Crypto data websites often look dull and overcrowded with percentages, figures, and charts which might put off newbies to the space. Platforms like Coin 360 are more intuitive for individuals, offering a simple visual representation of the present market.

Coin 360 sorts cryptocurrencies on an interactive map depending on the protocol they are based on. All tracked digital currencies are displayed in individual boxes with their ticker symbol. The boxes’ size and color, red or green, indicate the market share and the 24-hr price change of the respective coin.

When scrolling over a box, a window containing more details about the crypto, including the 24-hr volume, present price, and a chart, will appear. The market data updates every 10 seconds and users may define their watchlist selecting between 10 and 50 tokens or coins.

By clicking on the box, users will be redirected to the dedicated page of the cryptocurrency where comprehensive charts for different periods are available. It also includes a brief description of the coin along with other information like circulating and maximum supply.

Coin 360 also offers a similar data set for crypto exchanges. Their boxes display daily trading volume with 24-hr change. An additional window contains the services and features provided by the trading platform, the number of supported pairs, and its fees.

The website includes a table with the top 100 cryptocurrencies by capitalization for users who prefer the traditional look of price and market cap trackers.

The latest headlines from the crypto space can be found at the bottom of the Coin 360 page. Moreover, there is a calendar section that displays the upcoming crypto events.

Other reliable sources for the valuations and prices of numerous digital currencies include the Bitcoin Markets, which lets users track their favorite coins and compare their indicators in major cryptos or several fiat currencies.