. They joined the Accelerator Program from Cronos in July, and partnered up with Fantom & Avalanche to expand Bubblemaps to their chains.

Users are now able to explore any AVAX tokens with Bubblemaps: display transfers in a colorful and interactive way, make research fun and convenient!

Read more details here. announces its $SHOP Launch Event: 20% SHOP back using AVAX 

Avalanche Weekly Recap Week 36 (1/9 - 7/9) - 7

The $SHOP token will launch on September 9th alongside a special launch event with BIG $SHOP BACK rewards for 48 hours. has orchestrated one of its biggest collaborations to date, with over 50 projects taking part. Starting on September 10th, 2022 at 5PM CET and lasting for 48 hours, all orders paid for using AVAX tokens via ShoppingPay will be rewarded with 20% of their order value back in $SHOP tokens.

Read more details here.

Additional Notable Events

$DYP from DeFi Yield Protocol is available now on SWFT AllChain Bridge

Benqi Finance is now available on Wirex Wallet

Roco Finance collaborates with Portuma

Platypus Voting Gauges are now live

Partnership Announcement: Kaira Network X Heroes of NFT
Partnership Announcement: Shrapnel X SNACKCLUB
Fringe Finance integrates Kyber Network’s $KNC
reNFT announces their partnership and reward-share product launch with  Castle Crush of Wildlife Studios

CAI – Colony Avalanche Index is LIVE

Geode’s liquid staking app is LIVE on Avalanche

Partnership Announcement: EverRise X RadioCaca

Owloper is now verified on Kalao

Snail Trail is now officially on Magic Store

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