CercleX DApp on Polygon – Digitizing the Waste Management Space

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CercleX DApp, a global waste management Eco-space, has integrated with Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure platform to empower sustainable waste management solutions to the environment. Cerclex DApp and Polygon’s synergy will help Web3 to integrate with the waste management and help to leverage sustainable waste management solutions to the environment. 

Our new layer of CercleX DApp is all set to launch on the Polygon to create a carbon neutral approach to the environment. We’re proud and excited to integrate our CercleX DApp through the Polygon PoS platform to make it viable and sustainable for our users. 

The Ultimate vision of CercleX DApp is to digitize the complete Waste management ecosystem on a decentralized platform for efficiently scaling and monitoring waste management. In creating the CercleX DApp (Decentralized application), we aim to bring the Waste Management sector and the people into our DApp network together to ensure proper segregation, raise awareness about waste management, and make people more aware of the importance of recycling Waste. 

CercleX DApp network to bridge Polygon.

CercleX DApp is integrated into the Polygon – “Ethereum internet of blockchains” for greater feasibility, credibility, flexibility, and sovereignty for individuals and communities to initiate and authorize waste management solutions. 

With the Polygon network, the CercleX DApp will evolve as one of a kind “Carbon Neutral” characteristics. With the CercleX DApp network, people can easily access the amount of waste collected, segregated for efficient recycling and the rate of carbon footprint reduced. 

Polygon – The “Carbon-Negative” blockchain 

Polygon – “The Ethereum network of blockchain” is now home to over 37,000 DApps. The Proof of stake network is growing its horizon fourfold with a more excellent vision of adopting the carbon-neutral approach to increase the sustainable approach towards the planet. As part of its transition to becoming carbon negative, Polygon has retired $400,000 worth of carbon credits, equivalent to 104,794 tonnes of greenhouse gasses. 

Getting started with the Ethereum project is a breeze with Polygon PoS, with over 1.3 billion transactions recorded, also boasts 130 million unique wallets and 2.7 million monthly active users. Polygon PoS is enabled with the EVM sidechain for its flashing speed transaction, a hybrid solution for blockchain projects, and a stand-alone and robust data availability solution with a secured network of validations. 

CercleX DApp – Digitizing the Waste Management System

By digitizing waste management, Cercle X provides a tech infrastructure for Governments through our Waste Monitoring Dashboard (WMD). WMD allows ULB (Urban Local Body) centers to track the waste collection, segregation at the citizen level and in-house segregation at their facility. ULBs can track their logistics and each facility is integrated with all aggregators/ traders at closer proximity to handle their waste streams. WMD effectively is efficient in managing MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and reducing waste ending up in landfills.

CercleX Waste Management Dashboard (WMD)

Cercle X aims to digitize garbage disposal and its management through digital platforms, software tools and multimedia technology. The company has developed a decentralized application for the waste management platform that governments utilize through its Waste Monitoring Dashboard (WMD). 

Our Waste Monitoring Dashboard (WMD) allows ULB centers to track waste collection, citizen segregation, and in-house segregation at the citizen level. With our Citizen DApp, ULBs can track their logistics and integrate with all aggregators/ traders to effectively handle their waste stream. 

Explore CercleX DApp for Earnings

With our Cerclex DApp, users can explore the opportunities to earn incentives through multiple Proof of works mechanisms. 

With our DApp, users can utilize the chance of earning incentives through other methods such as 

  1. Learn to Earn
  2. Segregate to Earn
  3. Extended Citizen Responsibility
  4. Stake our NFTs to Earn

Learn to Earn

Proper waste management learning videos are designed to educate users on how to segregate waste effectively. Our employees take great care in creating the best educational videos for the benefit of our users. CercleX DApp has multiple interactive videos to help you learn about this vital process of segregating & disposing of waste. Our DApp provides an effective waste management solution with multiple learning modules to segregate, Reduce and Reuse Waste. Users will be rewarded with CCX tokens upon completing all the video modules.

Segregate to Earn

We will develop a holistic approach to handling waste management and use blockchain to incentivize people for consumer behavior. The world’s first DApp incentivizes users to segregate their household waste by paying them CCX tokens for the segregated waste they dispose of. Whenever the segregated waste is disposed of, the garbage collector will weigh the waste and, based on the proof of segregation, the user will receive CCX tokens in their wallet.

The Bottom line 

Our CercleX Dapp enables the Polygon technology for the Ethereum-based toolkit to quickly build and run multi-blockchain applications. Polygon introduces a novel transaction model that allows for easy migration between chains while preserving the integrity of data and token transfers.

Cercle X is the World’s first DApp to digitize waste management by integrating on the Polygon ecosystem to create a world without Waste. Now every stage in the supply chain of Waste can be tracked with Cercle X Dapp.

How to Commit yourself to this project

CercleX  is launching Meta Bins NFTs which are algorithmically generated super cool Garbage Bin Images. Each of these NFTs are pegged by 1 real Trash bin. CercleX will be deploying these real bins on the streets for collecting the waste. 

Meta Bins NFTs are scheduled to launch on 15th August 2022. To celebrate 75th Independence Day of India, we are dropping 75 NFTs from our Genesis collection at a discounted price of 75 MATIC. We have exclusive perks for collectors grabbing our Genesis NFTs.   

Visit our Meta Bins NFTs and learn more about our CercleX Dapp.


About Polygon

Polygon is the leading blockchain development platform, offering scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchains for Web3. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to major scaling solutions including L2 (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid, stand-alone and enterprise chains, and data availability. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 19,000+ decentralized applications hosted, 1.6B+ total transactions processed, 142M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured. Polygon is carbon neutral with the goal of leading the Web3 ecosystem in becoming carbon negative.

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