China Optimistic On Ai’s Capabilities But Warns On ‘Ethical Problems’ It Might Cause

Artificial intelligence is now rapidly advancing, and this trend has already started. While opposing ChatGPT and initiatives like it, reports claim that the country is still optimistic about the underlying artificial intelligence technology.

Yesterday, it was claimed that the Chinese government was considering developing a device akin to ChatGPT. Which it was apparently planned for the Ministry of Science and Technology to begin promoting the incorporation of artificial intelligence into society and the economy.

Chinese Ministers Applaud AI’s Capabilities

China Optimistic On Ai’s Capabilities But Warns On ‘Ethical Problems’ It Might Cause

Chen Jiachang, the director of the ministry’s high-tech division, has praised artificial intelligence’s capacity for processing natural language. He even asserted that the technology in question had the potential to be used in numerous disciplines and businesses.

Wang Zhigang, another Chinese official, also said that it is important to continue developing ChatGPT and other similar technologies without placing undue restrictions on them. Even still, the minister has issued warnings about the “two sides” of such technologies.

Chinese Regulators on Artificial Intelligence

China Optimistic On Ai’s Capabilities But Warns On ‘Ethical Problems’ It Might Cause

According to reports, Beijing regulators have ordered several companies to limit their access to Microsoft’s well-known artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT. The order was issued in response to the country’s censorship issues. According to some reports, several well-known names in the respective industry have claimed that the tool will “never enter the country.”

According to reports, the government believes ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technology are being used to spread propaganda. In which the government-controlled media outlet China Daily allegedly released a video demonstrating how the tool was used as an American propaganda tool. Furthermore, the video demonstrated how those bots were used in widespread misinformation campaigns by the US and the West.

Despite this, the Chinese search engine Baidu is currently working on its own version of ChatGPT known as the “Ernie Bot,” which is set to be released in March. Artificial Intelligence Tech deemed as an ‘Ethical Problem’.

China Optimistic On Ai’s Capabilities But Warns On ‘Ethical Problems’ It Might Cause

Although the government considers the age of artificial intelligence to be a scientific development, its minister of science and technology has also highlighted one of the technology’s ethical challenges. 

Recently, Minister Zhigang acknowledged that ChatGPT was really “hot” these days during a news conference held in Beijing. Also, he stated that one of the government’s current priorities is to tighten ethical regulation. The minister went on to say that their nation must take corresponding ethical action in response to any new technological innovation.

He said that the aforementioned precautions are thought to protect the benefits and prevent any potential drawbacks of the cited technical developments. According to reports, China was concerned that the US may use artificial intelligence as a weapon in its ideological conflict with the country.