Binance Labs has invested in five exceptional projects from Season 5 of its Incubation Program. These projects, focusing on infrastructure, data security, and privacy protection within the Web3 ecosystem, showcase promising potential. As Binance Labs gears up for Season 6, founders with early-stage projects are encouraged to apply and join the supportive blockchain community.

Bracket Labs – Revolutionizing Betting in Sideways Markets

Binance Labs Invests In Bracket Labs
Bracket Labs

Bracket Labs, with its flagship product, has caught the attention of Binance Labs. This project offers a unique betting platform that allows users to earn rewards in sideways or volatile markets. Notably, the project is already live on the Arbitrum network, showcasing its viability and potential for growth.

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DappOS – Bridging the Gap Between Dapps and Users

Binance Labs Invests In Dappos

DappOS has secured support from Binance Labs for its mission to provide the infrastructure that seamlessly connects decentralized applications (Dapps) with users. Collaborating with major projects like GMX, BENQI, QuickSwap, MakerDAO, and Alchemy Pay, DappOS aims to enhance the user experience and drive the adoption of Dapps across various platforms.

Kryptoskatt – Simplifying Web3 Financial Applications

Binance Labs Invests In Kryptoskatt

Kryptoskatt has caught the attention of Binance Labs with its Web3 financial applications tailored for accounting, portfolio management, and tax reporting. These applications serve individuals, organizations, and exchanges, offering streamlined solutions to complex financial processes within the blockchain ecosystem.

Mind Network – Privacy-Focused Data Storage and Computation

Binance Labs Invests In Mind Network
Mind Network

Mind Network, a privacy-focused tool for storing and computing data, has received support from Binance Labs. This project empowers developers by providing them with a secure platform to program on protected data, ensuring privacy while enabling innovative applications in the blockchain space.

zkPass – Enabling Secure Identity Verification for Web3

Binance Labs Invests In Zkpass

Binance Labs recognizes the potential of zkPass and its solution for secure and privacy-protecting identity verification (KYC) for Web3 applications. With data security being a critical concern, zkPass aims to provide a reliable and efficient identity verification system, enhancing the trust and security of Web3 interactions.


Binance Labs‘ investment in these five exceptional projects from Season 5 of its Incubation Program demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation and driving industry advancement. With their focus on infrastructure, data security, and privacy protection, these projects have the potential to shape the future of blockchain technology. As Binance Labs prepares for Season 6 of the Incubation Program, aspiring founders with early-stage projects are encouraged to apply and join the vibrant ecosystem of support and opportunities.