The waters of Newtown Creek in New York City witnessed a heartbreaking discovery as the body of a missing Goldman Sachs analyst was recovered on Tuesday. John Castic, a 27-year-old Illinois native residing in Lower Manhattan, had gone missing after attending a concert at The Brooklyn Mirage, leaving his friends and loved ones deeply concerned. The unfortunate incident has raised sorrow among those who knew him, and concerns for the crypto community for its possible impact as Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm in the world.

Disappearance and Search Efforts

The Body Was Recovered From The Waters Of Newtown Creek On Tuesday, Less Than Half A Mile From The Location Where He Had Gone Missing (Photo Courtesy Of Ny Post)
The body of the missing Goldman Sachs analyst was recovered from the waters of Newtown Creek on Tuesday, less than half a mile from the location where he had gone missing (Photo courtesy of NY Post)

John Castic’s sudden disappearance came to light after he left The Brooklyn Mirage concert at around 3 a.m. on Saturday. The NYPD immediately launched search efforts to locate the missing analyst. However, the search took a tragic turn when, on Tuesday morning, a man spotted a lifeless body floating in the English Kills, a branch of the East River tributary, near 1100 Grand Street. The body was later confirmed to be that of John Castic.


Remembering a Lost Soul

Police Confirmed That The Body Belonged To The Late Goldman Sachs Senior Analyst (Source: Instagram)
Police confirmed that the body belonged to the late Goldman Sachs senior analyst (Source: Instagram)
Castic Disappeared After Attending A Concert At The Brooklyn Mirage (Source: Linkedin)
Castic disappeared after attending a concert at the Brooklyn Mirage (Source: Linkedin)

As news of John Castic’s untimely demise spread, his close friend, Sara Kostecka of Chicago, remembered him as an “amazing person” and a responsible individual who wouldn’t simply disappear without a trace. The circumstances surrounding his death have left friends and family perplexed, as there were no apparent signs of trauma other than drowning, according to police sources.

Possible Impact on Crypto Industry

The death of the Goldman Sachs analyst, John Castic, could potentially have an impact on the crypto community. As a financial analyst at a prominent investment bank, Castic’s expertise and insights might have been valuable in the assessment of the cryptocurrency market and its trends. His sudden disappearance and tragic passing may lead to a void in the industry, as he could have provided valuable analysis and guidance to investors and traders.

Furthermore, his death might also raise awareness of mental health issues within the crypto and finance sectors, highlighting the importance of supporting individuals dealing with stress and pressures in these high-pressure industries. The incident could serve as a reminder to the community about the significance of mental well-being and the need for a supportive and compassionate environment within the cryptocurrency space.


The loss of John Castic, a Goldman Sachs analyst, has sent shockwaves through his community, leaving behind unanswered questions and heartache for those who knew and cared for him. As investigations into the circumstances of his death continue, the memory of this talented young analyst will live on in the hearts of those who cherished him. May he rest in peace.

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