This week encompasses notable developments, such as the introduction of FullSend SZN 2 by TraderJoe, the establishment of a partnership between Binance Pay and CoinGate, the listing of Floki on a prominent Indonesian exchange, and various other noteworthy advancements within the BNB Chain ecosystem.


  • TraderJoe Launches FullSend SZN 2
  • Binance Pay and CoinGate Partnership Expands Cryptocurrency Payment Options
  • Floki Lists on Top Indonesian Exchange
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Trader Joe Launches Full Send SZN2

Trader Joe Launches Full Send Szn2

Trader Joe has launched Full Send SZN2, a campaign aimed at bringing value to the community and driving growth in the BNB ecosystem. The campaign includes the collaboration between the Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT marketplace, offering adventure quests, unique free mints, prizes, and community perks for all BNB users.

Trader Joe is a decentralized exchange known for its Liquidity Book, now available on BNB, providing a user-friendly DEX experience. They will be launching a special event called “The Pool Party” to celebrate the launch of Auto-Pools, offering one-click yield farming.

Joepegs is a trusted NFT marketplace and launchpad that will be offering exclusive Liquidity Book related free mints. As part of the campaign, Joepegs will also stealth-launch micro free mints with various themes, offering prizes and community perks to holders.

The campaign will culminate in the launch of Downbad Donkeys, a premier BNB collection from Joe Studios, Trader Joe’s in-house NFT production team, aiming to build an all-inclusive community in the evolving web3 space.

For more details, visit here

Binance Pay and CoinGate Partnership Expands Cryptocurrency Payment Options

Binance Pay And Coingate Partnership Expands Cryptocurrency Payment Options

Binance Pay users can now make cryptocurrency payments with most CoinGate-powered merchants. CoinGate is a fintech company founded in 2014 in Lithuania, offering cryptocurrency payment processing services for merchants of all sizes.

The partnership allows Binance Pay users to use the service with CoinGate-enabled merchants who choose to participate. Currently, these payments are free, and eligible merchants are automatically enabled to accept Binance Payments. By expanding payment options, they aim to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency and promote the freedom of money worldwide. Binance Pay is easily accessible on mobile devices, providing access to millions of merchants.

Floki Lists on Top Indonesian Exchange

Floki Lists On Top Indonesian Exchange

Floki has announced its recent listing on Tokocrypto, a top Indonesian exchange. This follows its previous listing on Indodax, further increasing its recognition in Indonesia. The trading of FLOKI/USDT and FLOKI/TUSD pairs went live on May 19, allowing users to deposit and trade their FLOKI holdings on the platform.

The listing on Tokocrypto is seen as a positive development for Floki, as it is a popular exchange with a large user base in Indonesia, promoting greater adoption of $FLOKI

Additional Notable Events


  • Manta Network is now in partnership with Type!t
  • Coin98 $C98 V3 Farm is live on PancakeSwap
  • Nerve Network implemented crosschain bridges for $LADYS to BSC
  • PancakeSwap has integrated with ENS domain
  • Cyber Connect ecosystem landscape
  • Binance presenting Build the Block – A new global digital series of Web3 startups
  • Ankr Staking is proud to release its Liquid Staking solution, in collaboration with Midas Capital
  • Blur V3 Farm is now live on PancakeSwap
  • Binance burns a significant amount of Binance-pegged $USDT and $USDC tokens on BNBChain
  • SPACE ID V3 Farm is now live on BSC PancakeSwap
  • Nerve Swap has listed a new farming pool
  • Bitgert $BRISE is now available on Giottus Crypto Platform

GameFi, NFT, Meme

  • FLOKI is now listed on the ABX exchange
  • VITA INU has been received $3.5M investment from Bitgert Ventures
  • FLOKI is now listed on Unocoin India’s trusted platform
  • Gameta is now in partnership with AIDA META
  • $FLOKI is now available for exchange on StealthEX
  • Baby Doge to be one of the most philanthropic memes in Guinness Book
  • VITA INU is now in partnership with Mises Browser
  • Baby Doge is now listed on Tarmex
  • RichQuack is now available on GCard Guardarian
  • VITA INU updated new website – More sections & enhancements coming
  • Baby Doge proposal of 0% fees on Ethereum is now passed
  • FLOKI is now listed on Mercado Bitcoin
  • NFTb Gaming hub is about to be unveiled
  • FLOKI can now be traded on LunarCrush
  • FLOKI is now listed on Rollbit
  • Baby Doge can now be purchased on C14 with fiat
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