Recently, RichQuack team has unveiled their latest buy competition for $QUACK, which happens to be the largest competition ever organized by the platform.

Detailed timeline:

  • Start Date: Wed, 3 May 2023 19:46:00 UTC
  • End Date: Wed, 4 May 2023 19:46:00 UTC
  • Minimum Buy: 0.10 BNB

Winning Prize:

  • 1st: 1 BNB
  • 2nd: 0.5 BNB
  • 3rd 0.25 BNB


What is RichQuack $QUACK?

Biggest $Quack Buy Competition On Pancakeswap

RichQuack (QUACK) is a BNB Chain-based platform that aims to offer static rewards to token holders through its hyper-deflationary, self-generating automatic liquidity system. The token operates with a 12% transaction fee, which is distributed as 4% to holders, 4% in auto liquidity, 2% in $QUACK PUMP, and burn wallet, and 2% to the marketing wallet. $QUACK also has an anti-whale mechanism that restricts wallet holdings and selling activities.

Along with this, the total ecosystem rewards account for 3% of the total transactions occurring on the platform. 1% goes into the deployer’s wallet, and 2% is locked in Team.Finance (allows token holders to secure their liquidity + tokens) for staking rewards airdrop.

Biggest $Quack Buy Competition On Pancakeswap

According to the RichQuack whitepaper, the platform aims to introduce the following future products:

  • Launchpad platform: The platform aims to help the user to invest tokens on the launchpad.
  • Mega Jackpot Raffle: RichQuack aims to have a Mega Jackpot Raffle wherein the more tokens users have, the higher their chances to win rewards.
  • Lottery Platform: RichQuack envisions having a daily, weekly, and monthly lottery system for users to gamble using their tokens.

Before the competition announcement, the RichQuack team also announced that their token, QUACK, can now be directly swapped on MetaMask. This new development makes it easier for users to access and trade the token.

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