This week has a number of important events and collaborations, which promise to be the beginning of the boom in the coming time.


  • BNB Chain on-chain data spiked sharply
  • BNB Chain partners P12 and Quest3 to launch Web3 Gaming Carnival
  • ZkBNB – The Scaling breakthrough for BNB Chain
  • 8 BNB Chain Project Stars in October
  • BNB Chain Spotlight: Monsterra
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Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. The Devs gave BNB Chain some important updates and great news this week, which are listed below.

BNB Chain On-Chain Data Highlights

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 42 (13/10 - 19/10) - 1

BNB Chain on-chain data spiked sharply

In the past week, BNB Chain has run many programs related to gaming, infrastructure, and defi. Since then, the result has attracted many users and transactions.

At this rate, BNBChain will continue to be the chain with the highest users, transactions, and unique address growth in the blockchain space.

BNB Chain Project Ranking Updates

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 42 (13/10 - 19/10) - 2

BNB Chain partners P12 and Quest3 to launch Web3 Gaming Carnival

Web3 accelerator program, “Most Valuable Builder” announced 27 winners for its fifth cohort

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 42 (13/10 - 19/10) - 3
Source BNB Chain

BNB Chain, Quest3, and Project Twelve’s game carnival is set to officially begin in October, providing gamers with an unprecedented synergy of Web2 and Web3 in one historic gaming event.

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, is launching P12 Arcana, a Web3 game carnival of 2022 in The International 2022, alongside Quest3 and Project Twelve.

This major gaming event will unlock a brand-new dimension of web3 gaming & create a bridge between Web2 & Web3 gaming, offering audiences both old and new the opportunity to engage in a virtual experience unlike any other.

Read more details here

ZkBNB – The Scaling breakthrough for BNB Chain

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 42 (13/10 - 19/10) - 4
Source BNB Chain

What is ZkBNB?

ZkBNB is built on ZK (Zero Knowledge) Rollup architecture. ZK Rollups is a Layer-2 solution where all the computations and state changes are done off-chain, that is on a sidechain. In this architecture,  a summary of the changes along with some cryptographic proofs for proving the validity of these changes are posted to the Mainnet.

Why ZkBNB?

To resolve the network scalability problems faced by BSC, a new standard called BEP100 was proposed to introduce a modular framework for creating BSC-compatible sidechains. Sidechains are essentially separate blockchains that run independently of the main blockchain (BSC), but are, however, connected to the BSC Mainnet via a two-way bridge.

To learn more about ZkBNB, please visit here.

8 BNB Chain Project Stars in October

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 42 (13/10 - 19/10) - 5
Source BNB Chain

Innovation is always ongoing. BNB Chain is dedicated to locating and assisting the most promising innovators in our ecosystem, broadening our horizons, and assisting users from all walks of life to smoothly enter the Web3 world.

Eight Project Stars are scheduled to launch in October, including NFT games, the GameFi platform, the DEX Protocol, the Web3 event platform, the DAO tools, the Layer2 Solution, Oracle, etc. They were selected as a result of proving they were the best at leading this process. Let’s get started on these intriguing projects!

Read more Project Stars

BNB Chain Spotlight: Monsterra

Bnb Chain Weekly Recap Week 42 (13/10 - 19/10) - 6
Source BNB Chain

Exploring Monsterra: The Revolutionary NFT Game with Free Play And Earn Model

Learn about Monsterra in our latest Project Spotlight. The team were kind enough to offer detailed answers to an extensive list of questions that will help shed light on the innovative products on offer for Web3 users.

Monsterra (The terra of monsters named Mongen) is a free-play-and-earn multi-chain game run on both BNB, Avalanche and other networks inspired by the Axie Infinity game’s pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell.  

Read more about Monsterra

Additional Notable Events

Radio Caca Partnership with Helio Money

CEEK VR is Now Listed on Crypto.Com DeFi Wallet

Wombat Exchange is Now Integrating with Coin98 Wallet

BabyDogeCoin Swap & Farms Have Passed $20M Total Value Locked

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