Featuring Buffer Finance, the Binance Smart Chain’s first gamified peer-to-pool options trading platform for BNB. 


Buffer is a gamified on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol. It allows anyone to buy options against any asset without the need of a counterparty/option seller. All options are created and executed against a Liquidity Pool where LPs can add liquidity and earn yield from the option premium paid by the option buyer. 


Non-custodial: An immutable smart contract manages all of the liquidity.

Bidirectional liquidity pools: A single pool is used to write both put and call options. There is no need for separate USDT and BEP-20 pools.

Trustless: For each contract, on-chain trustless settlement is used (Fully decentralized)

American style options: This can be used at any time before it expires.

Customizable: Any strike price can be chosen by the option buyer. 

Zero liquidity risk: Locked liquidity eliminates counterparty and liquidity concerns for option purchasers.

No-censorship: There is no KYC or registration necessary. 

Yield-farming: Earn a return on any BEP-20 token (Starting with WBNB, WETH, and WBTC)

Diversification for liquidity provider: Diversify risk by using a single pool of liquidity for both call and put options.


Customizable Options

Purchase call or put options with your preferred strike price, option size, and expiration date.

Prediction Game

Participate in prediction games by predicting the evolution of the BNB price and betting directly against a liquidity pool.


Purchase insurance for your BNB investment to protect yourself against price fluctuations.

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Market potential

The derivatives market is the largest in the world

In reality, the derivatives market is around ten times larger than the credit market and twenty times larger than world GDP. Derivatives are not just utilized by professional traders; they are also an essential component of financial services that consumers use on a daily basis. Personal checking accounts, insurance, and mortgages are all impossible to imagine without the usage of derivatives.

Derivatives are essential components of any developed financial system

Market players can control their risks with derivatives by limiting the possible rewards and losses. Simply said, derivatives balance out returns and losses, preventing financial catastrophes.

DeFi will not mature until derivatives expand

Today’s DeFi customers face considerable dangers, which the majority are unaware of until another systemic breakdown happens and individuals lose their cash. As the DeFi space grows, the market for derivatives will increase exponentially with it, making derivatives an excellent potential for both builders and investors.

DeFi will slice into a portion of the centralized derivatives market

Derivatives based on DeFi have certain intrinsic advantages that will encourage a portion of the existing derivatives market to shift to decentralized derivatives. Market dynamics will result in an organic shift from derivative markets to DeFi, increasing volumes.

In conclusion, the DeFi sector has enormous upside potential. DeFi’s overall value is negligible when compared to the total crypto market, but especially when compared to traditional derivative markets. New users entering the sector will bring in liquidity, causing the derivative market in DeFi to develop at an exponential rate.

Increased institutional engagement in DeFi money markets and fixed income instruments will create a significant demand for professional derivatives appropriate for institutional investors and professional traders. This new area of DeFi will witness the most relative development.

Tokenomics Utility

$iBFR is the native token for the buffer protocol.

Seed sale14.00%
DAO allocation5.00%
rBFR farming pool5.00%


Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100 M)

Symbol: iBFR

Decimal: 8

Type: BEP-20

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Token Utility

Revenue share: Invest in $iBFR to earn a steady stream of passive income.

Liquidity Mining: Earn a return by staking $iBFR LP pair tokens in liquidity mining.

Deflationary: Buybacks based on milestones and manual burning

Governance: Following the introduction of the Q1 2022 plan, all feature releases will be regulated by $iBFR token holders.

Governance: Following the introduction of the Q1 2022 plan, all feature releases will be regulated by $iBFR token holders. Holding $iBFR tokens entitles you to a discount on the settlement fee necessary to submit a bid in the BNB price prediction game.

IDO details

Following a successful seed sale in August, the IDO will be released on September 18th by TruePnL, 19th By Lithium Ventures, and 20th by SuperLaunhcer. The IDO price of the $iBFR token remains at $0.05/token, while the listing price remains at $0.075/token. 

IDO Price  – $0.05/token

Listing – $0.075/ token

Start Date: 19th September 14:00 UTC

Private Round End: 19th September 18:00 UTC

Public Round End: 20th September 14:00 UTC
Listing time: 20th September 16:00 UTC

Token Claiming: 20th September 16:45 UTC 

Learn More

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Buffer_Finance

Telegram – t.me/bufferfinance

Medium – https://buffer-finance.medium.com/

Github – https://github.com/bufferfinance

Litepaper – https://docs.buffer.finance/


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