Binance is currently facing challenges with fiat withdrawals in Europe. The issue is attributed to problems related to Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) transfers. Reports suggest that the exchange has temporarily suspended euro withdrawals and deposits through SEPA due to complications with its payment processor. The situation has caused inconvenience to users who are unable to access their funds, leading to concerns about the reliability of the exchange’s services.

SEPA Withdrawals Temporarily Suspended: Customer Frustration Grows

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A recent customer service message from Binance, which has since been deleted, highlighted the ongoing struggles with fiat withdrawals in Europe. The exchange acknowledged the problem and stated that the suspended transactions were a result of SEPA issues. SEPA transfers are a widely used method for euro transactions in the European Union, and the suspension has left many users frustrated and concerned about the security of their funds.

A European user’s complaint surfaced, revealing their inability to withdraw euros purchased on Binance or conduct transactions due to the closure of their Paysafe account. The user’s frustration was evident as they compared Binance’s actions to those of potentially fraudulent exchanges. Binance assured users that it is actively working to address the issue and find a new payment provider that can support euro transactions seamlessly.

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Binance’s History of Withdrawal Challenges: Lessons Learned

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This incident is not the first time the leading exchange has encountered withdrawal-related problems in Europe. Earlier, the exchange had to halt Bitcoin withdrawals due to a significant backlog of pending transactions. The halt coincided with a congestion issue on the Bitcoin network, leading to over 400,000 transactions getting stuck in the mempool. These past challenges emphasize the importance of robust infrastructure and contingency plans to ensure uninterrupted service for users, especially during periods of high demand or network congestion.

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As the September 25 deadline for the discontinuation of support from Binance’s current euro banking partner, Paysafe Payment Solutions, approaches, users may face more compliance checks and even early closures of their accounts. Binance has assured users that alternatives will be put in place before the SEPA service ends. This commitment demonstrates the exchange’s dedication to addressing the concerns of its user base and finding solutions to maintain reliable fiat withdrawal services.


In light of Binance’s recent fiat withdrawal limitations in Europe stemming from SEPA issues, it’s clear that cryptocurrency exchanges encounter hurdles in delivering smooth user services. The SEPA disruption has sparked worries about fund security and exchange stability. Binance’s proactive approach to addressing these challenges and its pledge to identify alternatives before the SEPA service concludes highlight the significance of adaptability in the dynamic realm of crypto exchange services. As the industry expands, exchanges must consistently enhance their operational approaches to guarantee seamless fund access and uphold user confidence.

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