Catoshi is paving the way for any cryptocurrency project to seamlessly and effectively add high-value utility for token holders, demonstrating that in the dawning age of DeFi, innovative projects can operate with the powerful support of a proactive, highly engaged community.

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Catoshi is a newly launched token on Avalanche on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 with the lofty goal of becoming a major force in cross-chain compatibility. Catoshi token is also the governance token of The-Crossing, a bridging service that provides access to inter-blockchain liquidity.

Catoshi now offers bridging services for any token on $BSC, $ETH, $FTM, $AVAX, or $MATIC networks. This is possible by Catoshi’s powerful bridge ~

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What is The-Crossing?

Game-changing utility and innovation merges in Catoshi’s cross-chain bridge. The Crossing allows Catoshi tokens to operate on various EVM chains such as BSC, ETH, AVAX,  MATIC and FTM. But more importantly – The Crossing provides a pathway for any other token (including memes!) to follow in Catoshi’s footsteps!

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The-Crossing Features

It enables low-cost transfers while:

A) Allowing staking and high-APY farming via their partners PADSwap and Shiba Fantom.

B) Increasing token demand as supply is locked in these farms.

C) Allowing those who find the Ethereum blockchain too expensive to use, to purchase the token elsewhere.

D) Each bridged token receives a full audit via their partners at Spade Audits.

Tokens will also be available on more chains as The Crossing grows. They will not be limited to EVM chains!

Easy, affordable and security bridging system

The team streamlines the bridge mechanism so that it is simple to learn. They also offer the Special White Label Bridge. As a result, any projects who work with The-Crossing can get a custom bridge built within their site that matches their logo and aesthetic.

Furthermore, one of the team’s primary concerns is security. As part of their service, they do a thorough Token Contract Audit during Bridge onboarding. Provided by their partners at Spade Audits.


BSC is the mother chain of the Catoshi token (after migrating from ETH being the main chain)
The Catoshi token has a 0% tax on BSC. Buyers are able to trade freely without worrying about losing funds to tax. This is a welcome respite from all of the high tax tokens on the market currently.
CZATS trades on PADSwap’s pioneering platform, with opportunities available for holders to further benefit from their DPLP farms with high daily yield.
There are 11 million CZATS in total on BSC. No more than 6 million can be moved to any of the other chains.
The maximum supply can never exceed 11 million across all chains!
CZATS on PADSwap and on Pancake Swap.


  • CATS was initially launched on Ethereum with its own twist on the classic RFI code — rewriting the code from scratch to include a 6% tax (3% redistribution to holders, 2% burn, and 1% to a charity wallet).
  • Due to the 2% burn, the already-low supply of CATS is decreasing; and due to the 3% redistribution, holders are able to watch their own holdings grow.
  • CATS trades on Uniswap.


  • If you’re buying, you won’t have to worry about a tax rate anymore, because the Catoshi token has a 0% tax on FTM.
    CATS (FTM) trades on Shiba Fantom and Spooky Swap. With the opportunity to farm CATS/BNB LP to earn BONE tokens on Shiba Fantom.
    CATS on Shiba Fantom and Spooky Swap.


  • For AVAX and all future EVM chains CATS will have the same tokenomics, with a 3% tax.
    The breakdown of this being – 1% marketing, 1% development, 1% auto LP.
  • They feel that a small tax on AVAX and all future chains will help improve and grow the project. 


Catoshi is just getting started and will keep working to make it more adaptable, flexible, and long-lasting in the ever-changing crypto landscape. They hope to become a mainstay as cryptocurrencies move closer to widespread adoption with the help of their robust community.

PADSwap, PancakeSwap, UniSwap, ShibaFantom, SpookySwap, and Pangolin are now selling $CATS.

Following are the social media links for detailed information about Catoshi and The-Crossing

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