BabySwap, the best AMM+NFT decentralized exchange for newborn projects on BSC, started their NFB Airdrop on 25th June.

Airdrop on 25th June

On June 25th, BabySwap, which offers a more user-friendly trading experience and better project support, began their special airdrop. Former users can look forward to a massive airdrop with NFT. The face value of each airdrop NFT is 10 BABY. Along with the airdrop, they released a press release on Medium to officially announce their NFB Plan.


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Non-Fungible Baby Plan 

NFB (Non-Fungible BABY) is a BabySwap NFT product matrix that focuses on DeFi staking and stands for Non-Fungible Baby. NFB is based on their Baby brand image, and depending on the series, their Baby image will include related elements. It is clear that BabySwap not only enables farms and pools, but also includes NFB in their Ecosystem and makes AMM and NFT working together. This one-of-a-kind NFT strategy has the potential to make BabySwap a game-changer in the industry.

According to BabySwap, users can stake NFB to get BABY in the NFB module. Each NFB will have its own face value, such as 10 BABY, which will be equalized to staking 10 BABY in the pool, but with a higher multiplier, resulting in more rewards earned. NFB can be obtained via an airdrop, bought from a cooperative NFT platform or the official website of BabySwap. 

NFB isn’t just a type of NFT; it’s also a moneymaker. As previously stated, it will have a higher multiplier for pool stakes, as well as future benefits such as airdrops, IFO, and so on. Furthermore, series collections or a complete collection on NFB can provide even more advantages.

To put it simply, NFB is a gem that you have the opportunity to meet on the Binance NFT platform.


BABY token

The basics of NFB can’t be separated from the BABY token, the core ecosystem token of BabySwap. It’s not hard to tell that, BabySwap is developing everything to empower $BABY. Here is the tokenomics of $BABY.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 BABY

Initial Allocation

  • 1% (10,000,000 BABY) for ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering)
  • 9% (90,000,000 BABY) will be used for partnership with ecological construction, including marketing, promotional activities, liquidity management – unlocked linearly in 9 months
  • 10% (100,000,000 BABY) will be used for development – unlocked linearly in 20 months
  • 80% (800,000,000 BABY) will be allocated to BABY community members
  • 40% can be earned by trade mining
  • 40% can be earned by yield farm
  • 20% can be earned by snack pool

BABY has a relatively low market cap as of today, and it is necessary to build the foundation first before it boosts up. Many functions and strategies including NFB is the fuel of BABY. By combining AMM and NFT as well as focusing on newborn projects with potential, BabySwap is expecting a steady increase in token price.

Another noteworthy feature is trade mining, which widely disseminates BABY tokens to a vast audience and results in a significant growth in unique active wallets. Aside from its distribution approach, the roadmap demonstrates BabySwap’s desire to develop BABY.

Deflationary Mechanics

At present, BABY is also burned in the following ways:

  • 0.05% of every trade made on BabySwap

On the other hand, minting NFB is also considered to be a unique way of Deflation. Since the Token will be locked due to the airdrop and sale of NFB. If they issue 1000 NFB with a face value of 10 BABY, 10,000 BABY more will be locked at the same time, because of the higher-multiplier rewards. With all the deflationary mechanics, BABY’s future is bright.

How to get your NFB

Airdrop is not the only technique to obtain NFB. There are three possibilities in total:

  • Airdrops: They will offer NFB airdrops to various categories of individuals, such as holders of other tokens, users of specific platforms, and so forth. Mates and Friends are only available through airdrops. The face value of these NFBs is often set at 10 BABY.
  • BabySwap NFT platform (available in August) or Cooperated NFT platform: On the NFT platform, you may buy Family, Memories, and Baby Squad Categories. The face value of these NFBs is often set at about 1,000 BABY.
  • Secondary market: You may also purchase or trade with other users; the price is determined by the sellers.


BabySwap is on track to be a successful project in the future, thanks to its unique NFT airdrops and special NFB launch. More features, particularly NFB Staking, will undoubtedly be important in the DeFi world. 

BABY’s first offering price will be $0.1, with a market capitalization of $1,000,000. Along with BabySwap’s systematic operating plan, market expansion, and NFT methodology, the community anticipates a 100x increase in the price of BABY.

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