Binance has announced its sponsorship of an upcoming Innovation Hackathon at the Web3 Delight conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Binance Sponsors Bnb Chain Hackathon At Web3 Delight Conference

Innovation Hackathon at Web3 Delight Conference

The hackathon, which is set to take place on March 6, will bring together developers, entrepreneurs, students, young professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts to solve real-world problems and compete for prizes worth a total of 40,000 SAR. The participants will also receive certificates of participation and get a chance to meet experienced mentors, potential investors, and new partners or clients.

The primary objective of the hackathon is to foster creativity and inventive thinking on the BNB Chain while also forging stronger connections with academic institutions and the wider educational community in Saudi Arabia. A variety of organizations, including Prince Sultan University and Business Incubator and Accelerator Company (BIAC), a subsidiary of TAQNIA that is fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), have partnered and sponsored the BNB Chain Web3 Delight hackathon.

The Innovation Hackathon comprises several challenges falling into distinct tracks: 

The Decentralized Storage Systems challenge invites participants to build a decentralized storage system using Arweave with BNB tokens to create an innovative decentralized storage solution. 

The Web3 Reputation track encourages participants to create a framework that allows protocols to give a 5-star rank to their users. 

The Decentralized Societies track challenges participants to design privacy-first Soulbound tokens using Zero-Knowledge Proofs or privacy layers. 

The Real-Time Data Indexing track challenges participants to build a potential solution by using deep learning models and pattern recognition to optimize data indexing. 

The Safe Wallets track invites participants to create a wallet that automatically dedicates one address per the protocol and reminds users to use best practices. 

The Web3 Streaming track challenges participants to create a decentralized live stream platform to help mitigate online video censorship. 

– Lastly, the Best Routes in Web3 track encourages participants to identify the shortest path from AddressX to AddressY across individual addresses and protocols.

Web3 Delight Conference in Saudi Arabia

The conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia aims to delve into the idea of creating value across all phases of the Web3 value chain. The event will center on topics such as the adoption of blockchain technology, future marketing strategies for Web3, NFTs, governance policies, career prospects within the Metaverse, methods of fundraising, and building strategies for navigating a bear market environment.

The event is being co-organized by several entities, including Impact Partners, a Saudi-based consulting company; JAWRAA, a prominent digital transformation firm in Saudi Arabia; and SwiftMotion, a fully funded micro-VC and investment unit affiliated with Agile Dynamics management consulting. Along with Binance’s sponsorship of the BNB Chain Innovation Hackathon, the conference is expected to draw in a varied range of participants, who will work together to produce novel solutions utilizing the BNB Chain.