With its easy-to-use interface and reasonable transaction fees, there’s no doubt that Coinbase is one of the biggest exchange platforms today. However, new users may not know how to find their Coinbase wallet address. But there’s nothing to worry about because that’s what this blog is for.

So, continue reading, and you’ll expand your Coinbase knowledge after going through this article.

How to find Coinbase Wallet Address on a Web Browser

A wallet address is a unique string of characters that you will use to receive Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. It comprises a random assortment of 26 to 35 numbers and letters. 

Knowing how to locate your wallet address is required in order to receive or transfer digital assets. For Coinbase, you could use a web browser or the app to find your address. We’ll teach you both to give you better options, starting with the web browser.

Step 1: Open your browser and launch the Coinbase website.

Coinbase Wallet Address On Web - Step 1

After the site opens, type your login details.

Step 2: Head on to the “Send/Receive” tab at the top of the screen.

Coinbase Wallet Address On Web - Step 2.1

From the pop-up, ensure that you clicked the “Receive” button.

Coinbase Wallet Address On Web - Step 2.2

Step 3: Select the currency to which you wish to know your wallet address.

Let’s say, you wish to see your Ethereum address on Coinbase. Just press on “Ethereum,” and you can now see the wallet address and QR code that you can copy.

Coinbase Wallet Address On Web - Step 3

NOTE: Your user account will always be linked to any addresses you create. You are free to generate as many addresses as you like.

The “Assets” section, as depicted in the image, has all the wallet addresses you’ve generated. This means the platform has stored and kept them so you can access them whenever you have a new transaction.

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How to Find Coinbase Wallet Address on App

If you find the Coinbase App a more conducive version, you can use it to find your wallet address, as well. In fact, the steps are as smooth as seeing them through a web browser. So, here’s what you have to do to find your Coinbase wallet address on the app:

Step 1: Open your Coinbase app on the phone.

Coinbase Wallet Address On App - Step 1

Step 2: Click on the “Trade” option to see your coins.

Coinbase Wallet Address On App - Step 2

Step 3: Press the currency to which you want to find an address.

For instance, you’ve selected BTC, as you wanted to know your Bitcoin address on Coinbase. Just open it and click the “BTC Wallet” at the bottom of the screen.

Coinbase Wallet Address On App - Step 3.1

Then, on the upper right part of the screen, you’ll see a square composed of four boxes. Simply tap to open.

Coinbase Wallet Address On App - Step 3.2

Clicking that will give you your wallet address just as shown below.

Coinbase Wallet Address On App - Step 3.3

In the same way as the browser, the application stores all the wallet addresses you’ve generated in that account. You can see it in the “Portfolio” option at the bottom part of your screen. It has your history transaction and will direct you to the QR code, emerging along with the corresponding wallet address.

Coinbase Wallet Address On App - Step 3.4


Your Coinbase wallet address is a distinctive series of letters and numbers representing your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin holdings. Both web browser and application are plausible options for finding your address or public key. They also keep all addresses you’ve generated if you wish to use them for future transactions.


How can I get free crypto on my Coinbase wallet?

Coinbase offers a $5 incentive for a user’s first trade, immediately added to their Coinbase portfolio. US residents–except Hawaii–are eligible for this reward. The same goes for the “spin the wheel” incentive for those who successfully created their accounts and bought their first crypto into the exchange.

Apart from those, learning about Coinbase can help you earn free crypto through their Coinbase Earn initiative. Learning is indeed rewarding because various cryptos will be given for your correct Coinbase quiz answers.

Does the Coinbase wallet address change?

As we’ve taught in this tutorial, you can generate your wallet address anytime. And even if the platform keeps transaction history, they actually create a new address every time you receive or transfer an asset to ensure that third parties cannot track them easily.

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