Canary Exchange, Avalanche’s decentralized exchange for farming, staking, and trading assets, has unveiled a new design that emphasizes greater liquidity and more efficient yield farming.

Introduction to New Canary

Canary has always aspired to be something more than merely DEX. DeFi is a relatively new business, therefore the Canary team considered how to make it more accessible and easier to join since they feel it is the future of finance. That is why they are constructing NewCanary, a comprehensive onboarding environment. It already has its own CNR Token for experimenting and earning with DeFi tools, BoogeyBirds for demonstrating how NFTs may be used in DeFi, AVAX Prediction dApp for some fun, and Canary Academy for spreading information and ideas. Canary is also working on a new GameFi effort that has yet to be revealed. 

Canary Exchange

What is New Canary?

New Canary is concentrating on increasing liquidity and increasing yield agricultural efficiency. Canary is shifting pools to Pangolin and TraderJoe to guarantee that they are deep enough and receive more attention. This move allows $CNR to reach a far larger audience while also ensuring unique double benefits depending on the association with those two leading DEXes. You may now stake your Pangolin or TraderJoe LP tokens on #NewCanary and get paid in $PNG and $JOE, as well as earning $CNR. New Canary will no longer have its own ‘Swap’ area, since most consumers now utilize aggregators like YieldYak to get the best rates among DEXes.

New UI

New Canary has a fresh new appearance as well. Canary provides the community with a clean and simple interface that allows them access to the tools they need to farm and track their profits, as well as all additional Canary resources in one spot.

Canary Exchange


Finally, the second part of the CNR airdrop has arrived! The airdrop will be available to those who offer liquidity $CNR paired pools at Pangolin and TraderJoe, as well as those who stake $CNR on New Canary. Details on this will be released as soon as possible.

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