Several Banks Received Subpoena In Relation To Biden Family’s Financial Records

The Financial Affairs of President Joe Biden’s Family

Several subpoenas for documents and bank records have apparently been issued by House Oversight Chairman James Comer as part of the Republican-led inquiry into the financial affairs of President Joe Biden‘s family. 

The Democrats on the panel were informed of this information via an internal memo. In the aforementioned memo, additional information was revealed on the subpoenas that Comer had issued as part of the ongoing investigation. 

Democrats’ Memo

Several Banks Received Subpoena In Relation To Biden Family’s Financial Records

The aforementioned memo made sure that Democrats have access to all pertinent material, including the six document subpoenas that have been issued so far. Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, accused committee Republicans of “shielding information” pertaining to the panel’s investigations, prompting them to disclose the document. 

It is important to note that House rules require that minority and majority parties receive equal access to committee materials. In light of this, the committee Republicans’ choice to conduct the investigation behind a curtain of secrecy goes counter to the Committee’s customary commitment to transparency and raises severe concerns about the credibility of the investigation, according to the Democrats’ memo.

According to the Democrats’ document, subpoenas have already been issued to Mervyn Yan, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, as well as Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and HSBC USA N.A. The subpoenas to the banks cover 14 years and pertain to six people and 10 separate entities, according to House Democrats, who have drawn attention to this fact. It is also important to note that several of the companies named in the subpoenas have connections to China and the energy industry.

Republicans Slammed the Democrats’ Memo

Several Banks Received Subpoena In Relation To Biden Family’s Financial Records

The “friendly” subpoenas Comer has issued to some witnesses are not included in six of the subpoenas cited. This also applies to the former Twitter workers who have provided testimony to the committee. Republicans on the committee “have failed to identify any evidence linking President Biden to or implicating him in the foreign transactions under investigation despite their enormous efforts,” according to the memo from Democrats. 

On the other hand, Comer attacked the Democrats’ memo, claiming that Raskin, the ranking member, revealed the Committee’s subpoenas in a clumsy effort to stymie cooperation from other witnesses. He added that no one should fall for Ranking Member Raskin’s tricks. He continued by saying that they have access to bank records, and the information contained in them does not bode well for the Biden family.

Democrats then listed the “inconsistencies” they had found with the inquiries Comer and the Republican panelists wanted to conduct. They claimed that they just wanted to look into the Biden family and had no interest in looking into comparable matters involving former President Donald Trump and his family.

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