Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over so many aspects of life, and its use cases are making their entry into the cryptocurrency space. This article summarizes the top best AI crypto projects by their unique features and lets investors in on why each project is a catch. As you read through, you will discover how AI impacts the crypto space and how to monetize AI services on the blockchain.

Key Insights

Here are the key insights you will draw from this list of the best crypto AI blockchain projects:

  • A list of nine highest-ranking AI crypto projects, categorized by their market cap.
  • Elaborate explanations on what each project offers.
  • The benefits of investing in crypto artificial intelligence systems.
  • How to buy AI blockchain projects.

Top 9 Best AI Crypto Projects in 2024

In this list, the main factor used in ranking this article’s projects is market cap. Using data from Coingecko, we were able to analyze what each project is worth and rank them by the same metric. However, we also expound on the 24-hour trading volume and the price in dollars for each project’s tokens. You will also find each project’s key contributions and a simplified explanation of why the project is worth consideration.

AI crypto projects can be seen as lucrative investment opportunities. Here’s a summary of the best AI crypto projects, with elaborate explanations of what each project has to offer.

#Project’s NameToken SymbolMarketcapPrice
9Hera FinanceHERA$8,800,567$2.77
7DeepBrain ChainDBC$19,573,851$0.00608959
5Vectorspace AIVXV$31,006,174$0.816459
4Artificial Liquid IntelligenceALI$181,421,209$0.050741
The price and market cap are collected at the time of writing

9. Hera Finance

Hera Homepage

Where to Trade the Token: Hermes Protocol and Netswap

The world of crypto finance is snowballing, so an investment in AI crypto projects like Hera Finance is a gold mine. Here is a multi-chain decentralized exchange aggregator. This means it connects crypto exchanges from multiple blockchains, studies their prices for different crypto transactions, and gives a user a detailed comparison to find the best deals.

Besides this, Hera Finance offers other benefits like Hera Guard, which provides zero slippage for transactions, and trade splitting, where a given trade can be turned into a series of smaller trades to reduce risk and increase earnings.

Key Features

  • Smart Routing: Hera Finance’s artificial intelligence system helps find the best token-swapping prices across multiple DEXs. It can analyze two to five routes simultaneously to find a lucrative trading pair.
  • Swap Fees Distribution: The swap fee distribution features ensure the fees paid on the platform are reinvested in the system, guaranteeing stable tokenomics and growth.
  • Trade Splitting: Trade splitting allows a large trade to be broken down into smaller sections. The outcome of this is that trade execution is faster and easier.


8. Xana

Xana Homepage

Where to Trade the Token: OKX, ByBit, and Trader Joe

The Xana Metaverse is another AI blockchain project for investors to consider. Xana is a blockchain technology that helps create interesting, multiverse-compatible dApps, including NFT gaming applications.

Using XETA, the platform’s utility token, Xana users can design the most intriguing metaverse experiences on the blockchain. Among the top-ranking developments on the platform is the NFTDuel, an NFT trading card game; Rooster Fighterz, a manga-based NFT game where Rooster NFTs race each other; and Xana: Genesis AI, a personalized AI assistant on the metaverse.

Key Features

  • Impressive Game Design: Xana has 22 unique worlds with remarkable landscapes. These allow gamers to experience fun gaming environments. 
  • Multiple NFT Marketplaces: The game has six museums showcasing various NFTs. These also serve as NFT marketplaces where players can trade NFTs and earn extra cash.


7. DeepBrain Chain

Deepbrain Chain

Where to Trade the Token: Huobi and

When it comes to AI blockchain projects, the more scalable they are, the better. DeepBrain Chain is a platform that aims to build an infinitely scalable computing network on the blockchain. According to the platform, the DeepBrain Chain network contains a high-performance computing network, a blockchain mainnet, and a GPU computing mainnet.

The DeepBrain Chain computing network borrows heavily from the Polkadot substrate, a technology that allows blockchain technology to build on top of other blockchains. This makes it easy for the network to grow infinitely without straining its parent network’s resources. So far, at least 50 manufacturers globally have deployed high-performance AI tools based on the DeepBrain Chain network. This mass adoption has turned the DeepBrain Chain utility token DBC into one of the most valuable digital assets.

Key Features

  • Cloud Mining: DBC’s AI technology facilitates cloud mining. This saves on computer hardware and allows crypto miners to generate blocks more easily.
  • Dynamic provision of computing power: DeepBrain Chain provides commuting resources to enterprise users based on their demand. This helps them save up to 70% on computing power costs.


6. Oraichain


Where to Trade the Token: Uniswap(v2), KuCoin, and PancakeSwap(v2)

Smart contracts are at the heart of every blockchain technology, making Oraichain an extremely valuable AI blockchain project to invest in. Oraichain is the foundational layer on which new-era smart contracts and dApps can be built.

Key Features

The platform has impressive features, including an AI Layer 1 that offers secure and fast consensus mechanisms based on Cosmos SDKs. This mechanism runs on a proof of execution and proof of correctness system. Orachain also has a decentralized data and AI feature that creates environments for the big data economy and AI industry. With such relevant use cases, Oraichain’s in-house currency, ORAI, is a worthy crypto AI investment.

  • AI Oracles: Oraichain facilitates secure access to external APIs that enables smart contracts to securely access external API that simplifies the smart contract generation process.
  • AI Marketplace: This feature enables users to find and select algorithms for creating AI models or improving their functionalities.


5. Vectorspace AI

Vectorspace Ai

Where to Trade the Token: Uniswap(v3), Shibaswap, and ProBit Global

The mission to conquer the world has many aspects, and Vectorspace AI gives investors the ability to earn from one of them. While stocks in space revolution companies like SpaceX may be costly, there is still a chance to get a slice of the martian pie by investing in a bioscience-focused crypto artificial intelligence project like Vectorspace AI through its VXV token.

This AI service focuses on protecting and repairing the human body during spaceflight. Vectorspace AI blends scientific research with complex AI-driven language modeling and data engineering pipelines to accelerate the data discovery process about the human body in extraterrestrial conditions. The AI measures stressors and provides detailed information on countermeasures that can be enforced to protect human bodies.
Key Features

  • Vectorspace Biosciences: This feature helps research and find discoveries for important missions like the impact of space travel on the human body.
  • Financial Research: Vectorspace AI technology helps to reveal the relationships between crypto market trends and global events and trends. This enables investors to manage their portfolios better. 

Telegram: Vectorspace AI Community

4. Artificial Liquid Intelligence

Artificial Liquid Intelligence

Where to Trade the Token: Uniswap(v3), Gemini,

Artificial Liquid Intelligence is at the helm of web3-based content creation. This Character GPT AI system allows users to create characters from mere text. Using the Aletha AI, Artificial Intelligence users can input text that describes a character’s appearance, voice, personality, and identity, and the AI will create a character that matches every entry.

Aletha AI uses natural language processing, Character GTP, and is powered by the ALI token to come up with the different characters. Once a user creates their character, they can modify certain attributes and work towards building the character’s intelligence. They can also trade its generative output or use it on other dApps in the AI network.

Key Features

  • Alethea’s Metaverse: The ALI AI and token help to create a metaverse full of AI characters that help users perform various roles. These characters are known as intelligent non-fungible tokens (iNFTs).
  • The Noah’s Ark Market: This is a marketplace for iNFT characters. Users looking for digital companions, meditation guides, coaches, or more can shop for them on the Ark.


3. Numerai

Numerai Homepage

Where to Trade the Token: DigiFinex

The financial market has a ton of potential for generating high income. As a Numerai crypto investor, you get first-hand benefits for investing in a platform that revolutionizes financial markets.

Numerai has two faces to it, the stock market and the crypto market. For the stock market, the platform aims to create the best stock market prediction features ever, and it even has the world’s most difficult data science tournament geared towards the same. On the crypto side, however, Numerai focuses on the network effect. This is the phenomenon that something gains more value the more people begin to use it.

This top AI platform launched the NMR coins to tap into the network effect for crypto markets. The platform seeks to bring collaboration to the crypto market to help generate more value for the assets on it.

Key Features

  • Regularized Data: Numerai helps research and filter data from multiple sources, creating a much-needed database for data scientists.
  • Modeling:  The platform offers a chance for scientists to create models for concepts that require volumes of research and data through their data science tournaments.


2. SingularityNET


Where to Trade the Token: Pionex, Binance, and KuCoin

SingularityNET is among the top AI blockchain projects when it comes to the creation and distribution of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This means the platform designs AI that are capable of understanding any information that human intelligence can, and executing the tasks requested from this information.

The platform has a community of service providers who build these AI systems and earn rewards in AGIX, the platform’s native token. The rewards earned come from singularity users who pay to gain access to the systems or to use the platform’s AI hub to edit, manage, or modify the AI.

Key Features

  • Publisher Portal: This feature allows developers to easily publish their dApps and manage them by automating redundant tasks using AI technology.
  • Staking: Singularity.Net also has a staking feature that enables users to earn extra income when they lock up AGIX tokens to provide liquidity for the platform.



Fetchai Homepage

Where to Trade the Token: Binance, BingX, and TokyoCrypto is a cross-chain protocol that allows users to power peer-to-peer dApps using AI to cater to automated tasks. This top AI protocol runs on the Cosmos SDK and has powerful smart contracts that regulate automation.

Although is mostly a developer space, the end products are highly user-friendly and have great demand on the market. This makes one of the top AI blockchain projects, and its native token, FET, a leading crypto AI investment opportunity.

Key Features

  • Near-autonomous system integration: It allows for multiple tasks and systems to be independently automated.


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Benefits Of Using AI Blockchain

The debut of AI systems on the blockchain has unlocked a myriad of advantages. Let’s explore some of the leading benefits of using AI on the blockchain.

Increased Business Efficiency

AI systems help businesses run more efficiently. These technologies automate more tasks, which saves time, and allows businesses to focus on more critical business development issues. Similarly, they also generate critical data, which can help scale business growth.

Improved Investment Opportunities

Crypto AI helps to improve investment opportunities on the blockchain. Data scientists use AI protocols to build prediction models and decentralized applications that make crypto investments easier. Through them, traders can identify lucrative investment opportunities or make more informed decisions despite crypto market volatility.

Increased Security

Integrating AI and blockchain services drastically improves the security of AI systems. Because of blockchain’s decentralized models, information stored on the is only visible when the owner of the information authorizes it. Since AI is mostly data-driven, having a blockchain background helps secure this data, and guarantees users the privacy or anonymity that is lacking in most non-blockchain systems.

How to Buy AI Crypto Projects

The steps you need to follow to buy crypto AI projects depend a great deal on the project you want to buy. Most crypto AI projects are available on different decentralized exchanges in the form of their native tokens. Each exchange has varying buying procedures, but some of these procedures may overlap. Here’s a rough guide on how to buy crypto ai projects that may apply across multiple DEXs.

  • Create a crypto wallet account, preferably MetaMask, Coinbase wallet, Trust Wallet or ZenGo because they are supported on a variety of DEXs.
  • Research the DEX that sells the crypto AI project you want to purchase.
  • Go to the DEX, open an account, and link your crypto wallet to it.
  • Follow the steps on how to buy coins from the respective DEX.

Crypto AI Projects’ Potential

Crypto AI projects have great potential for generating profits for investors. Because of the rapid adoption of AI services, these projects attract a lot of investors and have a promising growth spur in the near future. Despite this, not all crypto AI projects are worth investing in. So, take your time to read through a project’s documentation and understand what it offers before placing your funds on it.

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