Celo, in partnership with cLabs, has made an exciting announcement during EthCC, proposing a significant upgrade for Celo to transition from its EVM-compatible Layer 1 (L1) status to an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution. After extensive research and discussions with the Ethereum communities, cLabs introduced a groundbreaking upgrade that harnesses the potential of the OP Stack, offering unique advantages and enhancing the scope of its impact.

Embracing Decentralization with a Celo-Powered Sequencer

The proposed upgrade introduces a decentralized sequencer powered by its existing validator set. By leveraging the strength of Ethereum security, the network gains increased protection, becoming the first major project to present a restocking use case. With the participation of Ethereum node operators through EigenLayer, its decentralization efforts reach new heights.

Expanding Real-World Use Cases with Off-Chain Data Availability

The migration to Ethereum L2 brings off-chain data availability via EigenLayer and EigenDA, which are operated by Ethereum node operators. This opens up a world of possibilities for Celo, allowing for more real-world use cases, particularly in the realm of everyday financial solutions for people across 150+ countries. The upgrade allows the network to maintain its mission of building a fairer financial system with decentralized technology.

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Seamlessly Aligned with Ethereum Ecosystem


By becoming an Ethereum L2, Celo aligns more closely with the Ethereum ecosystem while retaining EVM compatibility. This paves the way for a seamless developer experience, including a trustless bridge to Ethereum, fostering collaboration and growth between both communities.


Celo’s proposal to migrate to an Ethereum Layer 2 solution marks a significant milestone in the blockchain space. With increased security, expanded real-world use cases, and seamless alignment with Ethereum, it aims to continue its mission of empowering individuals with inclusive financial services. Its community is encouraged to participate in the governance call and vote, as this upgrade holds the potential to shape the future of its ecosystem and bring about positive transformations for the entire blockchain community.

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