The crypto world has grown exponentially in the past few years. New cryptocurrencies are being created and launched every day, which makes it challenging to keep track of all these new digital tokens.

In this blog post, we walk you through a list of best crypto youtube channels that you should follow to stay updated with the latest news, analysis, and trading tips related to cryptocurrencies. These videos cover everything from beginner-friendly explanations of blockchain technology and its associated tokenomics to in-depth analysis of specific projects. 

Why Subscribe to Crypto YouTube Channels

There are a few reasons why crypto YouTubers are becoming increasingly popular among crypto investors and traders. 

First, YouTube is the world’s second most-used social media platform, so it’s accessible to everyone wishing to learn about cryptocurrencies. Second, the videos’ visual- and audio-heavy format is particularly well-suited for imparting information about a topic as technical and complex as cryptocurrencies. And finally, crypto YouTubers are often independent content creators who don’t have an agenda besides helping their viewers make more money. 

This differentiates them from the journalism of mainstream media and the marketing of crypto exchanges and teams. Having a list of trusted crypto YouTubers you regularly watch is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the crypto space while also learning how to navigate all the different aspects of the market. With a good selection of crypto channels on your subscription list, you’ll always have something new to learn!

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Top Crypto YouTube Channels to Follow

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Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Bury is one of the best crypto YouTube channels for beginners and experts who want “no hype, no clickbait, and no nonsense.” His channel exclusively focuses on cryptocurrencies, covering the industry’s leading cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and news. He shares the outcome of his research and provides his outlook on the market.

Bury’s interest in crypto began during his travels in the Philippines during the surge of COVID-19 in 2020. He has experience in marketing and advertisement and has taken business management courses.

One of his latest uploads was about what sports fans should know about fan tokens. He discussed the growing popularity of sports-based fan tokens in the market. 

Instead of encouraging people to invest or giving them financial advice, the video introduced what his viewers should know about Socios Fan Tokens. He visited the website, explored some articles, and articulated the subject for beginners to understand.

As of 2022, Jacob Bury has almost 8,000 subscribers on his active channel. He also has a Discord for everyone interested in sharing crypto knowledge.

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BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is believed to be one of the largest crypto communities, making it among the best crypto youtube channels to learn crypto trading.

American investor and alt-finance specialist Ben Armstrong has established himself as a trusted source of information regarding cryptocurrencies. With over one million subscribers since he got involved in the cryptocurrency industry in 2012, Armstrong works to educate people about crypto. In 2018, he decided to invest all his time and energy in crypto.

In one of his latest videos under Around the Blockchain discussions, BitBoy Crypto discussed Ethereum’s Bellatrix and what could go next for ETH. Along with him were other crypto experts and YouTubers, which makes the channel suitable for people who want to gather various perspectives when it comes to crypto.

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Crypto Face

Crypto Face is another mainstream media YouTuber and bitcoin guru with more than 200,000 subscribers. His videos usually comprised live trading in various crypto platforms. His Bitcoin Trading video garnered 25,000 views.

His videos are usually unique, as he trades million-dollar positions live while explaining his trading methods. This strategy makes him stand out from other YouTubers, as you can see the procedures and techniques he uses for trading live.

His live videos usually take over an hour, and there will be times when he doesn’t speak or goes for a bathroom break. But, if you’re looking for a “real” trader among the many YouTubers, Crypto Face is the guy you can trust. He also has a very active community in the comment sections, discussing the trades he’s doing.

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Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen joined the YouTube Community in 2019. He has now reached 770,000 subscribers and over 70 million views for all his videos.

Cowen’s channel ensures to line his YouTube uploads with the trends and price watch. For instance, he recently uploaded a video on Ethereum, discussing the latest updates in the market. He mentioned the Merge Ethereum and shared his point of view on what to expect with this new version.

His account is a must-visit account for people who wish to hear about his mathematical perspective on crypto. He brings a new stance to the table with his pragmatic and scientific approach to the subject.

Image 4

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is an account handled by one of the top crypto YouTubers and popular crypto influencers. Also known as “Guy,” Coin Bureau invests its content in delivering informational content for people who are interested in the virtual currency world.

His videos are helpful because of their fact-based videos. However, he never fails to share his opinions about the crypto world, making his channel a bit more interesting.

Among his September uploads discussed the Cosmos, an expanding blockchain apps system. There, he analyzed the Cosmos’ relevance and updates in the market. 

His channel is very convenient for many people because he dissects his videos into parts viewers can quickly scan. That’s probably how he earned more than 2 million subscribers and became the fastest-growing crypto-focused YouTube channel in 2019.

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George Tung, the guy behind the YouTube channel, offers the latest news, updates, and analytics that touch on cryptocurrency. He has been doing this since starting his channel in 2017.

However, Tung has been in the crypto space since 2013 after hearing about Bitcoin. He uses his channel to share with others what he has learned in his years of being in the crypto industry. He even uses his experience working in IT to better relay what crypto is and how he believed Bitcoin was one of the best inventions ever.

You can also find content in his channel discussing crypto and its relation to geopolitical conditions, such as the Ukraine-Russia war. He’s worth subscribing to if you want to watch immense discussions on crypto investing and other related topics.

Summing up

This article walks you through a list of top crypto YouTubers you should follow to stay updated with the latest news, analysis, and trading tips related to cryptocurrencies. These videos cover everything from beginner-friendly explanations of blockchain technology and its associated tokenomics to in-depth analysis of specific projects. These channels also have a lot of content for investors looking for more advanced tips and tricks when picking winning coins.

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