This week: BNB Chain implements BEP-126 update, Floki secures listing on Turkey’s top Crypto exchange, Partisia Blockchain’s Hermes Bridge now supports BNB, and more BNB Chain update.


  • BNB Chain Implements BEP-126 Update
  • Floki Secures Listing on Turkey’s Top Crypto Exchange
  • Partisia Blockchain’s Hermes Bridge Now Supports BNB
  • AvengerDAO Bootcamp: Enhancing Security and Education in the BNB Chain Ecosystem


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BNB Chain Implements BEP-126 Update


The BNB Chain ecosystem announced the successful deployment of the highly anticipated BEP-126 update, which introduces Fast Finality.  

Fast Finality eliminates block reorganizations, increasing protection against double-spend and MEV reorg attacks. Although it doesn’t directly impact transaction speed or fees, the update strengthens the BNB Chain ecosystem’s security and reliability. This significant development underscores the platform’s dedication to a secure and trustworthy blockchain. As the community progresses, the focus remains on building a safer and more efficient ecosystem for all participants on BNB Chain.

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Floki Secures Listing on Turkey’s Top Crypto Exchange

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Floki secures listing on Bitci, Turkey’s top crypto exchange, enhancing visibility and accessibility for Turkish users. 

Now, Turkish enthusiasts can directly purchase $FLOKI with Turkish Lira, streamlining the investment process. Deposits are accepted from June 19, with official trading starting on June 20. This milestone expands Floki’s presence in Turkey’s thriving crypto market, providing opportunities for adoption and liquidity. 

As Floki gains momentum and forms new partnerships, its community eagerly anticipates further progress, expecting this listing to bolster its reputation and contribute to overall growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Partisia Blockchain’s Hermes Bridge Now Supports BNB

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Partisia Blockchain’s Hermes Bridge is now live, supporting BNB and expanding the BNB ecosystem. 

The bridge enables seamless asset transfers between BNB Smart Chain and Partisia Blockchain networks, offering privacy solutions and filling a gap in the BNB ecosystem. The highest level of security is ensured through cryptographic protocols. Developers can utilize the bridge to add customized privacy solutions and pay for transactions using BNB tokens. 

The integration of the BNB token bridge with Partisia Blockchain is expected to drive growth and adoption of BNB tokens, solidifying its position in the blockchain industry.

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AvengerDAO Bootcamp: Enhancing Security and Education in the BNB Chain Ecosystem

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AvengerDAO is organizing a bootcamp to promote security awareness and education in the BNB Chain ecosystem. 

Participants can learn about web3 security through online lessons and quizzes. The campaign runs from June 13 to June 26, with a prize pool of $10,000 USDT. By completing quizzes, participants can enter raffle pools and win up to $100 USDT. The bootcamp covers various topics, including phishing prevention, smart contract monitoring, and Web3 standards. AvengerDAO aims to create a safer environment for BNB Chain users and will announce the winners on June 26 at 1 PM UTC.

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