This week there is information about important partnerships and there are some integration announcements of projects in this ecosystem. Here is our weekly recap.


  • Level Finance received ~$1M investment 
  • ARB ID Joins the SPACE ID 2.0 Ecosystem to Build Universal Name Service
  • ArkhamIntel announced partnership with BNBCHAIN 


Level Finance received ~$1M investment 

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This marks a significant milestone for LEVEL, as it continues to lead development in becoming the most intuitive and advanced decentralized trading platform, accessible to users across DeFi ecosystems. In addition to their new strategic partner, this month introduced new all-time highs across the board, including daily fees, TVL, and open interest.

Investment Terms:

  • The investor has agreed to acquire 200,000 LVL at the TWAP of $2.50 per token.
  • The investor will finance the $500,000 purchase by paying 1,630 BNB tokens.
  • Purchased tokens have a 6-month lockup and 6-month linear vesting period thereafter. To ensure transparency, the address of the investor will be published.
  • All sold LVL tokens will come from the DAO Treasury Reserve.

All BNB from the sale will be deposited to the Treasury and managed by the LEVEL DAO.

ARB ID Joins the SPACE ID 2.0 Ecosystem to Build Universal Name Service

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ARB ID and SPACE ID will work as one team to develop decentralized identity solutions on a bigger spectrum under the following consensus:

  • Keep further building the name services for both .bnb and .arb domains
  • Near-term effort to bring forward SPACE ID 2.0 featuring: One-Stop Web3 Domain Platform, Multi-chain Name Service, Web3 Name SDK & API

They are confident that this combination of forces will pave the way for a new era of digital identities, and look forward to providing a new level of accessibility and security to the Web3 realm.

ArkhamIntel announced partnership with BNBCHAIN

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BNB Chain will be added to Arkham, contributing to their promise of building more transparency in the ecosystem, and furthering our mission of building a ‘Total Crypto Intelligence’ platform.

Introducing BNB Chain to the ever-growing Arkham product will achieve coverage of the vast majority of activity within the smart-contract world. Large entities and retail users alike transact significant volumes across multiple chains.

Additional Notable Events

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