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Cryptodaily AdminHello everyone 👋 Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily 🙌 I’m your host Daley and today I’m joined by Baby Ava from BabySwap!

Baby Ava: 🥳 Yay

Cryptodaily Admin: Greetings Ava! How are you?

Baby Ava: Pretty awesome to be here again!!

Cryptodaily Admin: It must have been quite a journey for BabySwap 👌 Great to see a project coming back and updating us about your latest developments. So, let’s not keep them waiting, are you ready to start the AMA? @babyswap_Ava

Baby Ava: 100%! LFG!

Cryptodaily Admin: 🔥🔥That’s the spirit

Q1: This is Baby’s second time in BSC Daily AMA, but let’s start with the introduction of you and BabySwap just so that the new users might be more familiar.

Baby Ava: Absolutely! Hello all, it’s Baby A here, Global Operation Director of BabySwap. Happy to be here with BSC Daily again! To give you a brief intro, we launched on June 1st last year, as the best AMM+NFT DEX for newborn projects on BNB Chain, because we saw strong potentials within the newborn and long tail projects. However, that’s not all of the story. We always wanna provide a full structure, where AMM is the fundamental, NFT is the connector, and GameFi is the ultimate goal, Web 3.0 is the bonus point. So here we are, the new era of BabySwap, or you could also call us Baby MetaFi as well, since we changed our brand name to better describe ourselves.

Time files, now that BabySwap is almost 10 months old. It’s definitely a long journey for a crypto project, but I feel like the initial launch was like yesterday. So I’m here again with our latest updates as well as the upcoming features!

Cryptodaily Admin: The re-brand is surely a necessary move by BabySwap with the new and exciting NFT and GameFi coming up. When will you guys officially re-brand? Will you change the website and everything?

Baby Ava: I think after our DID gets online, we will be thinking about changing the website and everything, that’s a huge step!

Cryptodaily Admin: Looking forward to the new you!

Q2: BabySwap is about AMM+NFT+GamePad+Web3, so let’s explain one by one. As you said, Auto Market Making is the fundamental, what have you done on building the fundamentals and what’s the difference between others?

Baby Ava: Our biggest difference is that we use the USDT route. Unlike other AMM decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain, our recommended route is Tether (USDT), not Binance Coin (BNB) or Binance USD (BUSD). Arbitrage between BabySwap and other DEXs or CEXs can cost much cheaper. Not to mention that you can get trade mining rewards along with the arbitrage, meaning if you trade on BabySwap, you will receive additional BABY token rewards. This was also mentioned in our first AMA with BSC Daily, but after 10 months, babies gotta grow!!

Besides the trading I mentioned above and the regular farms and pools, our Smart Router has already been deployed for weeks. Smart Router is the key of AMM, it will eventually allow you to trade all BEP 20 Token on BabySwap with the best slippage. You don’t need to search around for the tokens in different platforms, just buy them on BabySwap. Smart Router will choose the best route for you on the BNB chain. But now, it’s not fully deployed, and we are at the A/B test stage.

To whom that’s not familiar with the A/B Test, A/B test means we have the Smart Router deployed on first, it’s our backup website and many users are using it. At the same time (our main website) uses the previous swap without a smart router. So users may test things out together with us. During the A/B test, not all pairs will be included. We have announced the pairs that’s available for the smart router on our Twitter, and we are gradually adding more in.

There will also be several fun activities that encourage users to try it out and search for things we could improve on. Feel free to participate in those activities👶🏻:

Smart Baby:

Dummy Baby:

And hopefully we can do a special event on the Smart Router with BSC Daily too!!

Cryptodaily Admin: Just say the words 🙌 Would you mind listing some of the pairs you’re supporting on the Smart Route? The biggest ones would be fine!

Baby Ava: I’m gonna list some big ones that I remember: DVI, RACA, SSS, MC, Metis, ETERNAL, THG, THC, MILO, JADE, POSI… Also found 3 whitelists, but that’s not all of them! FYI!

Whitelist #1:

Whitelist #2:

Whitelist #3:

Well, eventually you could trade all BEP 20 tokens on BabySwap. Since it’s the A/B Test stage, we use this kind of Whitelist method. Feel free to test them out!

Cryptodaily Admin: I’ll check you out after this AMA 👀you have some of my current tokens 😂

Baby Ava: I’m sure we do! Cuz they are all trending

Q3: It’s pretty cool to see you guys grow up so much! What else have you done to build the fundamentals?

Baby Ava: Too much I could talk about. But I want to mainly focus on two things – Bottle and vBABY.

Bottle is BabySwap’s feature that grants BABY voting power and allows users to be more familiar with the new gems on BNB Chain. You can stake to vote, and collect to earn! One round of bottle is separated into 4 weeks and lasts for 28 days. In order to win the Monthly Bottle, projects need to play hard each week, and users can support their favorite projects by voting. We will see their total votes for 4 weeks and calculate the final Monthly Bottle winners. And they share $100K as rewards. Users on the other hand can use their BABY to vote in the final stage. They could enjoy their voting power, vote and earn at the same time, learn about new gems, earn additional rewards from the participating projects, etc.

What I mean by the additional rewards from the participating projects is that, projects will hold events and gain the votes from users. Here’s the events from this week:

And then we moved to vBABY. vBABY is the VIP membership of BabySwap, which earns more benefits for users. vBABY is minted by BABY in the ratio of 100:1.

You can get as many vBABY as you want. And here’s the benefit you can get. ⬇️

Share vBABY: Each block produces 2 BABY, which will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards.

Trading fee: 0.025% of the user’s trading volume will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards. Y’all should know we have high trading volumes, got like $12 Billion for last 3 months

NFT market trading fee: 2% of the NFT market trading volume will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards

vBABY redeem fee: 50% of vBABY redeem fees will be distributed to vBABY holders in vBABY as rewards

Referral reward: Invite your friends to get 10% vBABY minted by users. If your invited friend uses 100 BABY to mint 1 vBABY, he/she will get 1 vBABY, and you will get 0.1 vBABY at the same time.

Hint: There’s a 10% redeem fee for users who redeem vBABY to BABY again. 50% will be allocated to vBABY holders as mentioned above, 30% will be burnt, and 20% will go to the treasury. Also, we recently added one more benefit to vBABY holders, which is sharing 0.05% of the total trading volume on BabySwap.

Alri I copied this from our docs lol. Just want you guys to know the huge benefits around, don’t miss out. We will keep adding features for the AMM part, and actually some of them are in progress already. Please stay tuned for more!

Cryptodaily Admin: Take your time to digest all these!

Baby Ava: Indeed!

Q4: Let’s talk about the NFT part of BabySwap, any news you want to share?

Baby Ava: Yes, this is the main thing I wanna share today. Our NFT Market is online!

There’s already plenty of people listing their NFB (Our NFT, called Non-fungible Baby) on the marketplace, and several trades. Our NFT market got online yesterday at 5 PM UTC, so I can’t wait to share with BSC Daily folks. Now we are only at the phase 1 of NFT Market launch, and at this stage, you will only be able to trade our NFB, since we already have many NFBs, why don’t we let them roll in the market first?

To explain more about the NFB, our NFT is called NFB (Non-Fungible Baby). Each NFB has its own face value and you could stake your NFB to earn BABY which has a higher return than the BABY pool. We will then add our gamepad NFT assets to the market, but we can only add 721 format now, instead of 1155, because of the technical limitation. After that, lots of trending NFT collections will be listed one by one. We see NFT as one of our most valuable elements. As a People’s DEX, we want to explore the infinite limit of the crypto world by providing various types of assets, including newborn projects and NFT. By adding the NFT Market feature, Baby MetaFi assembles both BEP20 tokens and NFT assets on BNBChain.

Cryptodaily Admin: Here’s one thing I want to know, will Baby MetaFi (BabySwap) allow users to create their own NFTs?

Baby Ava: Yes! It’s actually on our roadmap! You know the NFT market is a huge feature that may contain collections, self-create NFTs, NFTs in all kinds of formats, trading rewards, trading campaigns, etc. It’s just the exchange for NFT assets, as BabySwap to BEP 20 assets. So the steps will be taken one by one, and there will be huge improvement and constant updates on our NFT Market.

Q5: You did mention your gamepad, can you explain more on that? What’s BabySwap GamePad and how can it support the gamefi projects?

Baby Ava: Baby GamePad provides investment, issuance, DeFi, funds, promotion, and other services for GameFi projects. To be specific, for projects applying to join GamePad, BabySwap offers: Investment, Issuance (Initial Offering including IFO and INO), DeFi (including farm, pool, exchange), and Fund. Since November when we announced our roadmap in Baby Metaverse, all we have been doing is to keep building the foundation while exploring new possibilities. We realized that Web 3.0, GameFi, SocialFi, and other themes are growing, and this is how we BUIDL the crypto world in a sustainable way.

Baby GamePad doesn’t only support the GameFi projects that are incubated by us, but also supports gem games that have the authorization of our brand image, need services in initial offering, need funds to build, need marketing service to grow, etc.

Like I mentioned above, we assemble both BEP20 tokens and NFT assets on BNB Chain. A new project could get investment from Baby MetaLabs, initially offer their BEP 20 assets via Baby IFO, initially offer their BEP 721 NFT via Baby INO, add liquidity on BabySwap/use the smart router for users to trade, open farms to lock more liquidity, open pool to have PR, and also have additional PR support from us. Baby MetaFi now is like an engine for new projects on BNB chain to grow, and we hope to see more gems glowing and growing like a baby, and with the baby. 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻

Cryptodaily Admin: Those are some HUGE plans Baby MetaFi is incubating, 2022 is going to be exciting!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with BabySwap 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Baby Ava: In June, we held our first AMA with BSC Daily, and it was amazing. We are 10 months old now, and I feel like it’s time to get back to the Daily community! Thank you all for participating! I will hopefully see you after our next huge updates! Thanks, Daley for being so supportive

Cryptodaily Admin: We would love to see you again once you fully re-brand to Baby MetaFi!! It has been a pleasure talking to you Baby Ava! Thank you again for taking your time to be here and updating us about BabySwap. Take care 💪

Baby Ava: Thanks!