BNB Chain is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your BNB Chain Weekly recap.


  • Highlight On-chain Data
  • BNB Chain – The Benefits of BNB Liquid Staking
  • BNB Chain’s Web3 Stars Accelerator is Coming to Vietnam
  • DappBay’s Red Alarm Feature Flags Further Potential Risks
  • Metarun Game is now supported by BNB Chain
  • Trivians partnership with BNB Chain
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Ecosystem Updates

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. The Devs gave BNB Chain some important updates and great news this week, which are listed below.

BNB Chain Highlight On-Chain Data

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 1

BNB Chain Project Ranking Updates

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 2

BNB Chain – The Benefits of BNB Liquid Staking

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 3
Source BNB Chain Blog

BNB liquid staking offers a multitude of upsides. Not only do you get the rewards from the initial staked BNB, but it also improves upon the inefficiencies of staking in various ways.

• Minimum Commitment Costs

• Transfer of Risks to the Protocol You are Using

• Immediate Access to Liquidity / Yield-Earning Opportunities

• No Risk of Impermanent Loss

• No Technical Knowledge Required

• Enhanced Decentralization

All things considered, liquid staking is a DeFi investing method with a low risk and medium payoff. Contrary to complicated yield-earning schemes, liquid staking is straightforward, doesn’t call for technical expertise, and carries no danger of temporary loss. You can begin with any amount you’re willing to put up and get paid right away.

Most frequently, you’ll get rewards between 4 and 10%. Not much, but once more, the danger increases with return. Liquid staking is a dependable and low-risk method for gaining additional rewards on your crypto assets by contributing to the network’s security.

For more details, read here.

BNB Chain’s Web3 Stars Accelerator is Coming to Vietnam

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 4
Source BNB Chain Blog

The accelerator program will seek out creative potential in Vietnam, enabling new teams to see the success of their ideas and initiatives. Find out how to participate and about the program’s timeframe.

Web3 Stars Accelerator

The registration period for projects looking to get involved will be a week long, from August 12th to the 20th. BNB Chain is coming to Vietnam, and will be on the lookout for projects aiming to make that pivotal next step in their Web3 growth journey.

Eligible Participants

For the key indicators relating to what we’ll be focusing on in our search, refer to the information below:

Innovation: The projects are innovative in product, business model or technology.

Token Economics Sustainability: If the project already launched the token, the token economics should be sustainable.

Team Strength: The team has a good track record, reasonable structure and enough developers.

Ability to Scale Users : The team knows how to go to market and keep on growing the user base.

Find out further details here.

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 5

How to Apply

The application process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete, and we would like to hear from you about your experience.

Click here to register for Accelerator now!

DappBay’s Red Alarm Feature Flags Further Potential Risks

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 6
Source BNB Chain Blog

Red Alarm security platform assesses project risk levels in real time and alerts users of potentially risky Web3 dApps.

To make its environment safer for users, BNB Chain has been working nonstop. DappBay‘s “Red Alarm” is sifting through a sizable number of projects to make sure that customers are provided with useful advise, with over 3,300 contracts scanned in just the previous few weeks.

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 7
DappBay: ‘Risk Alarm’ 

DappBay, the Web3 dApp portal, was introduced in July with the goal of enabling consumers to access leading research when choosing which dApps to interact with. It can be challenging to choose the safest selections from the more than 1,300 current dApps from various cutting-edge areas.

Read more details here.

Metarun Game is now supported by BNB Chain

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 8
Metarun Game is now supported by BNB Chain

Metarun is the world’s first P2E, PvE/PvP endless mobile runner game universe that empowers its players with fully customizable ownership of NFT assets.

The goal of Metarun, similar to traditional runner games, is to race across the finish line of obstacle courses filled with monsters, traps, and treasures. However, in this universe, players are provided many ways and the free will to employ their skills for upgrading their NFT assets such as characters’ weapons, skins, or even pets by using accumulated in-game tokens. 

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 9
Metarun website homepage

The partnership will allow Metarun to increase their exposure within the #BNB ecosystem, Metarun will collaborate closely with the BNB Chain team.

Trivians partnership with BNB Chain

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 33 (11/8 - 17/8) - 10

Trivians is one of the oldest Play2Earn gaming concepts, where players earn real money for their achievements. Although the model is very old and proven, the concept of decentralization and democratization of money-award trivia is not disrupted yet.

Trivians Gameplay

Trivians is a multiplayer trivia game where different numbers of players compete at the same time and any time of the day.

• Ticket Games

• Free To Play Games

• Special Events

• Booking Events(B2B)

• Booking Ad&Sponsorship(B2B)

Trivians Game Modes

Trivians offers several game modes, and more will continue to be added. Each game type and each contest have unique rule sets and prize pools.

• Trivia Royale

• Winning Questions

• Ladder

• Station

Trivians Highlight Partners

Teknasyon, one of the most successful companies in the field of mobile app publishing and marketing all over the world.

Onedio – a Turkey’s largest digital new generation media publisher in Turkey.

Additional Notable Events

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