BNB Chain is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your BNB Chain Weekly recap.


  • Highlight On-chain Data
  • BNB Chain Project Stars in August
  • BNB Chain Spotlight: Wombat
  • BNB Smart Chain v1.1.12 Performance Release
  • BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet Godel Upgrade
  • Crypto Finance now supports BNB
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Ecosystem Updates

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. The Devs gave BNB Chain some important updates and great news this week, which are listed below.

BNB Chain Highlight On-Chain Data

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 1

BNB Chain Project Ranking Updates

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 2

BNB Chain Project Stars in August

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 3

Innovation is always ongoing. BNB Chain is committed to spotting and assisting the most promising up-and-comers in our ecosystem, broadening our horizons, and assisting users from all walks of life to smoothly enter the web3 world. The finest of the best are our Star Projects, which each month are what keep this process moving.

We provide you with an overview of 8 cutting-edge BNB Chain projects in this post. Innovative trading tools, thrilling blockchain games, ground-breaking music NFT platforms, Potent Web3 data & domain services are a few of them

Read more details here.

BNB Chain Spotlight: Wombat

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 4
Source BNBChain Blog

Wombat is a multi-chain stableswap backed by Binance Labs, native on BNB Chain. Its innovative single-sided pool design allows users to swap stablecoins at minimal slippage and stake at maximum yield.

Trust and understanding of DeFi are crucial, especially in the bear market. It is the best time to equip yourself with knowledge and be prepared for the future. Wombat is trying their best to share knowledge with the users to understand the complexity, risk, and beauty of DeFi. They are seeing huge growth in adoption. As rapidly as it grows, many retail users still find DeFi hard to use.

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 5

Source WombatExchange

Soon, they’ll be on our Full Launch. Every day, they work hard towards being the best stableswap in existence. In Q3-Q4 this year, they’ll list more pegged assets while creating new pools to handle diverse risk levels.

Find out further details here.

BNB Smart Chain v1.1.12 Performance Release

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 6
Source BNBChain Blog

The latest v1.1.12 is a performance release. The following three features are introduced in this release.

Fast Node

Fast Node is a new syncing protocol to lower the hardware requirement and improve the syncing efficiency. This release introduces two types of nodes to make full use of different storage, one is called Fast Node, and the other is called Verify Node.

Pruning AncientDB at Runtime

A new flag is introduced to prune ancient undesired block data at runtime, it will discard block, receipt, header in the ancient DB to save space.

Merge Go-Ethereum V1.10.15

BNBChain upgraded the code base of Go-Ethereum from v1.10.3 to v1.10.15. A lot of new features, bug fixes, library upgrades, as well as some breaking changes from Go-Ethereum are merged to BSC v1.1.12.

BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet Godel Upgrade

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 7

A hard fork update for the BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet is anticipated to occur at block height 264,000,000. According to the current rate of block generation, the hard fork is anticipated to take place on September 2 at 6:00. (UTC).

Following the upgrade, DEX functionality will no longer be available on BNB Beacon Chain but will still be present on BNB Smart Chain. This will enable the BNB Beacon Chain to leverage additional processing capacity to increase future computing and governance emphasis on security.

What will change for the users?

The effect on regular DEX users is that they will no longer be able to list new trading pairs on DEX or place new orders there. Existing orders that have not yet been matched will no longer be matched. They can be terminated by the traders themselves or automatically time out after 3 days (or 30 days for orders in the best 500 price levels, under BEP-67), and the traders will receive a reimbursement.

Find out more here.

Crypto Finance now supports BNB, the native token on the BNB Chain

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/08) - 8
Source Crypto Finance

Crypto Finance is excited to announce full technical support for BNB, the native token on the BNB chain, and its most prominent token standard BEP20. Clients can now trade and store BNB and all BEP20 tokens, leveraging Crypto Finance’s institutional-grade infrastructure solution.

Starting today, clients can:

• Trade BNB and BEP20 tokens via our Sales Trading Desk between 7:00 and 18:00 CET 

• Benefit from best-in-class secure custody of BNB and all BEP20 tokens  

• Independently store, send, and receive BNB and BEP20 tokens using our storage infrastructure

Crypto Finance provides institutional and professional investors with a full suite of crypto asset products and services. This includes the first FINMA-regulated crypto asset manager for collective investment schemes; 24/7 crypto brokerage and custody services provided by a FINMA-regulated securities firm; and storage infrastructure and tokenisation solutions.

Additional Notable Events

Nodereal partnership with Refinable

SafePal Wallet introduced the New Look with the same core

Wombat Exchange $WOM IFO to be hosted on PancakeSwap

Radio Caca partnership with Venus Protocol

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