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Cryptodaily Admin: Ok and hello everyone! Welcome back to another AMA with CardanoDaily! I’m your host, Daley, and today I’m joined by the 2 wonderful guests from Cardalonia: Vasil Air – CTO and Danney Velazquez – Project Manager. 

Good day to you all, how’s everything?

Vasil Air: Hi, guys 😀Thanks for having me

Danney Velazquez: Hi, there

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey man! Thank you for being here with us. Hi Danney! So how are we? Everything’s good?

Vasil Air: You have a vibrant community. I must commend 😁Yeah! Lets do it

Cryptodaily Admin: Cool! So I’ll start today’s AMA with my first question for Cardalonia:

Q1: Please introduce yourself and the Cardalonia team in brief? Are you public and what are the prior experiences that help the team build such a project?

Cryptodaily Admin: Who wants to jump in first?

Vasil Air: I will 😄I’m Vasil Air, one of the co-founders and OG of Cardalonia. I’m in charge of the technical development

Danney Velazquez: I’m Danney, an artist and journalist, recently joined the Cardalonia team as a project manager and content creator

Cryptodaily Admin: Great to know you guys! So Vasil, may I ask what your prior experiences in the crypto space were?

Vasil Air: I have worked on development with NFT projects on Solana and EVM chains which I can’t disclose due to NDA. Cardalonia initial founding team is made up of frontend & backend developers, Asset Creators, Cardano Node Operators who have been active in the cryptocurrency space for years. Most of our team are public and can be easily reached via their social media handles.

Cryptodaily Admin: Understandable 😄 Ok so those are some of the brief introductions about the team behind Cardalonia, check out their websites for full information!

Vasil Air:

Cryptodaily Admin: As Vasil said, they are fully doxed, so you can find them on linked in as well. Alright, let’s talk about Cardalonia right now

Q2: What is Cardalonia all about? Why did you choose Cardano to build it on?

Vasil Air: Cardalonia is a web3 metaverse ecosystem that would initially start out as a Gridded Creator Centric Ecosystem powered by Cardano NFTs and will utilize the in-game currency $LONIA. Users can be able to create and personalize their experiences on Cardalonia and also trade them for profit. We chose to build on Cardano majorly because of it’s EUTXO Mechanism that would really be helpful in developing some novel features for the Cardalonia in app marketplace like Atomic NFT Swaps and ability to send multiple tokens without paying outrageous gas fees.

Cryptodaily Admin: Now I don’t have extensive experience about this space, so I will have to ask

Q3: Why did you create a GameFi + Metaverse project in this market? What are your expectations when creating Cardalonia?

Cryptodaily Admin: Also, please elaborate on the reasons behind changing from a “Gridded Creator Centric Ecosystem” to the Cardalonia like today

Vasil Air: There is a misconception about Bear markets, “It’s the worst time to launch a project”. On the Contrary, we do believe that it’s actually the best time to launch. Metaverse is a big topic these days and Cardano needs more of interactive Play to earn games that would increase the utility & TVL of ADA. Our main mission & expectation is to build what people would love to use and interact with. We are taking a new approach to decentralization as the whole utility of Cardalonia is centered around the $LONIA Token. $LONIA Token holders can stake their tokens already to earn rewards with APYs as high as 20%

And yes, Cardalonia will start out as 100,000 Parcels of land that will be owned by creators. Land owners can now choose to build on, customize and personalize their lands Essentially we are in the very early stages

Cryptodaily Admin: So you’re selling these lands to creators, let them use their creativity to freely customize each plots, then maybe sell these plots or monetize these plots in someway

Vasil Air: Exactly

Cryptodaily Admin: I would love to know more about the mechanics behind the game, so:

Q4: Please talk about the gameplay of Cardalonia and what in-game features that, in your opinion, are going to make the game enjoyable for a long period of time?

Vasil Air: The gameplay will be somewhat similar to some popular strategy games. For you to be able to play, you will need to own a Cardalonia Land and some deployable playable cardalonia clan avatar.

When launched, users can forage for resources, extract gems, use catalyst to power up to increase the rate of resources extraction which will be in form of #NFTs and they can be traded on Cardalonia In App NFT marketplace.

Cryptodaily Admin: I see. Sounds like a game for grinders already! Build up your lands, construct buildings, generate more resources,… However, you do need to own a Land and avatars to play, my major questions is:

Q5: Is Cardalonia free to play? How do we earn in-game? Like can we still play for free by being a scholar perhaps?

Vasil Air: We might consider making it free to play, but no resources can be extracted

Cryptodaily Admin: So we earn by extracting resources to sell to other players? How else can we earn?

Vasil Air: You can earn by staking too. And also by renting Land to other players

Cryptodaily Admin: Gotcha, the possibilities for Cardalonia are huge! You can integrate so much more gameplays, modes within the game,… Just thinking about having raid mode where players can attack and steal resources. It fits the whole medieval thing you have going on with Cardalonia. And if the community says yes, why not, right. Ok, so that’s some of the ways investors, players can earn with Cardalonia

Vasil Air: That’s possible too 😁

Q6: Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of your token $LONIA use cases?

Vasil Air: Yeah, we are actually working on a DAO governance model where LONIA token holders can start a proposal and vote on it

Cryptodaily Admin: We need great games in this space!! And Cardalonia can be one of those! Exciting!

Vasil Air: We’ve developed the $LONIA tokenomics having the following goals in mind.

1: Heavy incentives for adopters to join and play in the Cardalonia ecosystem through the stake to earn and play-to-earn rewards.

2: Staking to give players & Land owners the ability to earn $LONIA over time.

50,000,000 (50%) total $Lonia will be sold to early adopters which would give them early bird access to Mint Cardalonia Lands. Lonia will be sold in 3 rounds lasting a total of 15 Epochs or until the public sale token allocation is exhausted. Read the Full Tokenomics Here

Cryptodaily Admin: Read it well chat! So one critical thing of any project is security. Please:

Q7: Are your contracts audited? Are there any measures to ensure security to users?

Vasil Air: We are yet to undergo any audit as we are still developing the smart contracts That will power the platform. $LONIA Token has a locked minting policy (meaning that more tokens can’t be minted)

Cryptodaily Admin: I hope you’ll have your audits soon! It’s better to have those before any sales. But not to worry, with the expertise that the Cardalonia’s team is packing, audits should be no difficulty! Ok, so here are some questions that I think Danney can help us answering:

Q8: What will be released soon and in 2022 in general?

Danney Velazquez: Sure. We have already released the Cardalonia Flexible staking vault. The Flexible staking works just like Staking ADA to a Cardano Stake Pool. Your LONIA token just like ADA does not leave your wallet, you are given a unique stake key that represents the size of your stake. Users are rewarded depending on the amount of LONIA Staked. We are currently developing the Cardalonia Map & The Land Pre-Sale Reservation.

Cryptodaily Admin: Busy times 🔥My last question for Cardalonia is:

Q9: How can we start playing and investing in Cardalonia? Are there any events right now?

Danney Velazquez: The First Playable version of Cardalonia is expected to be released Q2 2023. We have lots of events lined up like: 

  • Cardalonia Ambassadorship Program
  • $LONIA Seed Token Sale (Round 2)
  • Staking Snapshot Event
  • Community Rewards Program

Cryptodaily Admin: You better join them right now 🔥🔥Here are their social links:

1. Telegram:

2. Twitter:

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Cardalonia🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Vasil Air: You have an amazing community. You can start staking LONIA tokens to earn rewards as high as 20% APY. Start staking today

Danney Velazquez: Thanks for supporting Cardalonia.
Cryptodaily Admin: Anytime! Thank you guys for coming on and talking about Cardalonia! Hopefully, with the things that you have in store at the moment, Cardalonia can continue expanding and making a greater impact in Cardano! Take care!