CoinEx, a cryptocurrency exchange finds itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The platform has reportedly suffered a significant loss of approximately $27 million worth of various cryptocurrencies in what appears to be a suspected hack. This unexpected incident has sent shockwaves through the crypto community and has raised concerns about the security of digital assets on exchanges.

The Suspected Hack: An Unprecedented Outflow from CoinEx

On September 12, CoinEx experienced an unusual and alarming series of transactions that pointed towards a potential security breach. At approximately 1:21 pm UTC, one of the exchange’s hot wallets initiated a transfer of around 4,947 Ether (ETH), valued at $7.9 million at the time, to an Ethereum account that had no prior transaction history—a clear red flag in the world of cryptocurrency.

What followed was a string of transactions from the CoinEx hot wallet to the same mysterious address. A staggering 408,741 Dai (DAI) stablecoins, 2.7 million Graph (GRT) tokens, and 29,158 Uniswap (UNI) tokens, along with several other tokens, were moved from the wallet. These large and seemingly anomalous outflows immediately caught the attention of the crypto community and security experts.

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Heightened Suspicion and Rapid Response

Source: CryptoSlate

Blockchain security firm PeckShield quickly labeled these transactions as “suspicious,” and Julio Moreno, the head of research at CryptoQuant, described the behavior of their wallet as “strange.” Notably, CoinEx’s Ether reserves were essentially depleted following these transactions, intensifying concerns about the exchange’s security measures.

In response to the growing alarm, CoinEx took to Twitter at 5:25 pm UTC to confirm the incident. They revealed that their Risk Control System had detected “anomalous withdrawals” originating from several hot wallet addresses used to store the exchange’s assets. Furthermore, CoinEx stated that a “special investigative team” had been deployed to uncover the full extent of the breach.

CoinEx also sought to reassure its users by emphasizing that the stolen crypto represents only a fraction of the exchange’s total reserves. They pledged to provide full compensation for any losses incurred due to this breach, offering a glimmer of hope to affected users.


The suspected hack at CoinEx serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threats facing cryptocurrency exchanges and the broader crypto ecosystem. As investigations unfold, the crypto community eagerly awaits more details about the incident and hopes for a swift resolution. In an industry where security is paramount, this incident underscores the importance of robust safeguards and continuous vigilance to protect digital assets from malicious actors.

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