Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the next big thing after cryptocurrencies when it comes to digital assets. These blockchain-backed tokens are great secondary investments, and flipping NFTs can generate huge profits. However, you need to know the right NFTs to invest in, and this article helps you do just that by breaking down the top 9 best Polygon NFTs.

Top 9 Best Polygon NFTs

To determine the best Polygon NFTs to place in this listicle, we analyzed NFTs by their trade volume on OpenSea. OpenSea is one of the leading markets for Polygon NFTs, so it was the most resourceful site for ranking. Here are the top 9 Polygon NFTs:

#Project NameFloor priceMarket Statistics
9Planet IX Assets0.0048 MATICTotal Volume: 341 ETH
Owners: 171,890 +
Category: Gaming
8Lens Protocol Profiles0.0425 ETHTotal Volume: 737 ETH
Owners: 99,847 +
Category: Art
7Midnight Society Founders Access Pack0.1063 ETHTotal Volume: 97 ETH
Owners: 9530 +
Category: PFPs
6Unstoppable Domains0.028 MATICTotal Volume: 426 ETH
Owners: 721,893 +
Category: Domain names
5Cyber Kongz VX0.48 ETHTotal Volume: 32,202 ETH
Owners: 4,098 +
Category: PFPs
4Voxies0.2492 ETHTotal Volume: 241 ETH
Owners: 1,675 +
Category: Gaming
3Trump Digital Trading Cards0.399 ETHTotal Volume: 9454 ETH
Owners: 14,506 +
Category: Collectibles
2The Sandbox Lands0.89 ETHTotal Volume: 160,551 ETH
Owners: 22,953 +
Category: Virtual worlds
1Lympo Athletes1.6995 USDCTotal Volume: 206 ETH
Owners: 9,176 +
Category: PFPs

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9. Planet IX Assets

Planet Ix Assets Homepage

Floor price: 0.0048 MATIC

One of the best NFTS on the Polygon blockchain is the Planet IX collection. These are in-game assets found in the Planet IX game. Planet IX is a strategy game with a post-apocalyptic theme. In this metaverse game, players, also called Agents of Change (ACC), are tasked with restoring the world to its former glory by creating territories and beautifying them. 

Territories are the game’s land NFTs. Planet IX has 1.6 billion hexagonal land

parcels called PIX. Players can trade, develop, or stake PIX for benefits. They can also buy other in-game assets, like landmark relics, using the game’s utility token, IXT.




8. Lens Protocol Profiles

Lens Protocol Profiles Homepage

Floor price: 0.0425 ETH

Lens Protocol Profiles are highly popular polygon-based NFTs. The collection comes from the decentralized social media creation platform Lens Protocol Profiles. The Lens Protocol Profiles platform enables web3 social media creators to focus on designing social media platforms that value quality interaction more than growing the number of followers for a given profile.

For Lens Protocol Profile NFT owners, the tokens serve as an emblem. They allow owners to easily identify the cause of improved social media interactions. To join the movement, interested parties can purchase the NFTs on leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.



7. Midnight Society Founders Access Pack

Midnight Society Founders Access Pack Homepage

Floor price: 0.1063 ETH

Despite being a limited edition collection, the Midnight Society Founders Access Pack is one of Polygon Network’s high-flying NFT collections. This non-fungible asset is a product of the Midnight Society platform. Midnight Society is a player-versus-player (PVP) game development platform that encourages developers to improve the game development process by allowing players to contribute their ideas.

Midnight Society released the Midnight Society Founders Access Pack to enhance this developer-gamer interaction. These NFTs give owners studio-specific benefits like voting for game features, access to the latest developer builds, game merchandise, and studio events.




6. Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains Homepage

Floor price: 0.028 MATIC

Many NFTs revolve around art, avatars, and GameFi assets, but not Unstoppable Domains. These NFTs are real domain names with various uses across decentralized systems. 

With Unstoppable Domain, NFT owners can get domains they can use on their blockchain-compatible websites. Besides this, the domains can also substitute wallet addresses, simplifying decentralized transactions

Unstoppable Domains can also serve as social media profile names giving owners synchronized identities across multiple platforms. These platforms include popular crypto wallets like Trust Wallet, My Ether Wallet, and Rainbow Wallet, browsers like Brave and Opera Mini; and crypto exchanges like and OKX.




Okx Exchange

User Score



Win Mystery Boxes worth up to $10,000

5. Cyber Kongz VX

Cyber Kongz Vx Homepage

Floor price: 0.48 ETH

Cyber Kongz VX may still have some of its functionalities in the works, but they have taken the Polygon Network by storm. Backed by The Sandbox metaverse game, these NFTs grow more valuable by the day.

Initially, Cyber Kongz was designed to be avatars. During this period, the collection had only released the first category of tokens, the Genesis Kongz, and the second edition, the Baby/Incubator Kongz. Genesis Kongz was scarce, with only 1000 in circulation out of the total of 14,895 available for minting. Baby Kongz are created when two Genesis Kongz breed.

On the other hand, Cyber Kongz VX are forged as voxel characters that can be incorporated into The Sandbox’s gameplay. These in-game assets have an entire concrete jungle on the Sandbox called Kongz Island that is under development to give them utility in the game.




4. Voxies

Voxies Homepage

Floor price: 0.2492 ETH

Voxies, the in-game characters in the retro-style game Voxie Tactics, is another leading NFT collection on the Polygon chain. In this RPG-themed game, Voxies are the NFT characters that fight off monsters, bandits, and wrong-doers. They can also participate in PvP battles.

Voxie Tactics has a total of 10,000 mintable Voxies. Each Voxie has unique attributes, including different weapons and visual cosmetics, giving them different rarity scores. These NFTs are further divided into 20 classes and ten races. Players have a chance to breed different Voxie classes and races to come up with stronger, rarer species. 

To buy Voxies, players can access the game’s marketplace and make a purchase using VOXEL, the game’s utility token. Alternatively, they can buy the NFTs on external marketplaces.




3. Trump Digital Trading Cards

Trump Digital Trading Cards Homepage

Floor price: 0.399 ETH

Another set of famous Polygon NFTs is the Trump Digital Trading Cards. These NFT collectibles are a must-have for anyone who enjoys having a piece of the action in former President Trump’s life. Crafted from his life experiences, Trump Digital Cards are a chance to celebrate and benefit from Donald Trump’s life. 

The collection has a total of 45000 cards, each with unique elements and varying rarity levels. From cards with Trump’s image, as he’s golfing, to him in front of the White House, these NFTs are like the digital equivalent of baseball cards, and that is not all. 

For every card you buy, you automatically get enlisted in a sweepstake that can win you prizes or a chance to meet Donald Trump one-on-one. Also, if you buy 45 of these cards, you automatically get dinner with Donald Trump. To buy the NFTs, you only need an e-mail address and a credit card. You can also buy them using Wrapped ETH (WETH).



2. The Sandbox Lands

The Sandbox Lands Homepage

Floor price: 0.89 ETH

Crypto Metaverse game, The Sandbox, has its NFTs ranking close to the top of the nice best NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The Sandbox is one of the most popular crypto NFT games on Polygon that allows players to bring their creativity to life and design their gaming experiences. 

The major NFT in the game is the Sandbox lands. These are digital parcels of land that gamers purchase and use to develop their preferred gaming experience. On Sandbox land, players can construct buildings, host events, create art, and even design other games and invite other players to participate.

The Sandbox has a total of 123840 pieces of land. 166464 of these are available for purchase, while the remainder belongs to the game’s creators and partners and are reserved for hosting major virtual events on the game. Purchasable sandbox lands are available on the game’s marketplace or third-party marketplaces.




1. Lympo Athletes

Lympo Athletes Homepage

Floor price: 1.6995 USDC

At the top of Polygon Network’s list of NFTs is the Lympo Athletes collection. Professionals in different sporting fields, including Antoine Dupont, Daren Sammy, Ebanie Bridges, Alexandra Trusova, and Goran Dragic, are all featured in these collectible NFT cards.

To get Lympo Athletes, you need to select a pool to stake in. Once you have your pool, you can stake any amount from 900 to 3 million SPORT, Lympo Athlete’s native token. After staking, the platform will generate staking credits which you can accumulate and use to mint new cards. Staking SPORT can earn you between one and ten credits daily.




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Overview of Polygon’s NFT market

The year 2022 was a tough year for cryptocurrencies, which spelled doom for NFTs, but Polygon’s NFT market gained more new users and first-time investors, and the majority of them made significant profits from Polygon NFTs.

After the network partnered with reputable companies like Starbucks, Nike, and Reddit, Polygon experienced a significant increase in adoption. Multiple NFT traders came flooding in for a piece of the network’s NFTs, leading to an upward surge in the chain’s NFT market.

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