• Get Ready for the Planck Upgrade of BNB Chain on April 12th
  • PancakeSwap DEX Launches Version 3 on BNB Chain
  • Aave Community Votes on BNB Chain Expansion
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Get Ready for the Planck Upgrade of BNB Chain on April 12th

Bnb Chain'S Planck Upgrade

BNB Chain, a widely used blockchain network, is scheduled to undergo a major upgrade named Planck on April 12th at block height 27,281,024. The core team has asserted that this hard fork will introduce superior security and greater stability to the network. 

The upgrade is specifically aimed at implementing security enhancements that have been suggested in BEP-171, with the principal objective of fortifying the cross-chain bridge linking the two blockchains that constitute the BNB Chain network, namely the Beacon Chain and Smart Chain.

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PancakeSwap DEX Launches Version 3 on BNB Chain

Version 3 Of Pancakeswap Dex Is Released On The Bnb Chain

The official launch of PancakeSwap V3 on both BNB Chain and Ethereum brings forth a new level of efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendliness to the decentralized exchange. Traders can enjoy the industry’s lowest fees, while liquidity providers are provided with increased fee returns. 

The upgrade also includes new tools that enhance the overall user experience, making it more seamless and user-friendly. With these new features, PancakeSwap V3 stands out as the most efficient and flexible DEX available in the industry, and the team is excited to serve more users with the best possible experience.

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Aave Community Votes on BNB Chain Expansion

Voting By The Aave Community On Bnb Chain Extension

The Aave community is actively pursuing expansion on the BNB chain, and a recent proposal by the Aave Chan Initiative founder, Mark Zeller, suggests the deployment of Aave Version 3 (V3) on the chain. 

The proposal was made in response to the BNB chain’s large user base, which is second only to Tron chain in terms of daily active users. With approximately 1.1 million active users as of Apr. 2, the BNB chain presents a significant opportunity for Aave to expand its reach in the DeFi space. 

The recent deployment of Uniswap V3 on the BNB chain has had a second-order effect, with experts noting that launching on the chain makes financial sense due to its large retail user base. If the proposal is accepted, users can use BNB, WBTC, BETH, WETH, USDC, and USDT as collateral.

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