The BNB Beacon Chain mainnet is gearing up for an exciting upgrade on June 15, 2023, at 6:00 (UTC), at block height 321,213,000. Inspired by the legendary figure of Luban from ancient China, this forthcoming upgrade promises to enhance the capabilities of the BNB Beacon Chain.

Bnb Beacon Chain Hard Fork: Embracing Luban Upgrade

BNB Beacon Chain Hard Fork

To ensure a seamless transition, full node runners on the mainnet must switch to software version v0.10.14 before the upgrade takes place. This proactive step will guarantee their continued participation in the upgraded network. The Luban mainnet upgrade brings forth a host of new changes, empowering the BNB Beacon Chain to handle a range of innovative business rules and logic. These advancements will bolster the efficiency, security, and overall performance of the blockchain.

Bnb Beacon Chain Hard Fork: Embracing Luban Upgrade

Guidelines for Full Node Operators

For regular users and BNB holders on platforms such as Binance, BitMax, and Gate, or in popular wallets like Ledger or Cool Wallet, there is no immediate action required. Unless notified otherwise by your chosen exchanges or wallets, you can sit back and enjoy a seamless experience without any disruptions.

However, for full-node operators, upgrading to version v0.10.14 is essential. You can find detailed upgrade instructions in the official BNB Chain announcement. By following the provided guidelines, you’ll ensure a smooth and uninterrupted connection to the upgraded BNB Beacon Chain.

In the event that a full node operator forgets to upgrade on time, there’s no need to panic. A recovery process is available to fix any synchronization issues. By leveraging this recovery tool, you can swiftly restore your node’s functionality and get back on track.

Key Highlights

One of the key highlights of the upcoming upgrade is the introduction of BEP-126. This new feature is designed to bring fast finality to blocks on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). By reducing the chances of chain re-organization and stabilizing block production, BEP-126 paves the way for a more secure and efficient blockchain. Additionally, a bug fix related to reading public keys from Ledger will be implemented, further enhancing the overall user experience.

To Conclude

In conclusion, the Luban upgrade represents an important milestone for the BNB Beacon Chain. It embodies the spirit of innovation and advancement, setting the stage for a more robust and feature-rich blockchain ecosystem. By staying informed and taking the necessary steps, both users and full node operators can contribute to the growth and success of the BNB Chain. Embrace the Luban upgrade and get ready to explore the limitless possibilities of the BNB Beacon Chain.

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