The NFT gaming metaverse is growing at an astronomical rate, and Solana is one of the blockchains enabling this growth. Solana is home to multiple impressive play-to-earn titles, and this article will discuss seven of the best Solana games.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the most engaging Solana NFT games. This RPG game fuses the best of blockchain technology with the thrill of video gaming, allowing players to explore the galaxy, mine resources, conquer lands and participate in guild wars for rewards.

Star Atlas Gameplay

For its gameplay, Star Atlas unfolds in the year 2620. At this time, the world has three main factions: the Usturs, a group of conscious androids, the ONI, a group of aliens, and humans called the MUD. 

These three factions are capable of building cities, growing macro economies, and even forming decentralized autonomous organizations. But, the factions are constantly in conflict over resources and political power. Players must therefore select a faction where they will belong as they play.

What Are Professions in Star Atlas?

Besides exploring and conquering the cosmos, Star Atlas players can also take up professions to help their factions grow. This RPG game has distinct professions, including commander, aviator, scientist, entrepreneur, engineer, and cabin crew. 

Star Atlas Token

To run its ecosystem, Star Atlas uses an in-game currency called ATLAS. Players can use ATLAS to buy in-game NFTS and equipment. They can also use the token to pay for ship repairs and fuel expenses. Star Atlas NFTS include: spaceships, land, and crew… These NFTs are available on the game’s marketplace or platforms like, Sorare, Binance, and Upland.

Star Atlas also has a governance token known as POLIS. Players earn POLIS by staking their tokens and using them for game-based decision-making purposes. 



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For players who believe in self-improvement and spirit animals, Genopets is a must-play Solana blockchain game. This game allows players to free their bodies, minds, and spirits in immersive gameplay while earning crypto rewards. 

Genopets Gameplay

Genopets prides itself in being a move-to-earn game. The game’s focus is getting its players to live a more active and engaging lifestyle. The game achieves this by using data tracked from your wearables or smartphones about your movement. Genopets takes this data and embeds your actions on your spirit animal called a Genopet. The more active a player is in the real world, the more their Genopet advances in the game and increases its market value. 

What Are Habitats and Crystals on Genopets?

Habitats on Genopets are parcels of 3D land where Genopets live. Besides hosting your spirit animal, Habitats are also important because they generate Crystals. Crystals are power-ups that boost your Genopet’s abilities.

Genopets’ Habitats are classified according to one of the five elements in the game: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. Each Habitat generates corresponding Crystals but in their raw form. To get Refined Crystals, players need to go to factories found in their Habitats. Each Habitat has three levels, with each level having fewer factories than the one above it. This means high-level factories can produce more Refined Crystals than lower-level ones.

Genopets Tokens

This captivating pet-based game uses two tokens in its economy. First, there’s the GENE token. This is the game’s governance token. There’s also a KI token, given as a reward for buying a Habitat. KI is used to refine Crystals, buy new Habitats, and engage in PVP battles. Genopet NFTS including the Genopets, Crystals, Augment NFTs, which modify your Genopet’s physical attributes, Refined Crystals, Habitats, and Terraform Seeds which enable players to create new Habitats, are only available on Genopets’ marketplace.



Cryowar a real-time RPG game on the Solana network. This multiplayer NFT game is a fully-fledged battle game that merges NFTs, DeFi, and intense adrenaline rush all in one.

Cryowar Gameplay

The game world in Cryowar is a medieval SCI-FI world where players engage in multi-realm battles. Cryowar storyline stems from four gods, Suller, the glacier god, Vulgar the desert god, Senemeer the god of shadows, and Lavaden, the god of firestorms. The first two gods are at war with the last two over a land called Solania. Players select which of the gods they fight under and engage in battles with opponents. Each battle has different objectives that keep changing as the battle continues. This means players must have swift and adaptive skills to win.

Cryowar Tokens

To play Cryowar, gamers need the game’s utility token, CWAR. This token is used to purchase all in-game NFTs including skins, lands and other accessories. Cryowar NFTs are available for purchase in the Cryowar marketplace and on Serum DEX.



Priding itself on being Solana’s first-ever AAA game, Aurory is among the biggest titles on this blockchain. This RPG game allows players to experience action and fantasy while reaping the benefits of Solana play-to-earn games. 

Aurory Gameplay

Aurory is set up in Antik. This is a world with powerful, mysterious creatures called Nefties. A player’s main quest is to capture these Nefties stored as NFTs in their wallet and use them to form a team to beat other players. 

In PvE mode, single players explore Antik or capture Nefties for rewards and NFT cards that players can redeem for other in-game items. In the PvP section, there are weekly and monthly battles that rank players on a leaderboard and earn them rewards.

What Are Aurorians in Aurory

Aurorians are generative NFTs that players can use as their Avatars in the game.

Aurory Token

For economics, Aurory uses AURY as its native token. AURY’s uses include buying and customizing Nefties, buying NFTs like land and Aurorians. costumes, accessories, and participating in PvP battles. Players can also stake AURY to earn more rewards or get NFT drops. Aurory NFTs are available for purchase on the game’s marketplace and Serum DEX.

DeFi Land

The Solana Blockchain is also home to an interesting agriculture-based play-to-earn title called DeFiLand. DeFi Land is a multichain Solana gaming project, meaning it has plans to integrate with other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Terra.

DeFi Land Gameplay

DeFi Land simplifies the concept of Decentralized Finance through interactive gaming. Players enjoy more than thirty mini-games created from investment activities in the game. The games may include challenges like farming, fishing, tending to livestock, etc. DeFi Land players can craft different tools and items, trade, and compete with each other.

DeFI Land Token

DFL token is the native currency in DeFI Land. This currency is used for governance and utility purposes. Players can use DFL to craft tools, and trade in the game and mint NFTs like chickens, cows, bees, and land. All these trade on the DeFI Land marketplace. 

DeFI Land also has another utility token called GOLD. DeFI Land Gold is used to trade resources like milk, eggs, and honey and make payments for PvP battles.




Stepn is another move-to-earn blockchain game on Solana. This Web 3 project merges GameFi elements with SocialFi creating a captivating lifestyle gaming experience.

Stepn Gameplay

Stepn’s gameplay uses your phone to track your daily movements and wards you Energy for your movements. Energy is the value assigned to five minutes-worth of real-life action. Players need Energy to earn rewards in form of the in-game token. The game also has a way to detect when a player is not organically moving, like when they are using a hoverboard. Such inorganic movements are called Moonwalking, and they do not earn a player any Energy.

What Are Sneakers in Stepn

Sneakers are the main NFT on Stepn. Every player must own sneakers to play. There are four categories of sneakers, including Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer. Gamers choose a sneaker based on the intensity of movement during their day. Each sneaker has a durability score, which decreases as the player uses it until it is rendered worn out.

Stepn Tokens

Stepn has a dual-token ecosystem. Its governance token is Green Metaverse Token, GMT. GMT is used for decision-making, minting legends to rare sneakers, sneaker customization, and resetting sneaker attributes. The other token is the Green Satoshi Token, GST, which players earn when they move. Is used for minting sneakers, making repairs, upgrading gems, resetting sneaker attributes, and leveling up sneakers. Stepn NFTs sell in the game’s marketplace.

Monkey League

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Monkey League is one of the best P2E games on Solana. This NFT game enables players to create teams, compete and earn rewards in a football-like game. 

Monkey League Gameplay

The gameplay on Monkey League is e-sport focused. In the game, players create a team of four monkeys for the roles of Goalkeeper, Defender, Striker and Midfielder. Each monkey can play any role but they have distinct traits that make them better suited for one role over another.

Monkey League has three game modes. PvE allows monkeys to grow their skill, while PvP puts a player to control a whole team of monkeys in a match against another team. There’s also the Team vs Team mode where each monkey is controlled by a single player.

Monkey League Tokens

The game has a dual-token ecosystem, with a governance and a utility token. The governance token on Monkey League is called SCORE, while the utility token is known as MonkeyBucks, MBS. MBS is used to purchase the game’s NFTs, including monkeys and stadia, which are available in the Monkey League marketplace.

Solana NFT Games For You

NFT games are growing in popularity, and Solana has among the best play-to-earn games in the market. Identify a game that appeals to you most, and get started on the benefits of blockchain gaming. 

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