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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome you all back to another AMA with CardanoDaily!!!! I’m your host, Daley and today, I’m joined by 2 wonderful guests: Mr. Igor and Mr. Sebastian from the Blueshift project!!

Come and say Hi to the community guys, Igor and Sebastian

Sebastian: Hi everyone, great to be here

Igor: Hi all, greetings from sunny Amsterdam!! Great to meet you all and be here💥

Cryptodaily Admin: Great to have you all here with us too!

Igor: Yeah, let’s get started! 🚀

Cryptodaily Admin: Are you ready to start the AMA?

Igor: What about you Seb? ready to start?

Sebastian: Of course;) Looking forward to all the questions

Cryptodaily Admin: Good man! So I would say firstly, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourselves to the community? Who are we talking to today? Just a brief introduction would be nice 👌

Sebastian: Hi everyone, I’m Seb from Amsterdam. Involved with several hightech startups in the past and now proud director of strategy at Blueshift

Igor: Absolutely — it’s Igor Mikhalev here, | I’m a co-founder and the leader of Blueshift.

Cryptodaily Admin: Wow, what a line up. Thanks for the helpful links! I see you’re all doxed as well.  So let’s get into more details about today’s topic: Blueshift

Q1: What is Blueshift? Can you share with us more in detail? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Blueshift aims to solve?

Igor: Well, first of all, Blueshift is a new capital-efficient AMM exchange protocol based on decentralized liquidity portfolio management. We utilize multiple innovative mechanisms that facilitate new DeFi realities we introduced such as zero or negative fee arbitrage, significantly reduced impermanent loss due to the dynamic reserves model, liquidity portfolios, and the decoupling of token price from token reserves. Our platform has other cool mechanisms and features with some of them being completely new in the broader DeFi ecosystem.

For example: virtual Pairs, community-selected portfolio managers, integrated farms and yield pools, controlled minting & burning process, revenue generation from slippage for liquidity providers, and executing multi-token trades at the cost of a single transaction!

Q2: Can you explain why you guys think that your solution is a step forward in the whole AMM DEX sphere and do you know what are the trade-offs?

Sebastian: Of course. Happy to take this as it relates to one of the core problems we are addressing. On Blueshift you will find different portfolios to invest in. In this way, users get a high quality selection of tokens bundled in portfolios with lower risk and great APR upside. We directly address the trade-off of higher risk that usually comes with higher APRs.

Cryptodaily Admin: So one of the things that makes Blueshift different from other AMM protocol would be: Portfolio management where instead of picking individual pairs to invest, users can now pick a bundle of tokens in each portfolio created by Blueshift.

Sebastian: Correct

Igor: Yes exactly. It’s very similar to how index funds revolutionized the traditional stock investing space

Cryptodaily Admin: And how do you select the tokens to group them in 1 portfolio may I ask? Can I customize my portfolio? or do I have to pick the available ones accordingly to Blueshift?

Sebastian: We already involve the community, investors, stakeholders, and partners in designing the portfolios. We already have Multichain and Celer for example with whom we have created different portfolios. In the future, this will be managed by DAO mechanisms

Igor: Tokens are bundled in portfolios based on the risk/upside and theme principles

Cryptodaily Admin: ah I see, and this also leads me to another question. So the idea is that you rely on professional portfolio managers who will manage portfolios you invest/stake in, for you

Igor: This way, you are safer/better off as an investor

Cryptodaily Admin: Got it. So Mr. Seb just talked about having Multichain and Celer to be your partners in terms of creating different portfolios with.

Q3: Does Blueshift have any other strategic partnerships in the crypto world? Can you name a few?

Igor: Yes:

👉Backers: Shima Capital, MEXC ventures, HODL, Next Chymia, Cardano Syndicate, Chain Collective

👉Partners:, Wave Financial, Market Across, Milkomeda

These include more blockchains, wallet providers and many more.

Sebastian: On top of this, we’re speaking with new partners. Watch out for new cool collaborations to be announced on our channels.

Cryptodaily Admin: And I think it’s a good time to re-post this:

🔸Join their Telegram: @BlueshiftGroup

🔸Follow their Twitter:

🔸Check out their website:

Sebastian: Yes, great. Thanks for sharing.

Q4: Could you tell us more about your project and what it means by a new capital-efficient AMM?

Igor: Yes, this one is a very exciting piece, as we’re innovating the space with the key point here.So, think of automated market makers as algorithms that manage liquidity on platforms.

Since we do not have token pairs, but portfolios, liquidity should not be spread across x*y number of pairs, hence can be used entirely at once, very efficiently.

Thus, with virtual pairs working on top of large liquidity pools (no usual small pools based on pairs), the same volume of liquidity provides substantially more efficiency when swapping.

Q5: Please explain your key characteristics that differentiate your project from other projects and what are the competitive advantages you have for Blueshift?

Igor: Yep, let me summarize the main ones:

  • Liquidity portfolios managed by DAO
  • Single-sided token liquidity
  • Virtual pairs
  • Internal price Oracles
  • Blueshift Reserve Model
  • Controllable minting schedule of Blues

The Blueshift Reserve Model enables arbitrageurs to perform arbitrage with zero or negative fees, virtual pairs facilitate the lowest possible slippage and many arbitrage opportunities, whilst Liquidity portfolios reduce Impermanent Loss by up to 10 times and also facilitate convenience for crypto users.

Sebastian: Yes, many innovative features that translate into a better user experience and smart way of asset management. We also recommend to check out our medium articles for more details.

Cryptodaily Admin: Please check it out! They update frequently about Blueshift, you would not want to miss it 👀

Q6: Roadmap aside, how do you envision Blueshift in 2025?

Igor: We are dedicated to becoming the #1 platform for providing the most convenient and user-friendly multi-chain investing and trading experience 🎯.

We will keep relying on and growing our strong community. Their involvement and view on the constant deployment of new inventions is what will ensure the future of Blueshift. We are also eager to implement fiat/CBDC integration and deliver innovative use-cases for the traditional finance industry which will bring us one step closer to the full-scale global adoption of DeFi.

Sebastian: Yes, fully agree. It’s a privilege to build on the strong community of Cardano and jointly create the #1 place for DeFi there

Q7: So in order to grow such a strong and healthy community, we can’t leave out marketing. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your platform and keep them long term?

Sebastian: You’re right. Allowing users to join our platform in the most convenient way possible is key. This not only includes marketing, but also understanding user needs and investing time and research into the different user journeys is of utmost importance.

In other words, not only being loud and noisy on social media, but also listening carefully to our community

Igor: Yes, our marketing approach is strictly value-based and data-driven. ✅

Cryptodaily Admin: True, we don’t want people to join for the profits and then leave immediately. Bringing in organic users who want to invest for the innovation, for the long haul will require real valuable product instead of “noises”

Sebastian: Yes,100%

Q8: So we’ve been talking a lot about Blueshift and the future plans, but actually about the tokenomic model. What gives the value to $BLUES? What is the role of it in your ecosystem? What can users do in the Blueshift ecosystem with using $BLUES?

Igor: Owning $BLUES will offer holders with voting weight proportional to the $BLUES they have. In other words, $BLUES allows participation in the governance of the platform and the ecosystem. The importance of possessing governance tokens of platforms that are similar to Blueshift can be seen with the Curve. $BLUES holders also get approximately 72 % APY via $BLUES staking mechanism. Next to that, Blueshift services (listing/IDOs, AMAs on our platform, integrations, etc.) are/will be payable in BLUES.

Cryptodaily Admin: wow 72%? Is it right now?

Igor: It depends a lot on the market price fluctuations (where we’ve recently done ~x4 in token price appreciation after listing) and the amount of liquidity contributed.Now it’s somewhat lower which demonstrates quite an inflow of liquidity lately.

Cryptodaily Admin: I understand, there is no guaranteed APY, but for now, if it’s around 70%, still, it’s attractive. So you better get on it quick!!!!

Sebastian: Yes, we see a great and most importantly continuous inflow of liquidity, which will have an impact on the APR, but generally making the product more attractive

Q9: So we talked about virtual pairs with Blueshift: Which virtual pairs of tokens can be traded on Blueshift?

Igor: There are no classic pairs on Blueshift per se. Only portfolios and virtual pairs. Virtual pairs are similar to CeFi synthetic pairs with one primary difference — Virtual Pairs are created for a single trade and then “dissolved”. So, any combination/pair can be created on the fly assuming that we have these tokens in a portfolio. Routing between portfolios is also implemented.

Sebastian: Yes, virtual pairs are more like a feature in the back end and not visible to users. Users can add single tokens and get access to all the ones in the portfolio

Igor: Blueshift AMM algorithm will build the best “Virtual Pair” between these two assets to provide the user with the best price. Once again, important to know that users can also provide single tokens to any portfolio (or a range of tokens). Users can also withdraw provided liquidity in tokens other than those that were provided!

Sebastian: Yes, “one token, all opportunities” 😉

Q10: For our last question with Blueshift: What are the key features of Blueshift’s portfolio management approach?

Igor: The portfolio management approach you mentioned enables users to acquire “shares of a portfolio”, regardless of how the portfolio is composed or changes/will change. This means that users can invest safely with a very little knowledge of broad concepts such as Metaverse, DeFi, Play2Earn etc.

Portfolio managers suggest changes to portfolios and the Blueshift community votes on these decisions. If the decision has been voted-in, it is automatically executed through smart contracts—and the specific portfolio contents change according to the decision. This means that novice crypto users can benefit from the expertise of crypto veterans or a group of crypto veterans—which have full support of the Blueshift community through the Blueshift DAO.

Sebastian: What we will provide is a selection of portfolios that will cover the whole range of stable coins on the one side and more innovative ones, such as the Metaverse index on the other.

Igor: Likewise, individuals can invest/utilize the stablecoin portfolios in order to get passive income with virtually zero risk.

Sebastian: Exactly. Especially, when it comes to indexes related to new technologies, fields, or markets, such as gaming, the portfolio approach offers significant advantages

Cryptodaily Admin: With an interactive, friendly Dapp and UI design, together with these benefits of Portfolio Liquidity of Blueshift, new users in DeFi will surely be captivated.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Blue Shift 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Sebastian: Many thanks for giving us the opportunity here and feel free to reach out to us directly in case of more questions.

Igor: Thanks all, we are very grateful for your participation, input, and questions here! You are an amazing community and we would love to stay in touch!

Sebastian: Exactly!  Very exciting to be here and looking forward to more collaborations with you in the future.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you guys for being here and talking about Blueshift! It’s been a pleasure and yes, we would love to stay in touch!Take care guys! And best of luck on your upcoming journey with Blueshift!